Submission Rules


  1. The majority of stories uploaded here should be Sonic the Hedgehog related. We accept non-Sonic fandom stories as long as they are placed in the proper places, but please keep in mind that these stories need to be kept at a minimum.
  2. Your story should be of your own work and not just directly copy/pasting material from another author's work. Having said that, it's impossible to be completely original. If you are using elements from another person's work, please credit the original creator. Stories found violating this rule will be removed and the author will banned from the website.
  3. Please keep your work at a PG-13 level, we do accept R-rated stories, but these are to be kept at a minimum. This is a website open to all ages so please place a warning at the beginning of your story and in the summary to let people know about this.
  4. As an extension of rule three, keep the swearing in stories to a minimum. While we'd not be too happy seeing stories with swearing in them, we will allow a little bit. Excessive swearing, suggestive dialog, or scenes of graphic sex/hentai/yaoi/yuri, blah blah blah will earn a removal of the story and (if bad enough) banning from the system.
  5. If you're leaving the site, please actually do it. If you try to gain attention from people by saying you're leaving, you're only going to be annoying. Do not blame us if we delete all your things when we take you seriously.

Finally please keep the stories coming, this site depends on your creativity!