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In the final chapter of the GeneX saga, Sonic and friends must band together to defeat the Doomsayer's final prophecy and save the world from the threat of a Lost One invasion.

Everything has led to this, and every hero and villain will meet one last time in this epic struggle for the fate of the universe...

Rating: PG
Categories: SegaSonic
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Series: GeneX
Chapters: 2
Word count: 10100 - Hits: 23
Complete?: No - Published: August 12, 2020 - Last Updated: September 09, 2020
Story Notes:
This is my final tale to tell. Once it is finished, I am bidding this site farewell.

1. Chapter 1 - Doomsday by 2BIT [Reviews - 0] (5905 words)

2. Chapter 2 - Fallout by 2BIT [Reviews - 0] (4195 words)