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Deciding to affiliate with SVT? Then please fill out the form below and press submit. However, be sure to read our guidelines before submitting to us:

#1) Your site needs to be Sonic related in someway, sites that do not have any Sonic content will be rejected. There are currently non-Sonic sites affiliated with, however that is only on special occasions.

#2) If you are a comic website please let us know before hand. If you are a sprite comic website then we will judge your website thoroughly before accepting it. Sprite comics are a dime a dozen and we will not link to just any sprite comic.

#3) Your site needs to be clean and legal, we will not link to any website that hosts porn, hentai, adult images, ROMs, hacking tools, keygens, spyware, adware, viruses/trojans or any other illegal material. This is a child site and we want our links to be to child-friendly websites.

#4) Your site needs to look professional with very few errors. SVT will not affiliate with a website that was done on Geocities in 2 minutes with thousands of images everywhere and no content. SVT is a professional website and we want to affiliate with other professional sites.

#5) You understand that these rules will be changed and updated at any random time without notice. Please make sure that your site continually meets our guidelines or check back once in a while. We will contact you if your site is being removed or if we find problems with your website that prevent us from affiliating with you.

If you have read the above then feel free to fill in the forms below:

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