SVT Fanart / Oekaki Gallery Rules

Drawn pieces of work of any fandom (e.g. Sonic, but also animé).
Family-friendly works with no rating above 13.
Considerably altered sprites. NOT recolours.
Digital photos of artwork, in lack of not having a scanner.

Stolen pieces of work (bannable offence).
Full-on sprite comics.
Ordinary photographs not of your artwork (including webcam shots).
Work depicting adult acts or gratuitous violence that would earn it a Teen or higher rating (bannable offence).

You are encouraged to comment no more than once for each piece - think out a well-crafted comment and you won't have to go back and add things, or if you do, use the Edit function.

Guidance on Commenting

Emoticons are neither big or clever. They're there to be used appropriately, not to be used as wallpaper for your post. Emoticon overuse is spamming - a bannable offence.

You do not carry jurisdiction over spamming on your own works - whilst spam by other people will be dealt with, the space here is ours and not to be used as a forum to set up random chats.

Spamming of the pieces here is strictly forbidden.

A good comment while provide constructive advice or praise, for example on the good blend of colours, or on the slightly incorrect anatomy. Comments like "OMG COOOOL" and flaming are completely pointless and constitute spam.

Comments or art descriptions that are found to be on the lines of harassment or flaming towards another user, administrator, or SVT itself for any reason will result in deletion and will lead up to a ban from the site.

Finally, conversations found to be happening in the comments system will be dealt with harshly - there has been a speight of this which we just don't need.