Sonic::Epilogue - Prologue
Written & Illustrated by Marie LuBack

NOTE: This Comic is no Longer Being Updated. All There is is this One Issue. Sorry.

Taking place after the classic satAM cartoon series of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic::Epilogue takes satAM veterans on a new adventure in the times after Dr. Robotnik.

Publish Label: SVT Comics - Produced by: Marie Lu - Page count 12

Background On Marie Lu:
Marie Lu is brand new to the team, becoming an official member January 2003. For a long while, she was most famous for co-owning the website Tyro with her cousin, Julie. She was also well known for her small but startling collection of Sonic fan art. But effective mid-2002, Marie Lu switched gears to comic development and her first known series became an instant hit. Although several incarnations of satAM comic books have been adapted in the past, Sonic::Epilogue offers a fresh new story which is more centered on Tails than it is on Sonic, plus the introduction of some new characters. It was no surprise when the comic got adopted into the label, becoming its third and final accepted internal production.

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This Comic is Sadly Discontinued. We Aplogize for any Inconvenince.

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