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"This site was first founded in 1999 by Sonic Adventurer and Dack Attac. Originally, this site was named after its creator, Sonic Adventurer's Lair but then was changed after former member Kallista suggested the name change."

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Hello there, fellow adventurers, and welcome to our site.
This site has perhaps the largest archive of fan comics based on Sonic the Hedgehog than any other Sonic-related website. If you want a Sonic comic to read, we have plenty. We harbor comics from the most famous, like BumbleKing Productions' Other-M to the stylish and unique works such as SA - Return to the Ark and the downright zany and hillarious, such as That Sprite Comic. So, on behalf of all our hosted artists, enjoy your stay at SVT, and more importantly, enjoy the comics!

~ SA Tails, President ; Solar T, Vice-President

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2/14/2017 - Site Broken, then Fixed
All PHP related coding across not just SVT, but my entire hose went down. Mainly because 1&1 dropped support for PHP5.5 and auto updated us to 7.1 (even though I selected something else at the time). Something that nothing here supports yet, except for the Oekaki Art board. I rolled us back to a PHP version our scripts do support, so everything should be back up and running now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Also, Happy Valentines Day!
Posted by SolarT on at

3/10/2016 - Page Layout Update
Seeing how these days a lot of people use 1680x1050, 1920x1080 resolutions, if not higher, I felt SVT needed a little fix as far as how it looks in larger windows.

This is by no means a massive update, but more of tweaking to the current template we use so it scales to some degree, and will fill out larger window sizes better.

That said, don't mind any buggy-nes you might see. That's probably me tweaking and updating things. If anything appears outright broken, however, by all means report it on the forums so I can fix it ASAP.

Posted by SolarT on at

03/02/2016 - Broken Links
Out of the blue, I noticed the Art Section and Oekaki sections were both broken. Like, imploded on it selves broken. Took me a while, but I was able to update both. And in the case of our Oekaki program, fix it with replacement software without compromising the existing database.

Not sure how long both sections were down, since I seldom visit them, but hopefully it hasn't been too long.
Posted by SolarT on at

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