Project: CRIMSON by Super Sonic Foxxs Psyseon
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Summary: Gerald Robotnik was famous for making and finishing Project: SHADOW, but no one knew of his unfinished project, Project: CRIMSON. When Ivo finishes it, it'll take some old friends of Sonic's and some new ones in order to defeat this monster unleashed.
Characters: None
Parent Series: None

It started with a meeting with an old friend. But when Robotnik appears, a weird transformation, and a call for back up, a mysterious hedgehog appears. Is he friend or foe?

Categories: SegaSonic
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Series: Project: CRIMSON
Chapters: 10
Wordcount: 8198 - Hits: 16798
Complete?: No - Published: July 26, 2007 - Last Updated: October 15, 2007