Crossover Characters by aaatlballin
Summary: Create a crossover using at least 20 charracters.
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In another universe, one parallel yet oddly similar to our own, their is a single world. On this world, live many familiar beings that have emerged as ideas from the minds of human beings. They have been given life by the enigmatic Creator, who watches over his world. Soon, something will arrive to this lone planet. The ultimate cosmic forces of evil, The Great Old Ones, are on route to their world, attracted by the unrestrained use of the Creator's god-like power. They intend to wipe out all that lie upon it, and build their alien cities upon the ashes. And now, hope lies in some of the most unlikely candidates. Who, you ask? Well, you must read and see.....

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The GeneX crew meet their creator, 2BIT, and some of his other creations, at the Olympic Winter Games. Bowser & Dr. Eggman steal the Snow Spirits, but the real evil comes from 2BIT's archenemy...

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Series: GeneX
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