SVT Core Team

I like to fly!
SA Tails President, Webmaster
SA Tails is one of our original members who has been with SVT as long, if not longer than anyone else. Tails has been a great help with site design and planning, and will use that experience to ensure SVT lives up to it's great potnetial.
Solar T Vice President, Co-Webmaster
New to the SVT Staff team, but long term partner in The Irregulars, along side SA Tails. Solar's art may lack, and his writting often hit blocks larger than Dr Eggman's Ego, but is often found tweaking, hacking and manipulating code and databases to keep things running smooth, and fixing things that were once thought unfixable. How does he do it? It's a mystery even to him!

SVT Honerable Mentions

Can ya sme-llell-ell!
Sonic Adventurer Founder
AAs the site's founder, Sonic Adventurer was the one who made SVT what it is, by gathering famous comics and publishing under the SonicVerse label. While he has long left to chase his own dreams, SA's legacy will live on through The Irregulars, and we will not let him down.
These shorts make me look sexy.
Ron Prower
Ron was a staff member who joined back in the day, through one of the many server jumps. As the site slowly lost support, Ron kept SVT afloat for several years by paying for web hosting. Even when all seemed lost, with staff dwindling to almost nothing, he never gave up. The Irregulars thank him for his assistance and will not let his keeping SVT on life support go to waste.