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Name Tanya Churchill
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Comments Hey all! I'm Tawny.

I have the nasty tendancy to disappear from time to time. ._.

And just a note to everyone, I would appreciate it that if you added me on any of my instant messanger names, that you would please let me know who you are and how you know me. I make it a point to know who I'm talking to, after all. XD

I would also like everyone who is interested in requests/art trades, that I only do three at a time for each, and this includes trades with other people on other websites (such as deviantART). So O-Mail me PLEASE if you are interested, so you can know if I'm available or not.

And don't be intimidated by me folks! I won't bite. :) I love to make new friends! So feel free to O-Mail me just to say hi every now and again!
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