SVT Fanart Gallery

Come and join in the fun at a specially-designed SonicVerse Team Gallery, open for you to submit your fanart and comment on the work of others. Before starting, we ask that you look over the rules briefly to ensure a good time is had by all.

Recently submitted work:


SVT Oekaki Network

Join in a new form of art by pitching your own forum-styled artworks with functions available for commenting. The art style here is largely pixel-based in the same manner as MS Paint, but boasts lots more features to improve your work. Similar rules apply here as to the Gallery, so click here to read up on them before entering.

SVT Forums Art Galleries

If you don't wish to bother with the Gallery or Oekaki you are quite welcome to post your artworks at an art topic on the SVT Forums. New users should be aware that at present the art boards are not available until you have passed newbie validation, but you do have the opportunity to post in a downsized topic version of the gallery all the same. The rules of general art submission apply to these boards but you should also bear the forum rules in mind too.