Chaos Diamonds 3
Chaos Diamonds 3

By Psycho

Tails- Trying to support life on his own, Tails has lost touch with Sonic and now works in Eggman's car repair shop. He's established a close friendship with Amy, and the outfit his sports was actually various gifts from her. Through his countless visits with her, does he feel something more?
Shadow- Thought dead, now alive. Shadow kicks back onto the scene and befriends Tails. Changed by the 3 years of training, Shadow is now a lighthearted, nice individual that has learned the power of the Chaos emeralds. What is he hiding?
Dr. Eggman- Once bad now good, Dr. Eggman is a valuable member of society in today's world. The owner of his own store where he employs both Tails and Apple. Is this once evil villain really a changed man? You'd better believe it.
Amy- Even after 3 years, still chases Sonic around like the little school girl she is. Tries to visit Tails every day at work. The years have changed, and the only thing those years have done to her where give her a new wardrobe. She still has her carefree heart and desire for adventure.
Deathwish- A mysterious black void. What is his real purpose trying to ruin their names?
Ghost- The purple diamond. The Diamond of Ghost.