Sonic Shadows
Done by Sonic Adventurer Back

The blue streak returns in a brand new adventure series based on the city of Station Square and battles against the vile Dr. Eggman. Join the misadventures of Sonic, the fast dude with an attitude; Tails, Sonic's faithful sidekick; Knuckles, the great treasure hunter; and Amy, the cute pink haired girl armed with a giant pico pico hammer.

Sonic Shadows covers it all from the SEGA Sonic story based on the "Sonic Adventure" series outed on the Dreamcast video game console. Along with all your SEGA favorites are some of the satAM freedom fighters given a huge overhaul and shown a new and different way than you are most familiar with. Sonic is back and he's here to stay to rock the Sonic Shadows series.

An original SVT series, Sonic Shadows is our on take on the nice adventures of Sonic and his friends. Now presented for the first time in quite a while are the old issues of Sonic Shadows. While the comic is currently on hold SVT is making plans to bring this comic back better than ever, so stay turned.

Publish Label: SVT Comics - Produced by: SVT Comics -

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