Mortal Comics Archive
Mortal Comics Archive
Story and art by Matt Duplisea Back

Brief History of Mortal Comics
Mortal Comics started in July 2001 with 'Shadow the Comic'. It was a big hit and was the featured comic of the Mortal Comics site until May 2003, when the comic 'The Matrix' was launched. It quickly boosted interest in Mortal Comics, giving the site new life. In September of 2003, 'Ultimate Shadow' was launched, again drawing interest from Sonic fans like Shadow the Comic did two years earlier.

By August of 2004, Matt Lenz departs from the Sonic Community, and Mortal Comics, though still up, had no releases for nearly a year. By July of 2005, Mortal Comics is officially taken down from SonicVerse Team's Servers.

February, 2006. Matt Lenz talks with Sonic Adventurer, former owner of the SonicVerse Team, for the first time in over 2 years. The conversation leads to the discussion of creating new fan comic books - ORIGINAL ones, this time around. Leading to the creation of the first new Mortal Comics book in over 2 years, titled 'D.M.R.' standing for 'Dark-Martin-Ray'.

I have restored what I could of Mortal Comics' various works, however a lot of data was lost over time from SonicVerse Team's various server changes. If anyone has any missing data, feel free to e-mail it to me at SolarTails at


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