Story and Art by Soniched Back

Welcome to the Sonic SatAM DX fan comic. Here you will find my own continuation of the old but fantastic show "Sonic the Hedgehog", also called SatAM. The show was aired years ago and cancelled after two seasons to air Power Rangers, leaving us without knowing who was the guy of the glowing eyes. Years have passed and now we know some sketches of how the third season was planned and that the guy behind the eyes was going to be Naugus, but as I said above this is my OWN continuation so things aren't going to be exactly as the official.

This comic was planned years ago, before I started drawing seriously and worked hard to have a good style before trying to draw. During this time the story was also worked, changing things, getting out some bad chapters, etc. Right now I have a lot of chapters written, a lot of character developement, some official and fan characters added, one saga and half written and some sagas still in my head. What are you waiting for?Start reading!


SatAM DX #1
SatAM DX #2
SatAM DX #3




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