A Strange World by Winky (PG-13)
This story is about a young blue hedgehog who's life was cruel to him, and got slowly better. He made new friends, gained a new name, his past was just that - past.

But, all of his friends have painful pasts of their own, and have to cope with it and place them into their history, old wounds to be possibly scraped into the open.

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Story Notes:
This story has quite a bit of suggestive content, but no real sexual scenes therein, so it is safe for children.

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A Strange World: Chapter One - Kidnapped! by Winky
Author's Notes:
Okay, so in this, we meet the blue blur and see a bit of his tragic past. Enjoy.

Blue Blur (c) Sega SonicTeam
Everyone else (c) Me or my sister
The sun shone brightly on the field without hinderance, until a strange black cloud-like shape covered it. But it wasn't a cloud at all...

A large ship touched down on green grass, it's exhaust killing the plants beneath it. Then the large doors opened and a group of people in gas masks and strange armor walked out carrying ropes and strange barrels...

Elsewhere, at about the same time...

Sounds of rapid pounding feet as a blue figure ran over the hill and into a shack. Behind him, a group of teenage males of several different races came over the hill.

He looked out the window at him, his heart thumping in his chest as fast as he'd run, then let out a sigh of relief. It looked like they were leaving.

"Hey, Blue." A soft voice said, and the hedgehog stiffened up for a bit before he turned.

"Oh, hey Shtier!" He said cheerfully, then walked over to sit in the bed next to the young male Lop Rabbit. "Sorry about rushing in here so suddenly."

"It's alright, Blue." Shtier said softly. "I don't mind your visits, no matter how abrupt they happen."

"Oh, okay. Well, what's up?" Blue said cheerfully, kicking his legs as he lay back on the bed.

"Watch the spines, Blue. Not much." He looked out the window. "So, who'd you piss off this time?"

"Skillis. But, it was HER FAULT!" Sonic said, sitting up. "She was being mean to me, and tugging at my spines!"

"It's always her fault with you, isn't it, Blue?" Shtier said calmly, not looking his direction. "But, what have I said about being in fights?"

"To not-ta." Blue said, his cheerful attitude fading. "Are you disappointed, Shtier?"

"Not yet. But, if this happens again, I will be." Shtier said firmly. "Now, it's past time to go home, so you go back and be careful of Skillis and Ace, alright?"

"O~kay..." Blue dragged on, then jumped off the bed. "I'm going now!" He said, then dashed out the door.

Shtier sighed, then looked at him running. Blue stopped and looked back to wave, and he cheerfully returned it. Then the hedgehog started to dash away, but something stopped him...

Out on the hill, Blue had to skid to a stop to keep from hitting the guy in front of him. He was tall, taller then Maya even! And she was the tallest in their village! Looking up, he saw nothing but a strange bug's face on this tall-tall man.

The man looked down at him, and they stayed silent for a bit before he pulled out a small object and aimed it at him. It didn't look nice, so Blue stepped back and ran as fast as he could go!

The man said something strange, then strange vines were tied together and thrown at him. Foolish, he stopped to look closer and got one wrapped around him. Then the man ran over and tied one around his hands and removed the one around his waist.

Angered, Blue tried to dash away, but got tugged back by the man with the vine, knocking him to the ground on his back. Helpless, he cried out for help, but was dragged away by the men...

To be continued...
End Notes:
Oh boy, end notes!
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A Strange World: Chapter Two - The Fox by Winky
Author's Notes:
Okay, so I'll just tack this in here:

Blue (c) Sega SonicTeam
Fox (c) Sega SonicTeam
Female Tabby (c) Me
Insert song: "You can't take me" - Bryan Adams
**You can't take me, yeah!**

The sun burned brightly in the sky, tackling the small group down below with it's heat. The strange creatures, with their strange armor, were unaffected, but Blue was so hot it was driving him crazy!

"Hey, let me go! What'd I ever do to you?!" He asked, trying to pull away again as he was dragged over hill after hill. Where were they going?

**Gotta fight another fight...
Gotta run another night...
Get it out, check it out...
I'm on my way and I don't feel right...**

The men were silent, but a few chuckled at his futile squeaks, which was all they heard since they couldn't understand his language. He stomped his foot in anger and then sat down on the ground in protest.

"Oh, brother." One of them remarked, although Blue only heard a strange growl. Then the creature tugged his vine again and Blue was pulled to his feet again abruptly. Then, once again, he was forced to walk.

**I gotta get me back...
I can't be beat, and that's a fact...
It's okay, I'll find my way...
Ain't gonna take me down, no way!**

Angered now, he pulled hard and the vine came loose from the creature's grasp. Then, free again, he ran up the hill to escape, but the creature caught up and grabbed the vine, then tugged it hard, pulling him back down the hill. More walking away from home...

**Don't judge a thing until you know what's inside it...
Don't push me, I'll fight it...
Never gonna give up, never gonna give it up, no...**

Blue growled, then decided to take another approach and kicked the nearest creature. The man howled in pain and fell on his knees, but Blue was rewarded for this bad behavior by a harsh tightening of the vine. Owww....

**If you can't catch a wave, then you're never gonna ride it...
Don't come uninvited...
Never gonna give up, never gonna give it up, no...**

A new idea coming to mind, he ran a bit forward, then turned and dashed at full speed for the hills behind them, snapping the vine! Yes!

**You can't take me...**

Blue dashed up the hill, unaware of the two vines following him up. Due to his ignorance, he was trapped around the arms and legs and knocked on his face. Then all he saw was black...

**I'm free!**

When he finally awoke, he found himself being carried by one of the creatures. Growling, he bit the hand of the one carrying him and bit into only leather. Yuck. He was then dropped and the vine was tied around his wrists again. Dang. No escape now.

He was then dragged on until they reached a large stoneless cavern. Staring up at it for a moment, he heard the sounds of something being pushed open and looked over to see two large stones being pushed aside so they could enter. Then he was dragged inside.

**Why did it all go wrong?
I wanna know what's going on...
What's this holding me?
I'm not where I'm supposed to be...**

Blue looked back at where they'd come from and saw the stone be pushed back into place. Then he felt himself be stopped and he looked forward to see they were going on some sort of moving stone. As soon as they all got on, it moved down, underground.

**I gotta fight another fight...
I gotta fight with all my might...
I'm getting out, so check it out...
Yeah, you're in my way, so you better watch out!**

The stone stopped and he was led to a strange room filled with many slotted doors that led to other rooms. One of these, he noticed, was open, and a female tabby was being dragged out by the hand, desperately begging to be let go.

'I gotta help her!' Blue thought, then got ready to dash at full speed, but he was grabbed and thrown into one of the slotted doors, into one of the rooms. Then the vine was cut and he heard a strange clanging sound, most likely the door being locked.

"Hey, let me go!" He yelled, shaking the bars of his door. "Is she gonna be okay?! HEY!"

"Don't bother. They can't understand you." A soft voice said, which to Blue's confused mind sounded like Shtier at first. However, when he looked over, he saw a yellow-orange Fox kitten sitting on a strangely soft rock.

"...I guess so. I can't understand them, either. Can you?" He said, turning to him hesitantly. He was always warned to be wary around Foxes.

"Sure. We Foxes are a learned race." The Fox replied, then got off of his rock. "I'm Miles, by the way. Miles Prower." He held out a strangely-shaped white paw. "Do you know your name?"

"Sure, it's Bl--" Blue started, but the Fox cut him off.

"I mean the name the Humans gave you." He said, then walked over and sat on his rock again. "I guess not. Since you can't understand them." He lay down and turned on his side to him. "Your name is Sonic. For your speed. That's the whole reason you're here, you know."

"My...speed?" Blue, now Sonic, asked, confused. "They took me away from my home for my SPEED?!" He stomped his foot. "Maybe I should cut off my feet! ...By the way, you have odd feet..."

Miles blinked, then looked at his feet. "Hm? Oh! No, no. It's not my feet. These are shoes. And these are gloves." He showed him the band keeping the strange white stuff on his paws. "You've got some yourself, but they're still working on your stuff, so you don't have them yet."

"Huh..." Blue blinked, still confused. "...So, is that girl gonna be alright?"

"...I don't know. I'll have to ask her what happened, or them. For some reason, they don't seem to mind my being able to understand them." Miles said, then rolled on his back. "Get some sleep, Sonic. You'll need it in the morning."

"...Right. Where?" Blue asked, looking around. There were two other rocks set up.

"Your bed. It's the only one besides mine that has a white thing on it." He said, his eyes closed.

"Oh, okay." He said, then walked over and sat on the other rock with the white thing on it. "It's soft...cushy...BOUNCY!" He hopped up and down, and Miles quickly got up and stopped him. "Whaaaat?"

"If you do that, I'll get in trouble, too!" Miles scolded, then walked back to his bed. "Just lie down and go to sleep on it."

"But, I'm not sleepy. I'm wide awake!" blue said cheerfully, bouncing the bed a bit.

"Try..." Miles said, his tone irritated now.

"...Okay, I'll try." He then lay down, but in a few minutes he was standing next to Miles' bed. "I can't sleep. Tell me a story!"

"Not now. Sleep." Miles said, sighing.

"Why're you here?"

"..." Miles sighed, then sat up. "Because of these." He said, his hands brushing his tail...wait, tails? Two of them? "They think it's either a miracle or freaky and worthy to be checked out. Same as everyone else I've met." He scoffed, then lay down again. "Go. To. Bed."

"...Well, I think it's pretty cool." Blue said striking conversaton again.

"BED!" Miles barked, sitting up. Blue quickly went to bed without a word and was soon asleep. After a bit, he sighed. "Finally. I hope my other roommate won't be so...excitable."

To be continued...
End Notes:
Yay! This was fun to write. Though the insert song made it kinda' hard.

Also, how do you make it a specific point with the italics?

A Strange World: Chapter Three - Training by Winky
Author's Notes:
Okay! More copyright stuff!

Sonic (c) Sega SonicTeam
Miles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Everyone else (c) Me!
The sun rose high in the sky, but the people underground weren't aware of this until...

"Wake up, you little imps! It's time for breakfast, and then Training!"

Whines, whimpers, growls and hisses met these news, as only a few people understood the creatures that Miles called Humans.

Groggily, Blue sat up and looked over to see Miles slipping on his shoes and socks. Then he picked up his gloves and slipped them on over his yellow-orange paws, wrapping a light-blue band that matched his eyes around the gloves and rolling the gloves down to cover it. Yawning, Blue got off his bed and looked over to see some shoes and gloves made for him. Great.

"Good morning, Sonic. Training today." Miles greeted, then got off his bed. Blue nodded sleepily, then walked over to put his shoes on his head. This sent Miles into a fit of giggles.

"Th-They don't don't go on your head, Sonic!" Miles said, tears of laughter slipping from his eyes. "You put them on your feet!"

"My feet?" Blue said, then sat down and put them on his feet, squishing his paws. "But, this hurts more!"

Miles snerked again, then walked over. "Sit on your bed, I'll help you out here. Go on, sit."

"Okay..." Blue said, then sat down so that Miles could slip the socks over his blue paws, covering it with whiteness, then the red sneakers with a white buckle over it to keep it on. He pulled it tghtly over his foot, then slipped it through the buckle. "C'mon. Next foot." He said, and Blue dropped the other foot so he could repeat the process.

"How do you put the other things on?" Blue asked, and Miles gave a sigh before he helped him put the gloves on as well. Finally, they were done, and two men came over to escort them to the dining hall.

"They said, 'Training', right? What kind? And what'd they mean?" Blue asked, walking alongside Miles. Miles was silent, so he stomped his foot slightly. "Miles?"

"Most likely...as warriors. They know we have powers, they know we're different--" Miles said, but Blue cut him off.

"What powers? And why's it only guys being trained here?"

Miles sighed. "I don't know all the answers, Sonic. All I can do is speculate. Just because I know their language doesn't make me all-knowing." He then looked at a double-doored hallway as they passed it. "I think all of the girls are being placed there."

"How come?" Blue asked, skipping now for fun. A swift swat to the head made him stop though and just walk. Walking was BORING!

"I. Don't. Know." Miles said, trying to keep his patience. This guy was a little more then annoying now. GOD, he hoped his other roommate wouldn't be this bad.

"Oh, okay!" Blue said, then looked around as they were led into a large room with lots of tables. All the chairs were labeled with names, and Miles and he both took their places. Then food was brought over, grace was said, and they ate. But GOSH, this stuff was nasty! Give Blue nuts or fruit ANYDAY over THIS stuff!

Breakfast finished without much conversation, and soon they were escorted to a large stone that went UP this time. The sunlight glared into their eyes, so that many blocked their sight for a moment before they were shoved out. Then they were led to poles and told to attack them. Honestly, what's the point?!

That was very monotonous, but at least he could see the sun. And he was attacking that pole until night-time, when the cold wind bit at his fur and his eyes were stinging from being kept open. Finally, he was told to stop, and he looked up to see the full moon shining down on them all.

"Alright! Dinner, then bed! Let's go!" The man yelled, and Miles translated to them all what was said and a few cheers were given out. Then they all marched back underground. Gosh, it was so boring down there, though!

Dinner was as bad as Breakfast, but he was so tired and hungry from hitting the pole over and over that he ate without complaint. Then he was led to bed. Sleep, blissful sleep, and all he could think of was Shtier's face when he was taken away. Shock and disbelief. It sent any friendly thoughts for these creatures, these "Humans", away.

To be continued...
End Notes:
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A Strange World: Chapter Four - The New Roommate by Winky
Author's Notes:

Sonic (c) Sega SonicTeam
Miles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Knuckles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Locke (c) Sega SonicTeam
Everyone else (c) Me!

Okay, I'm done. Enjoy!
Night. It always seemed to be the most peaceful time, but for a Guardian, you have to always be alert, especially at night. However, it's a little hard for some of them to understand.


"Knuckles, get up!"


"If you don't get up, I'll drag you awake!"

"Zzzzz..." Beautiful, clear skies with only a few clouds here and there, and a lovely island where a teenager could just lie back and enjoy a cold punch drink while girls flocked around him, catering to his every---


"Whoa!" The teenage Echinda sat up quickly, then looked around. "Oh, it's just you, Dad." He said, then stood up, brushing grass off of his fur. "What's up?" He asked, not even looking at the older Echidna near him.

"What have I told you about the night?! ANYTHING could happen to the Master Emerald while you're snoozing away here!" The Echidna said, his eyes narrowed in anger.

"Chill, dad. I had it handled. After all, the night-time's YOUR shift, remember?" Knuckles said, grinning as he crossed his overly-large hands over his arms.

"One day, I won't be here to take the 'night-shift,' Knuckles. And that will be the day you will realize you should've listened to my lectures!" The Echidna said, his hands on Knuckles' shoulders. "My son, as the last Guardian, you will have to carry on the--"

"Carry on the line of Guardians. I know, Dad. We've said it many times before. But, how can I carry on the line if we don't have any girls on this dumb island!?" Knuckles slipped out of his grasp and walked up the stone steps leading to the treasure he and his father guarded so closely. The Master Emerald.

"Knuckles," His father said, walking up after him. "Somehow, I don't think you're taking this so seriously as you should." He stopped next to the large Emerald. "When the time comes, you will find your mate. But, until then, you must continue to guard the Master Emerald as if it was your life."

"Yeah, sure. As if I'll ever find any girls on this heap." Knuckles said, then walked down the stairs again. "See you later, Dad. I'll be back when it's my shift."

"You'd better be." His father growled, and Knuckles smirked. 'Sure. But, as soon as I can, I am getting o-u-t.' He thought, then walked deeper into the woods, unaware of the helicopter following him closely...


"Please, let me out of here. I don't want to face that again..."

"Too bad, little girl. You're not getting out."

A soft voice spoke in the night, arousing Miles from his sleep. He quickly looked over to see if Sonic was sleeping and sighed. The blue blur was snoring soundly.

...Maybe TOO soundly. Oh, his ears.

He got off his bed and walked over to the bars, then looked over. The young tabby was finally being put back in her cage, after a day of torture. He sighed and waited for the man to leave before he looked over at her. "Hey. Had a bad day?"

"That doesn't even start to describe my day, Miles." The girl said softly. "Why don't they leave us alone? Just because they think it's 'kinky' to 'screw an animal,' it doesn't mean that it's okay to keep doing that to us."

"I know. It's terrible." He said softly, then looked over at Sonic before he looked back at her. "But, we have to bear with it. Live with the hope of escape."

She nodded. "Good night, Miles." She whispered softly, then moved out of sight, no doubt to her bed. He listened to her quiet sobs a moment before he retreated to his own bed.

The next morning, Blue was the one to wake up Miles. He seemed giddy about something, and Miles honestly couldn't place it. "Gueeswhatguesswhatguesswhat?!"

"What?" Miles said, sitting up, his hand on his forehead. Gosh, his head hurt.

"We've got a room-mate!" Blue sang, then ran over to the bars. "Gosh, I hope he's friendly!"

"I hope he's quiet..." Miles mumbled, then pulled on his shoes, socks and gloves before he went to join him at the bars. Others were watching as well. Who was coming, and what hope of freedom did he possibly bring?

Soon enough, a teenage Echidna was shoved down the hall, wearing brown slacks and a dark-green sleeveless shirt. He had strange boots on his feet and white gloves covered large hands that he punched the men with, which earned him a rope around his wrists. Finally, kicking and screaming, - well, not really, but Blue imagined it so - the boy was locked inside with the other two.

The men left and the excitement died down. Knuckles looked around until he saw the beds, one of which had his name on it. 'Hey, sweet! Free room and board!' He thought, then walked over and lay down. "Soooo, you're my new 'mates?"

"Yes..." Miles said warily. 'Oh god, not another headache.' He thought. "I suppose you're..."

"Knuckles, mate. 'Name's Knuckles Von Echidna. But, you can just call me Knux if you'd like." He winked and grinned. "Know if we've got any babes here?"

"It's just us in here." Blue said, then looked over at the bars. "But, there are a few out there."

"Awww, man! I'll never get laid in here!" Knuckles whined, then rolled on his side to look them over. "What? You're just a bunch of kids. Why'm I stuck with you?"

"I'm not a kid!" Blue said, then thought, 'Much.'

"If you think you'll be treated like royalty here, think again." Miles said, then sat down on his own bed. "The food is terrible, the hosts are rough to handle you and there's absolutely nothing good to be here for."

"Then, what're you still doing here?" Knuckles asked, sitting up.

"We didn't have a choice." Miles mumbled.
"'Cause we're stuck!" Blue said bluntly.

"Oh. So, I was taken away by force? Darn. And here I was expected to be laid by glamorous babes in bikinis." Knuckles lay back on his side again, then rolled onto his back, one raised leg crossed over the other.

"Uuuhhhmmmm..." Blue said, and Miles simply tightened his lips and closed his eyes. This guy...was creepy.

"So, 'mates? What now?" Knuckles said, cutting into their moments of thought. "Know of what to do for fun?"

"No. Mostly we just sit around." Miles said, then lay on his back.

"Well, I've taken a run around the room while he was asleep, or behind his back." Blue said cheerfully, and Miles facepalmed. Did he WANT to be taken to the lab!?

"Well, Knuckles." Miles said, sitting up. "If you so insist on doing something, you can try punching the walls."

"Great idea!" Knuckles said, then jumped off his bed and actually punched the walls. What an idi...wait a minute...He was making huge holes in that wall, and a draft was coming in. An underwater cavern!

"Knuckles, wait!" Miles got off his bed. "I'll be talking to the others at Breakfast. Come and listen. I have a plan."


The people in the security room tried to understand what was being said, but all they heard were yips. What was that fox boy doing?

To be continued...
End Notes:
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A Strange World: Chapter Five - The Meeting by Winky
Author's Notes:
More copyrighting!

Sonic (c) Sega SonicTeam
Miles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Knuckles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Everyone else (c) Me!

As soon as the call for Breakfast was translated, everyone was ready to go. The humans noted their strange calm bahavior, but made no mention of it. After all, they were paid to escort them, not ask them questions.

Maybe they should've. Maybe then, the Humans would've been aware of the plan hatching right in front of their watchful eyes. But, they were stupid, and thought nothing of their silence.

As soon as they were taken to the dining hall and guards placed at every door, the Furries gathered at one table to hear Miles' plan.

"Alright, M. You brought us all the way here, what've you come up with?" An impatient Siamese asked, his tail flicking at the annoying food.

"It was your choice to come, don't complain." Miles said sternly, then looked at Blue and Knuckles. "I have an idea, and it involves you two. Are you listening?"

Blue stopped slurping his noodles and looked up. Knuckles stopped scoping a nearby rabbit that was wearing a dress with a slit a little too high for modesty's sake. They were being called on? But, they just got here!

"Wha--us?!" Knuckles said, looking at him and the blue hedgehog. "What can we do?"

"You already did some of it, Knuckles." Miles said calmly. "You punched the wall, remember? There's an underwater cave that we can escape through!"

There was excitement at the word "escape" and everyone leaned forward to hear more.

"Sonic," Miles said, and it took a bit for Blue to remember that he was Sonic. "you're going to be dashing everyone out through the hole. I can pick the locks, but it'll take your speed to get everyone out."

"What about the girls?" The female bunnie that Knuckles was scoping earlier said, leaning forward slightly and hiking her skirt up higher. Knuckles couldn't help but eye the lacy panties that were slightly revealed.

"After we've gotten everyone out and into the cave, Sonic, Knuckles and myself will go back and rescue the girls." Miles said, then tapped Knuckles' wrist to get his attention. "For this task to be performed, we're going to need your complete attention, Knuckles."

"Oh, sorry." Knuckles said, tearing his eyes from the lovely sight of her thigh. "So, how're we going to get to the girls?"

"I'm still thinking about that. But, it'll be easier without having to worry about everyone else." Miles said, then they all looked up when they heard him call them all to training. "C'mon. Us guys have to go to training. See you girls later, and stay strong. We will be free." He assured them, then followed the humans out, the other guys behind him.

Blue looked over his shoulder and saw the girls being picked up roughly and carried away through the door towards that hallway Miles had mentioned. Poor girls...

To be continued...
End Notes:
Yay, action! Yes, we'll be gatting a fight scene in the next one, but it won't be that good 'cause I SUCK at fight scenes!


A Strange World: Chapter Six - The Escape by Winky
Author's Notes:

Sonic (c) Sega SonicTeam
Miles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Knuckles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Amelia (c) Sega SonicTeam
Everyone else (c) Me!

Late at night, the guards had grown tired, and after making sure all the captives were behind bars again, they headed off to bed. Gosh, up bright and early tomorrow again. After all, these guys could go a night without being watched.

Couldn't they?


The night. The time when the humans would be asleep. Miles' eyes opened as soon as the click of the lock was heard and the loud footsteps faded into silence. Then he walked over to Sonic and Knuckles' beds and shook them awake. "It's time."

Knuckles slid off the bed and slipped on his boots, his gloves already on him as he slept. Sonic jumped off the bed and then put on his gloves and sneakers. "You all know what you have to do, right?" Miles asked, and they both nodded.

Miles nodded, then pulled a bobby-pin from his glove, then walked over and picked the lock. Then they all slipped out and set to work, Knuckles punching the wall until it was large enough to get through, and Miles picking locks while Blue grabbed everyone and got them through the hole.

Finally, it was just them inside. Miles watched them as they escaped into the cave, then turned to Sonic and Knuckles. "Let's go."

"Okay." Blue said, nodding. Then they headed out, towards that hall. The door opened easily, and they slipped through. What would they find here?

As soon as they'd opened the door, they'd heard cries for help, something Blue quickly reacted to. Miles had to grab his arm and set his feet firmly on the ground so that he would stop. "Sonic, stop!" He said, bringing him back to reality. "Are you trying to ge us captured!?"

"Sorry." Blue said, looking at his feet. "What do we do?"

"We're going in together." Miles said, then nodded to Knuckles, who ran over and smashed the door in. There was the angry voice of a human man, then a soldier ran out half-dressed, a gun in his hand. Miles quickly ducked down and kicked him to the ground, followed by Sonic running over him into the room, then running out with a girl and dashing out into the hallway to get to the cave.

Miles and Knuckles then tackled the next few doors, and Sonic took the girls out three at a time with every door. Finally, it was left with the General's room to invade.

The double-doored room took all three to bust open, then they had to battle the General. Well, he certainly wasn't General for just his looks, that's for sure. They all dodged every attack, then Sonc dashed around him and picked up the girl in the blanket, wrapping it around her quickly and dushing out while the other two distracted the General. Then he ran back, still holding the girl, and grabbed both their arms with one hand.

The General sounded the alarm, then ran out after them, fully dressed now. Soldiers piled out, chasing the three Furries. Miles then did something strange: He spun his tails into the air and flew high above the soldiers, passing them with ease! Sonic and Knuckles were carried by him, and then landed on the ground.

Blue checked to make sure the girl was okay, then dashed away, down towards their cell again. As soon as they reached the hole, they jumped through it and Knuckles punched the cave wall, dropping rocks to cover their path. Then the three ran away, down the cave!

Finally, they saw daylight, and ran out into a bright, sunlit field of grass. Blue gently set down the girl and noticed that she was dressed. That was a relief. "Hey, you okay?"

The girl nodded, though tears of fear were still slipping down her face. She quickly tried to wipe them away, but she couldn't stop shaking. "Yes...thank you." She said, looking at them all. "If you'd been any later...I don't know what I would've...I don't think I could've..." She choked out a sob and hugged Blue. "Thank you!"

"Wha-buh!?" Blue said, confused. "Erm, you're welcome? What's your name, kid?"

She looked up at them all. "Ame...Amelia Rose." She said softly, her eyes shaking with sad happiness. "And you?"

"Miles Prower." Miles said, nodding.

"Knuckles Von Echidna, at your service, babe." Knuckles said, winking at her. It made her blush a bit.

"I'm Blu--Sonic." Blue said nervously, slowly detaching her arms from around his neck. "Where're you from, Amelia?"

"I'm from..." Amelia started, but she didn't finish. She simply stood up and walked off to sit on a rock nearby.

"Wow. Must suck, wherever she's from." Knuckles remarked, then noticed that Sonic and Miles both had the same expressions on their faces. "What happened? Did I...miss something?"

"Maybe." Miles said, then looked over at him. "Where're you from, Knuckles?"

"A place I'm not going back to, that's for sure. Nothin' there but a stupid ol' dad and a dumb ol' emerald." Knuckles said, crossing his arms. "And, there were no girls there, either. Bo~ring! I mean, wouldn't you say?!"

"No. I'm content with that." Miles said, his eyelids dropped to hide his expression.

"Whatever. Let's get to a town, I'm starved!" Knuckles said, then walked down the road, the other three following.

To be continued...
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A Strange World: Chapter Seven - Friends or Foes? by Winky
Author's Notes:
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Sonic/Blue (c) Sega SonicTeam
Miles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Knuckles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Amelia (c) Sega SonicTeam
Shadow (c) Sega SonicTeam
Red (c) Sega SonicTeam
Metalla (c) Sega SonicTeam
The group walked on and on, Miles tiring and having to gain support just to walk. After all, his resolve can only hold up his tired, sleepless young body for so long. Blue held him carefully, so as not to hurt him by accident, and then looked to see that Amelia was getting sleepy.

"Knuckles, is there a town nearby?" Blue asked, cringing at the bright rising sun. Had it really been hours since their escape? It was a wonder they weren't captured by now.



"Uhn..." A cloaked figure rolled in the sofa he was sleeping in. His hood slipped off to reveal a sleeping black hedgehog with red stripes on his arms, legs and head. "Red, stop the noise..."

"You do it..." An echoing voice said as another cloaked figure looked up from what he was reading.

"It's the intruder alarm." Said a third cloaked figure, his voice echoing just as much. "Someone is coming to threaten our fair city. We must act!" He stood up, his cloak swishing around his knee-high, steel boots. "Come, my friends!" He turned and stalked over to another room, where a screen was displaying the rather large group coming their way.

"So?" The black and red hedgeog said, pulling his hood back on. "Looks like an army, Metalla. How're we gonna beat that?"

"They don't look too dangerous. See, not a single weapon on them. The most dangerous one of the group is that red one in front." Red said, pointing to Knuckles. "I think we should watch them before we do anything we'd regret."

"Fine. We will watch them." Metalla said, then turned back to the screen. "But, Shadow, you should go and greet them."

"What?! Why me?!" The hedgehog asked, quirking an eyebrow. "Why can't Red go?"

"Because you are made of flesh and blood. We are made of nuts and bolts." Metalla said, crossing his arms. "Who do you think they'd trust more?"

"Erm...the one who looks nicer?" Shadow said, looking at Red. Clearly, he didn't want to go.

"The one who is like THEM." Metalla said, then shoved Shadow up the stairs. "Find out if they are friends or foes. Appeal to them, make them trust you."

"So I can stab them in the back later?" Shadow said, looking over his shoulder as he was pushed.

"So you can find out their weaknesses, so that you CAN stab them in the back later. IF they turn out to be a threat." Metalla said, then shoved him onto the landing, where he could go outside. "Remember to not show them your face until you think it's safe."

"I know, geez. See ya." Shadow said, then walked off, waving casually as he adjusted his hood to hide his face.

To Be Continued...
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A Strange World: Chapter Eight - Shadow and the Chaotix. by Winky
Author's Notes:
I'll bet you've been wondering where the heck Shadow has been in this story, eh? Well, now you know!

Sonic/Blue (c) Sega SonicTeam
Miles/Tails (c) Sega SonicTeam
Knuckles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Amelia/Amy Rose (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Chaotix/Vector, Charmy, Espio (c) Sega SonicTeam
Shadow (c) Sega SonicTeam
The gates of the town opened with an ominous screech in the early morning. Knuckles shifted Miles' sleeping weight in his arms to make him easier to carry, then walked in with the others.

The town looked deserted, not a good sign in Blue's opinion. He ran over to a door, but was locked tight. Maybe they didn't like visitors? "Hello?" He said, and a slight rustle in a bushes nearby caught his eye. "Are we playing hide and seek?"

"Sonic, c'mon. Let's go find the inn." Amelia said, tugging on his arm gently. He glanced at her, then nodded, following her slowly. A small tug and he was walking at her pace in the direction she was.

They neared a large house that had double-doors and had music coming from it. Curious, Blue dashed in, eager to see who was playing, and the music stopped. Everyone inside was looking at him like he was a stranger - which he was.

"May I help you?" A floating waiter outfit said, the voice from somewhere above the collar. "If you want to order, you're going to have to find a table. You're blocking the doorway."

Blue blinked, then said, "Is this the inn?" He looked around at the group - they were all staring at him.

"Um...we don't cater to nudists." A bee standing at the piano said, crossing his arms. "Get some clothes on, now."

"Nudists? What's a nudist?" Blue asked, and everyone cringed back. He was insane, idiotic, AND a nudist!? "What'd I say?" He said, his ears dropping at their expressions.

"Sonic! Here you are!" Knuckles said, coming in. "Silly boy, forgetting to dress! He was just so eager to come and listen to music!" He explained loudly to the group. "I'll go and get him some clothes now, sorry for the embarassment!"

Blue, confused, let him lead him outside and back to the rest of the group. "Knuckles, what's a nudist?"

"Someone who walks around in public without any clothes on. Didn't you notice that everyone was wearing something over their fur?" He explained, motioning to the others.

Blue looked, and sure enough, it wasn't just the girls. He hadn't noticed before, since he didn't really look at much more then his face, but even Miles was dressed in something close to 'human.' But, wouldn't that be obvious, since he understood them and, when he had to, even acted like them at times?

"So...I have to wear...clothes?" Blue asked, turning to him. "What will I wear?"

"I don't have a spare outfit myself, but maybe someone in town will be nice enough to lend you something." Knuckles said, looking around. "Hey, how about him?"

Blue blinked, then looked over at a cloaked figure. Was he even WEARING clothes?! Something in the back of his mind nagged at him not to trust this stranger, but Knuckles ignored any thought of possible danger and approached him.

"Hey! I got a bit of a nudist problem here." He said, pointing back at Blue over his shoulder.

The figure looked over, then nodded. "So I see. Come with me, I'll help you get him some clothes." He motioned for them to follow and Knuckles went over to pick up Miles while Amelia and Blue followed together.

"So, where'd you all come from? Rather large group to be traveling with." The stranger remarked, looking back at the rest of the group they'd come with. Most were just looking around uneasily. All looked under-fed.

"We were captured. By Humans." Blue said, stepping closer. "We just escaped last night."

"So, you thought you'd be safe here?" The stranger said, turning to him. "Well, you were right to think so. Any Human that comes near here is shot on sight."

"Shot?" Knuckles said, wincing. His sudden jerking movement woke Miles and he yawned a bit before he was set down and allowed to walk. "I don't see any guns around here."

"We don't need guns." The stranger replied calmly, a hint of a smile in his tone. "We have other ways. Of course, guns are used from time to time."

"We?" Knuckles looked at him.

"Sure. The townpeople and I. Did you really think that those three in the bar, heck, that entire group, were helpless?" The stranger smiled.

"Oh. Okay." Knuckles nodded. "I figured that."

"Of course." The stranger nodded.

"So, you got a name?" Knuckles asked, looking at him as they walked into a large building akin to a mansion.

"Shadow. And you?"


They shook hands, then entered, Blue and the others following.

The next day...

Blue yawned and stretched, then sat up in the comfy bed. Much nicer then that dumb one in the Human place! He stood up and walked over to put on the clothes laid out for him. From watching Knuckles, he thought he knew how to put them on!

...It was the same as the shoes and gloves. No idea at all. He knew that Miles would never let him live it down, after he walked in and found him trying to pull a pants-leg over his chest. He burst out laughing as soon as he did and quickly retreated, only coming back to help him with a big grin on his face.

He narrowed his eyes at Miles, whose eyes were still showing hints of laughter in them. "It's not funny, Tails."

Miles blinked. "...Tails? Who're you---wha?!"

"It's your new nickname. I made it for you."

"Not very original." Knuckles remarked. "Were you in a mood?"

"No." Blue said sharply. "I'm just...in a mood to give him a nickname. Yeah."

"Suuuure." Knuckles grinned. "Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. Sounds nice."

"Amy?" Amelia said, blinking. "Would that be me?"

"Sure!" Knuckles nodded. "We can be a whole gang or somethi--"

"No." Miles said sharply. "I'm not going to be joining any gangs." He looked away slightly. "Not anymore..." He mumbled.

Shadow, who still hadn't shown them his face, looked at him. "Terrible past?"

"Quite." Miles replied, then looked at him. "How about you? You still haven't shown your face."

"Is it required?" Shadow asked, an amused tone to his voice.

"It'd be...nice." Miles said, crossing his arms.

Shadow winced inwardly, then recalled what Metalla had said. Sighing, he pulled down his hood to reveal a black hedgehog with red stripes on his quills.

Blue blinked, then stood up. "You're a hedgehog?"

"Yes. Did you think you were the only unique one on Mobius?" He said, smiling slightly.

"Well...I don't know. I didn't know much of Mobius...until now." Blue admitted.

"You're lucky." Miles said bitterly. "It's not a basket of roses out here. Heck, maybe it would've been safer to just stay in your mother's womb."

"What?" Blue looked over.

"You sound as if you've experienced the whole world, and had it crash down it's walls on you." Knuckles remarked. "Gonna tell us that story sometime?"

"No." Miles said, then looked up at several bangs on the front door.

Blue looked up, panicked. Had the Humans found them?

"...It's the Chaotix. Don't worry." Shadow said, then walked out of the room. Shortly afterwards, a black ninja outfit, a bee in an orange vest and black pants, and a crocodile that might as well be dressed like a mafia leader bounded in. Shadow followed afterward, his cloak removed, and a rather annoyed expression on his face.

The bee had stolen his cloak and was using it as a super-hero cape.

"Hey, it's the nudist!" The bee said cheerfully, flying over to Blue. "Nice outfit! Maybe if you come by the cafe in that, we'll give you a discount!" He grinned, a mischievous look on his face.

"No, not just a discount. He'll get any drink for free." The ninja outfit said, crossing it's arms. "We just love hoodies."

Blue blinked, then pulled his hood over his head. "Thanks?"

Honestly, he didn't think his outfit was too spectacular. All he had was a light-blue hooded sweater, a pair of forest-green jeans, and his usual gloves and shoes, momentos of his days in the Human place.

"Don't let them fool you, Sonic." Miles said, narrowing his eyes. "These guys have the look of liars."

"We're not lying! Honest!" The bee said, his hands behind his back.

"Charmy the Bee, Vector the Crocodile, and Espio the Charmeleon." Shadow introduced, pointing to each person. The ninja outfit soon filled with a purple Charmeleon's body.

"Pleasure." The Charmeleon said calmly, bowing.

"Well, new friends!" Vector walked over and pulled them into a bear-hug. "Wait until you meet M and R!"

Shadow winced. Well, it was about time anyway...
"Actually, there's someone I'd like you all to meet." He said, looking at them.

"Who?" Blue asked, looking at him.


To Be Continued...
End Notes:
Who are M and R? Actually, that was revealed in the last chapter, so you could actually tell me that yourselves.

Watch for the next chapter!

A Strange World: Chapter Nine - Gangster and Slave by Winky
Author's Notes:
We're gonna get old writing these things.

Sonic/Blue (c) Sega SonicTeam
Miles/Tails (c) Sega SonicTeam
Knuckles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Amelia/Amy Rose (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Chaotix/Vector, Charmy, Espio (c) Sega SonicTeam
Metalla (c) Sega SonicTeam
Red (c) Sega SonicTeam
Blade (c) Winky
Reluctant at first, Shadow pulled the Chaotix into the other room and closed the door, so that the newcomers couldn’t hear them. After they were away from the door enough, he turned to them. “Look, will you stop talking about them when around strangers?! Metalla and Red aren’t too keen on meeting potential enemies! I have to find out if they’re trustworthy or not!”

“Geez, we’re sorry, okay? Don’t have a cow.” Charmy grumbled, crossing his arms. “You could’ve told us before that we weren’t allowed to tell the nudist about them.” He looked over at the door. “Maybe we should go talk farther away, though.”

“Why?” Shadow asked, looking over as well. “It’s securely shut. Do I need to lock it, too?” He looked at the three of them again.

“No…” Espio mumbled, keeping his voice low. “But, there’s a skilled eavesdropper among them.” He walked over to the door and pulled it open. Everyone but Miles was in conversation. He seemed to be sleeping, but as soon as it opened, he opened his eyes and looked at him.

“Oh. Are you done talking about us behind our back?” Miles asked casually, standing up from the chair he was sitting on. “Or, are you going to do it to our face now?”

“Wha-buh…” Vector paled. The fox really looked pissed off, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to test his anger any more then he already did. “I think…I think we should show ‘em, guys…”

Blue stood up. “Show us what?” He ran over, curious. Knuckles and Amelia were quick to join them. “C’mon, I wanna know!”

Shadow winced, cringed, shifted his eyes from side to side, then gave a heavy, exasperated sigh. “Alright…I’ll take you guys to meet my leaders.”

“Alright!” Knuckles cheered, jumping up and punching his fist into the air excitably. “Tomorrow, then!”

Shadow nodded. “Yeah. For now, rest up. You might need it.”

“For what?” Blue asked, blinking.

“For the tests M will have you do. To prove your innocence. He thinks you’re dangerous.” Shadow replied, and then left the room. “Good night.”

“’Night, Shad.” Blue said, grinning. Then he lay down on the couch and went to sleep.

The next morning, Knuckles, who was rolling around in his sleep, kicked Blue awake. Blue groaned and rolled onto the floor. “Well. Remind me never to sleep on the same bed as him again. Ew, is he drooling?” He kicked Knuckles awake. “I don’t wanna know what you’re dreaming, Knux, but I think it’s gross. Get up.”

“What kinda’ ‘good morning, Knuckles’ was that?” Knuckles asked, getting up. “Better wake up Miles.” He walked over to where Miles was curled up asleep. “Hey, Miles! Get up!”

“Tails! Time to get up!” Blue said, shaking Miles awake. Miles whimpered in his sleep and curled up more. “Tails! Get. UP!” He knocked him off the couch and Miles let out a loud cry.

“Owwww! It hurts!” He brought his hands to his eyes, wiping away little tears. “What was THAT for, you big bully?”

“It’s time to get up.” Blue said matter-of-factly.

“Have you knocked Amy out of bed yet?” Miles asked bitterly, fixing his rather rumbled shirt. “Go and try THAT, why don’t you!”

“Okay, okay. Don’t have a cow, yeesh.” Knuckles said, stepping back. “What, did you have a bad dream?”

“Something like that…” Miles mumbled, recalling the vivid and horrid images that had just run through his mind for the bazillionth time since he’d escaped that one gang. His latest.

“Well, tell us about it sometime, okay? Bad dreams can be a good laugh after they’ve passed.” Knuckles said, grinning. Of course, the look both Blue and Miles gave him made him wince. He’d never personally had a bad dream, not one to make him whimper in the night like Miles had just had.

“Goooooood morning!” Charmy said, bursting in. “C’mon, it’s time to meet R and M!”

“Don’t you guys know how to wake up a girl properly?” Amelia whined, sitting up on her couch. “You should wake her up with melodious music, not yelling!” She tossed off the blanket and walked over to Charmy. “We’ll meet your friends when we’re good and ready, so GO AWAY!” She shoved him out of the room and shut the door. “Jerk.”

Blue couldn’t help but smile. She sure knew how to put people in their place. ‘Note to self: Never get her in a bad mood.’ Blue thought, grinning slightly.

“Fine, I’ll blast OPERA in your ear next time!” Charmy snapped, then stormed off.

After fully waking up, they all came out to an argument of some kind between Shadow and someone on the phone. Miles crept closer and listened in.

“I know, I know.” Shadow said, sighing. “But, they seem like nice guys, and I don’t think they’re a threat.”

“Shadow, we’ve been over this. Guilty until proven innocent, remember?” The person on the other end said, his tone strange and emotionless. Did it sound like it was speaking through a metal tube?

“I know, M…I know. But, we’ve already told them you’re them meeting today, and—“ Shadow was cut off by the same cold voice speaking again.

“I know. If you recall, I’m fully aware of EVERYTHING that goes on up there! I know what these people are doing, and ALSO know that you haven’t learned where they came from! If they’re working for the old doctor…”

“Look, if they are, they would’ve mentioned it or done something for him long ago! Besides, one was walking one naked for a while and I didn’t see any mark of the old doctor on him. Not a piercing or anything.”

“And the others?” He asked, his tone cold.

“I haven’t checked them! If you’re so worried, YOU can—“

“DON’T cross me, Shadow. Send them to me, then you and Red can go have a chat with Blade.” The voice’s tone grew full of malice, and Miles stepped back.

“N-not Blade…Please, M…give me a chance to ex—“ Shadow looked frightened now. “I’m sorry. I won’t fail you again.”

“Who’s Blade?” Miles asked, startling both Shadow and the other person. “Something you’re hiding from us, Shad?”

“Erm…err…” Shadow’s eyes shifted from side to side. He swallowed once, twice, sweat on his brow. “Blade is…scary. Very scary.”

“So is Mr. M, apparently.” Miles remarked, and then snatched the phone. “Excuse me, is this M?”

“It is.” The voice on the other line replied coolly.

“Who the hell do you think you are!?” He asked, his tone changing from inquiring to angry. “You think you can watch our every move, like you’re GOD or something? Well, I’ll tell you something, MR. M! We are going to see you, we are going to talk to you, and YOU are not going to send this ‘Blade,’ whoever he is, at Shadow!”

“You’re treading in hot water, boy.” M replied, a slight smirk in his metallic voice. “But, I admire your spark. What’s your name?”

Miles winced, then looked around. Where was the camera? Looking back at the phone, he said softly, “Miles…Prower.”

“Miles Prower? That little slave boy who kept being dragged into different gangs, until the Humans swept him away? I’m surprised you’re still alive, boy.” He chuckled, his metallic voice frightening. “Some people would be very interested in knowing of your existence, boy. They all think you’re dead.”

“You can’t blackmail me into stopping my attempts to get in your way!” Miles snapped, his eyes narrowed. “It’s already been tried on me before, so I know what you’re up to!”

“Oh no, boy. I’m not blackmailing you. I’m threatening you.” M replied, an amused smirk on his face. “Go ahead. Talk to Red and I. See what that gets you. Bring all your little friends with you, too. Make. My. Day.” He hung up, leaving Miles with just a shrill beep in his ear. He hung up, and then turned to Shadow. “You can’t let him scare you into submission. I’ve dealt with his kind before.”

“I didn’t get much of the conversation. All I got was your side, Tails.” Blue commented, confused. “What did he say to you to make you snap like that?”

“Nothing.” Miles said, and then walked over to the Chaotix, who had been watching the entire conversation in shock. Nobody, and really, NOBODY had ever stood up to M like that. “What’re you looking at? Go on, take us all to M.”

“Uh…right.” Vector said meekly, looking at the others. “Let’s get going.”

They nodded, and then they all set off out the door.

To be continued…
End Notes:
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A Strange World: Chapter Ten - Blood and Tears. by Winky
Author's Notes:
That's it. I'm copy-pasting this stuff in from now on, and adding as it goes on.
My hands are TIRED! DX

Sonic/Blue (c) Sega SonicTeam
Miles/Tails (c) Sega SonicTeam
Knuckles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Amelia/Amy Rose (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Chaotix/Vector, Charmy, Espio (c) Sega SonicTeam
Metalla (c) Sega SonicTeam
Red (c) Sega SonicTeam
Blade (c) Winky
The small group all left the rather large house and headed down the road to what looked like a shed. Vector looked grimly at Shadow, and offered a comforting hand, but Shadow sidestepped him and walked over to the door. "You better be prepared for what you will see." He said, turning to them. "It's...pretty shocking."

"Just show us already!" Blue said, tapping his foot impatiently. Then he dashed in as soon as the door was opened to come face to face with...another Knuckles!? "Whoa!" He stepped back and nearly bumped into Miles, who'd just come inside after him. "Uh...Knux? Do you have a Clone?" He asked over his shoulder.

Knuckles came in and looked over at the stranger, his jaw slowly dropping. How on earth could this person - whoever it was - look exactly like him? He then closed his mouth and looked closer. There was a slight difference.

The stranger had some strange round things around his mouth and eyes, and his expression was emotionless. During their brief moment of silence, he took the chance to offer a beckoning hand. Then he turned and walked down the corkscrew stairway.

Blue swallowed as he realized how many times he'd have to go in circles again and again, then stepped on the first step. Wincing, he closed his eyes and took the next step. Before long, he felt a hand on his back and looked over to see Amelia gently easing him down the scary stairs.

When he finally reached the bottom, he stood still and waited for the others to come down before he turned to see where their red stranger had gone. He had left the room, but he could hear a cold voice speaking to a softer-toned one in the other room. Then, a cold, merciless laugh rang through the air, sending shivers down his spine. Hesitantly, he eased closer and listened in.

"What's so funny, Blade?" The cold voice asked, and Blue had to catch his gasp before it was heard. The cold-voiced stranger looked just like him! But...his eyes were a cold, crimson color, and his features were...metallic?

"Oh, it's nothing." The new stranger, Blade, replied. "I just find it amusing that Shadow would let himself be bullied by a bunch of children!" He let out another laugh, and the Knuckles-look-a-like smiled slightly.

"These are not just children. From the looks of it, the Humans had them all in captivity. They must be more extraordinary then they appear to be." The red strange said, crossing his arms over his chest, which was also metallic, Blue noticed. "Surely it's nothing to sneeze at, Blade."

"Oh, I'm sure they're just more stains on my swords." Blade said, smirking. After all...they are mere children. Let me have them, and you won't have to deal with them any more!"

"Are you mad?!" The red stranger replied, stepping forward. "If we kill the slave, we'll lose all friendly relations with that group! We'll have to spare him, even if not the others!"

'The slave? Does he mean...Tails?' Blue thought, and then motioned for the others to come closer and listen. Shadow watched them go, but did not attempt to stop any of them. Had he already forfeit his life?

“This is no laughing matter, boys.” The cold-voiced blue hedgehog replied. “Nor is it anything to just let slip by. If we return him to them, then they will help us wipe out the old man for good. Kill him, and they will become our enemy. Do we want this? No. We must return him to them.”

“And the others?” Blade asked, his tongue grazing his lips. He looked mostly furry, but his arms were all blades, and he had extra swords tied to his side. If they WERE tied. It looked like a strange, mutated spider-mobian.

“Do with them as you desire.” The cold-voiced hedgehog replied, smirking. “I have no need for country simpletons. The boy has a power we can use. The only one I could possibly have a use for is the girl, and I can’t even use her. You may have her.” He gave a dismissing hand-motion, and the red echidna and Blade bowed before they headed for where the others were.

Blue ushered them all back, then took a defensive position in front of Miles and Amelia. Blade came around the corner, humming some strange, sick song that some sadist would sing, then stopped to face them. “Good morning, everyone.” He said cheerfully, his blades clacking against each other. “Since we’ve never met, I’ll be nice enough to tell you who I am.”

“Gee, thanks.” Blue spat, watching his every move.

“My name is Blade. I used to be someone else, but I was dying in a battlefield when M found me, and changed me into what I am now.” He showed off his bladed arms. “A monster. Which, by the way, I’m proud of.”

‘Oh, god. He’s monologing!’ Blue thought, cringing. He’d heard this SO many times! And if he tried to cut him off, he’d only get hurt. If he tried to run, that red echidna would get in the way.

“…Of course, you wouldn’t really understand, since I doubt you were ever normal. No, the old doctor wouldn’t copy the DNA of someone normal for M’s design.” Blade finished and looked at Blue. “Were you ever a lab-rat?”

“No.” Blue said, shaking his head. After all, as for as he knew, he was perfectly normal! Expect for his speed and appearance, that is.
Wait…did he say that M’s design was copied off of his DNA? Did he have a CLONE!?

“Hm. Well, if you insist.” Blade said, and then turned to Miles, who was hidden behind Knuckles. “If you don’t want your new friends dead, Slave, you’ll come out and go with M. Now.” He shifted his blades threateningly, taking a step toward Amelia. “I’ll bet she screams reeeaaaal gooood.” He licked his lips, already tasting her blood on his blades.

“Wait!” Miles pushed Knuckles aside, despite his protests. “Don’t hurt them. I’ll go, just spare them. Shadow, too. He didn’t mean to tell us about your leaders. I bullied him into telling us!”

“Tails, what’re you…” Blue started, stunned.

“Please, Blue. Let me do this.” Miles replied, hiding his face behind his long bangs. “It’s for the best.” He then walked forward, past Blade. “…Good-bye.”

“Wha—Tails!” Blue cried, and then ran after him, but Blade blocked his path. “Tails, you don’t have to do this! Whatever past you had, it’s hurt you! I don’t want you hurt!”

Miles looked over at him, over Blade’s shoulder. “Thank you, Blue. But…this is who I am.” He gave a little shrug, then hung his head sadly as he entered the other room.

Blue clenched his fists and let out a yell as he lunged at Blade. “It’s your fault!” He yelled, punching at his face again and again. “He was having nightmares about his past, and now you’ve gone and forced him to face it again! It’s all your fault!” He yelled into his face as he punched it.

“Sonic, stop it!” Knuckles yelled, catching Blue’s fist before it hit Blade’s face again. “What’s done is done! Miles went on his own, Blade didn’t force him!”

“Yes…he…DID!” Blue said, turning on Knuckles now. “He threatened Amy, and all of us! He FORCED him to go!”

“Sonic, calm down, please…you’re really, really starting to scare me now.” Knuckles said, stepping back. “Are you alright? You look…kinda’ sick.” He looked over his shoulder and cringed to find that he had nowhere else to step back to. Blue stepped closer and he backed up against the wall. “Sonic…?”

“We have to help him…and you’re going to help me!” He said, grabbing Knuckles by the scruff of his shirt. “RIGHT!?”

“Sonic, let’s think about this responsibly—ugh!” Knuckles said, and then winced, as he was slammed into the wall hard. “This…ungh…isn’t…gah…helping…ow…Tails!”

“So, will you HELP me, or NOT!?” Blue asked, his eyes shaking with fury. Only when Knuckle gave a very weak nod did he let him go, then stare at his hands. “I….what did I just…”

“I have no idea, Sonic. But, let’s go see if we can negotiate his release.” Knuckles said, and then stepped over the wounded Blade. “Wow. You really did a number on him, didn’t you?”

“I…I guess so.” He said, blinking. He didn’t even recall doing that! Had he hurt someone without knowing why AGAIN!? God, when would it stop!?

“M!” Knuckles said, slamming open the door. Inside, M was standing next to Miles, who was tied up in a chair and gagged. “We want to talk!”

“Hm. I thought that Blade would make mincemeat out of you.” M said calmly. “Who defeated him?”

“I did, I guess.” Blue said, shrugging. “We’ve come to negotiate Tails’ release.”

“Can’t be done.” M said sternly. “Not unless you have something better in return.”

“Something…better?” Blue said, blinking.

“How about if we work for you?” Knuckles asked, stepping forward. “We can go on missions…you’re fighting the old doctor, right?”

“How did you…of course. You listened in earlier, didn’t you?” M said, crossing his arms. “Yes, I am trying to defeat him.”

“Why?” Knuckles asked, crossing his arms as well.

“Why does it matter?” M asked, narrowing his eyes.

“Because, I’m after him, too. I thought we could work together, in exchange for your releasing him.” He uncrossed his arms and held out a hand. “So, deal?”

“…Alright. I’m willing to take my chances.” M replied, then took his hand and shook it. “Metalla. You?”

“Knuckles Von Echidna.” Knuckles said, nodding. “This guy’s name is Sonic.”

“Named by the Humans, I presume?” Metalla said, turning to Sonic for a handshake, which was briefly given. “It doesn’t matter. I will organize the missions you will go on. For now, feel free to stay anywhere vacant. You’ll need a place to stay, food, money and clothing. I will supply you with all of these.”

“Gee, thanks.” Blue said dryly, and then went over to untie Miles and remove the gag. “You okay, bud?”

“I’m fine.” Miles said, and then looked up at Knuckles and Metalla. “Am I now a prize to be traded around, instead of a Slave? Is that how you view me?” He got out of the chair and left the room, a choked sob escaped his lips.

Metalla winced and sighed, watching him dash away. “He’ll be fine after he’s had some rest. Report to me here in the morning. You’re dismissed.”

“Yes, sir!” Knuckles said, then followed after Miles with Blue.

To be continued…
End Notes:
Awww, he cried! Poor Miles is so heart-broken and hurt. What happened in his past? Who are the people that Metalla and Red have now betrayed?
Do I enjoy hurting them?
You'll have to think of an answer to that yourselves...

A Strange World: Chapter Eleven – Babylon by Winky
Author's Notes:
Sonic/Blue (c) Sega SonicTeam
Miles/Tails (c) Sega SonicTeam
Knuckles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Amelia/Amy Rose (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Chaotix/Vector, Charmy, Espio (c) Sega SonicTeam
Metalla (c) Sega SonicTeam
Red (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Babylon Rogues/Jet, Wave, Storm (c) Sega sonicTeam
Reginald/Snively (c) Sega SonicTeam
Julian Robotnik/Eggman (c) Sega SonicTeam

TELL me that's everyne!
Wow, this copyrighting stuff is hard work.
Blue dashed out and ran over to Miles, who was sitting on a large stone jutting out of the ground and staring into the forest nearby. "Hey, Tails! You feeling okay?" He asked, skidding to a stop next to him. "Look, I'm sorry if you felt like an item being auctioned off. I didn't mean for you to feel like that. I just--" He sighed, sitting down next to him, looking at his feet. “I just wanted to save you, no matter what it took.”

“Really?” Miles’ soft voice said, making Blue look up. “So, you didn’t just save me because I’d helped you?” He jumped down from the stone. “Then, why did you do it?”

Blue blinked, then let out a chuckle. “Oh, Tails! How can you ask that?” He jumped down as well. “It’s because I’m your friend, that’s why!” He said, giving a little wink. “And friends stick together, right?” He placed his hands on his hips. “So, cheer up! I hate seeing my friends hurt and upset!”

Miles blinked, then chuckled as well. “You’re so strange.” He said, grinning. “But, I’m willing to buy it. I’ll try to smile more often!” He held out his hand, “So, let’s stand by each other until we ever part!”

“Yeah!” Blue said, nodding and taking his hand. Then another hand, large and spiked, clasped over both of theirs, followed by a pink-furred hand with a golden bracelet. Amelia and Knuckles had joined them. “All of us!” He said, looking at them all.”

“Of course!” Amelia said, smiling happily.

“You bet’cha! I’ll work with you guys until the end of time!” Knuckles said, his hand still on theirs.

Then they all threw their hands up and embraced in a group-hug. Blue looked over at them all as they embraced. “We’ll always be close, right guys? Any bad dreams, we’ll chase them away together!”

“Any bad guys, we’ll fight them off together!” Amelia added to his proclamation.

“If we run, we run together!” Miles said, smiling happily, his eyes shining with tears of joy.

“And if one of us falls, we pick him up…” Knuckles started, then they all clasped hands.

“TOGETHER!” They all finished, throwing their hands up in the air again. Then they headed for the house that they’d been allowed to stay in.

Meanwhile, their little talk was being watched by glowing red eyes, and not from Metalla. A cold laugh sounded, and then a large figure turned to a young, adult male nearby, who was writing something and typing a few things on the monitor in front of him.

“Reginald, it appears that the insolent robot Metalla has recruited a pack of rats. Do you recognize them?” He asked, addressing the male.

“Yes, Uncle Julian.” The boy replied calmly. “They are all pretty famous in this area, and I actually have files on all of them.” He opened a drawer in the iron dresser next to him, then reached in and pulled out four folders. “Here they are, Uncle.” He said, handing them over to him.

“Excellent, Reginald.” Julian replied. “Let’s see here…well, this is interesting.” He remarked, looking up at him. “How long have you been researching them all?”

“Since you started studying the Hedgehog and Echidna for Red and Metalla. Who, by the way, betrayed you after you created them. Perhaps they were the wrong ones to study?” He smirked, and then went back to his typing.

In the light of the screen, Julian could see that he had a white muzzle and a black wolf’s features. “I see you’ve been playing around in your lab again, mutating yourself as usual.” Julian remarked, crossing his metallic arms.

“Well, at least I still have a beating heart.” Reginald replied. “And it’s not permanent, yet. I still need more specimens.” He saved what he was typing, then stood up. “Why is it always so dark in here, anyway?” He commented, walking over to the screen that Julian was looking at. “Honestly, Uncle. You have most of the world in your possession, must you obsess on punishing Metalla for his betrayal?”

“Yessss. NO ONE gets away with betraying that great Dr. Robo--”

“I know, I know.” Reginald interrupted him. “But, surely the Babylon Rogues are enough?”

“No. Even that retched boy named Shadow, who also betrayed me--”

“Under pain of death, Uncle. Is he not of more use to us alive then dead? This way, he can gather information for us, for when we regain him.” Reginald interrupted again, infuriating his uncle.

Honestly, if it weren’t for Reginald being his only family left, and just as smart as he, he would’ve killed him long ago! But, the great doctor had patience. He could calm down, and handle everything his insolent nephew threw at him.

“Oh look, Uncle. Jet’s returned.” Reginald remarked, cutting into his thoughts. “Most likely successful, seeing as he’s dragging along a few prizes. I wonder if they’re for you or me?”

“I have no pleasure in females. They are weak, and easy to break. You can have their for your ridiculous project.” He replied, giving a dismissing motion.

The large double doors at the other side of the room opened and sent blinding light into the room. Then a large hulking figure reached over and flicked on the light.

The room was flooded with a brilliant yellow-ish light, and several figures were illuminated. A large white bird – an albatross, dressed in black leather riding gear and funky sneakers that resembled golden sandals and white gloves – walked into the rest of the room, followed by a green hawk with similar clothing, only he had red boots with a downwards-pointing, black flame on it. Following behind him were several young females, all tied up and gagged. He released the rope they were tugging on and they fell to the ground, whimpering in pain.

“Julian!” The hawk said, grinning. “How’s life in the highest place of power?” He walked over and shook hands with the large man, who was dressed in red and black, with trimmings of white. “Still dealing with M?”

“Jet.” The doctor smiled slightly. “I take it things went well?”

“Very well, my liege. I have new freshly made robots soldiers for you, already with the army. And these…” He pulled the rope and tugged the girls forward, where they fell to the ground at Reginald’s feet. “Are a few gifts for the young Prince.”

“Excellent, Jet. You do know how to please me.” Reginald said, smiling as he stooped down. A handsome young man, he normally had peachy skin and brown hair. But, now he had black fur and a white muzzle on his face. His hair, still brown, reached his lower back and accented his features nicely. His clothing, a dark-green business suit with brown lace-up boots, matched nicely with his soft brown eyes.

He beckoned to the girl in front, and she weakly got to her feet. She was a young ram, and she was very shaky in front of him, but still full of strength. Her clothing, a white dress, was ripped in rather provocative areas, but she wasn’t covered in fingerprints, meaning that it happened while she was running.

“What is your name?” He asked, cupping her chin with his right hand while he gently caressed her horns with his left. “Are you scared?”

“N-no.” She said firmly. “Ailya.” She replied, her voice calming. Why did she feel so calm around him?

“He’s working his magic again.” Jet remarked, watching. “Well, I’ll leave the rest to him. Wave and I need to have a ‘chat.’ C’mon, Storm.” He turned to go and waved. “See ya later, Julian!”

Back with our heroes, the night is peaceful. But, for Metall,a who doesn’t sleep, it is stressful. He had just received an SOS from several slaves, one of which being Wave, former mechanic of the Babylon Rogues, now bed-slave of her leader, Jet the Hawk.

He had their first mission. Wave would be invaluable to their cause, and must be rescued, at all costs. He typed down the coordinates, then saved it, ready for the next morning.

To Be Continued…
End Notes:
Oh my gosh, poor Wave! Can they save her before the evil Jet molests her - or worse?

A Strange World: Chapter Twelve – Wave pt. 1 by Winky
Author's Notes:
Sonic/Blue (c) Sega SonicTeam
Miles/Tails (c) Sega SonicTeam
Knuckles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Amelia/Amy Rose (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Chaotix/Vector, Charmy, Espio (c) Sega SonicTeam
Metalla (c) Sega SonicTeam
Red (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Babylon Rogues/Jet, Wave, Storm (c) Sega SonicTeam
Robots trooped outside the double-doors of a large room. Inside, a single light shone on a large marble desk, extending just far enough to light up a letter being written by fervent and sweaty hands. Jet would be home any hour, and she wanted to get this done before he returned.

Finally, her shaky work done, she held it up to the light to read it:

“To anyone who it may concern…

I am a slave, captured by one I considered friend. However, when things turned out that he would be able to claim me, - not as a fellow team member, or an inventor, but as a woman - he took it. Everyone in the town of Babylon has been enslaved like this, ever since the old man came.

I am a skilled inventor, and I could help bring him down with you. However, Jet has me under lock and key and all of my tools have been confiscated, ever since my first attempt to escape.

Please help me, as well as everyone else in this humble and tormented town. I ask, on behalf of every woman and female child that has been made into a slave by her family: Rescue us.

My name is Wave the Swallow, of the Babylon Rogues. I am trapped inside the large house, on the highest floor. I know of an underground passageway, which I have pointed out to you in the map I have sent with this letter.

Please hurry. My people desperately need help.

- Wave of the Babylon Rogues.”

Her letter finished, she shakily put into the envelope, as well as a large sheet of paper with a map drawn on, then walked over to the door and softly knocked.

A robot answered, took the letter she quietly handed him, then went to go send it off with a robotic bird. It didn’t matter to them what was inside the letter. They were just aware of her having friends outside the town that she contacted.

She walked over to the window and threw open the shutters, letting the wind blow through her feathers as she watched the robot carrier-bird fly away. ‘Please, let someone find my letter…’ She thought, her eyes reflected the calm blue sky.
A sudden feeling of dread went down her spine, and she turned to see Jet walking inside. He shut the door behind him, and then walked over to her.

“Enjoying the view?” He asked, smirking at her expression. “I’ll bet you wish your wings weren’t clipped, eh?” He brushed the back of his hand against her cheek, and then grabbed her upper arm, pulling her away from the window and into his arms.

“Ah!” She cried out, falling against his chest.

“Stop looking at the birds and the clouds and look at me.” He cooed, cupping her face gently. “There’s nothing out there of interest, after all. Only the freedom you long for.” He then tilted her face up to his and kissed her softly, then more passionately.

Against her will, she responded by wrapping her arms around his neck, then opened her eyes and pushed him away. “You’re sick!” She snapped, her look full of disgust. “Get away from me!”

He let out a laugh, amused and light-hearted. “Oh, Wave. I thought you knew by now? You can’t escape me, nor Storm. You might as well just be resigned to your fate.” He grabbed her arm again and pulled her close, his other arm around her back, steadily moving lower.

“I…will never…be what you want me to be!” She cried, pushing back again. He was fazed for a bit, but then stepped forward and shoved her onto the bed behind her. She winced, and then backed away from him as he climbed onto the bed himself. “Stay away…”

“Silly Wave…” He said, an amused smile on his face. “Just face the fact that you can’t escape.” He then crawled over to her until his body was over hers. “You’re mine, and nothing can change that.” His eyes glinted with lust as he unbuttoned her night-dress, eager to make her his.

Wave bit her lip and nearly cried, but she closed her eyes and then glared at him as he loomed above her. “That will change. I’m sure of it.”

“You don’t realize yet…you’ll never be rescued, woman.” He said, his voice soft, but his tone cold and cruel. Then he tugged down the shoulders of her dress roughly, making her cry out in pain.

She had asked for pain, and she was going to get what she deserved.

Elsewhere, the bird had landed over by a little town, guarded by two robots. Well, two really, but that’s not what’s important.

The next morning, Metalla sent Shadow to go wake up the newcomers. He was met with a rather upset Knuckles, who had been rudely awakened by Blue running around the room and running him over.

“What!?” Knuckles asked, his pupils dilated and his eye twitching. “Do you need something, Shadow?!” His face showed an obvious sign of no sleep.

Shadow winced, and looked a little wary. “Should I…come back later?” Shadow asked, his eyes darting as if he was looking for some possible escape.

“No, it’s okay.” A soft voice said behind Knuckles. Miles stepped forward as Knuckles walked back inside, his eye still twitching. “He’s just upset because of Sonic’s bad habit.”

“Bad habit?” Shadow asked, looking over at Knuckles. “What would that be?”

“He sleep-runs.” Miles shrugged. “Amelia’s in the same room as me, so I didn’t have to deal with it. I only know because I walked over and found Knuckles trampled.”

“Ah. Well, Metalla has your first mission, so wake up and come down to the office.” Shadow said, then left, leaving Miles at the door.

Miles blinked, then walked over to Blue, who was blinking in confusion at all the hubbub. “Metalla’s got our first mission, he says. Ready to go?”

“As soon as Amy’s ready.” Blue said, pointing to the locked bathroom door, where they could hear the shower going and soft singing.

“Right. I’ll go get whatever we’ll need.” Miles said, nodding. Then he walked back to his room.

About a half-hour later, they were all dressed, cleaned up, and a little cheered up, so they headed down to Metalla’s office. When they got there, Blade and Red seemed to be having some kind of argument, so they stayed back until it was finished, with Blade storming away.

“Erm…what happened?” Blue asked, cocking an eyebrow. “Did something happen between you two or something?”

“No.” Red said, then turned and walked away. “Metalla’s waiting for you.”

“Right, got it.” Blue said, nodding. Then they all walked inside the large office. It was filled with cameras, all monitoring the town they were in and the area outside it. Metalla himself was sitting behind a large marble desk; his elbows on the desk and his hands placed one on top of the other.

“Ah, you’re here.” He said, his tone fringing on impatience. “I’ve been waiting for half an hour.”

“Yeah well, you didn’t exactly call us ahead of time, just sent Shadow over at a bad time.” Blue pointed out, crossing his arms. “What’s up?”

“Do you see that bird?” Metalla asked, pointing to a silver bird in a cage. “It is called a Robotic Carrier Bird. And it was carrying this.”

He slid over Wave’s letter, which Miles grabbed and read to himself, holding it so that others could see as well. When he was done, he looked up at him. “You want us to rescue her.”

“Bingo.” Metalla said, nodding. “You’ll set out at 18:00 tonight. Until then, gather whatever supplies you’ll need. He turned to the screens. “You’re dismissed.”

“Right. Got it.” Knuckles said, nodding. Then they all quickly retreated back outside. While they were walking, he looked at Miles and said, “What d’you think it mean by ‘enslaved’?”

Miles shrugged. “Could be any number of things, from normal labor-work, to life as a sex-doll. Slavery varies with different people.” He said dully, as if the subject bored him and he wanted it over with.

“Ah. What did you do?” Knuckles said, looking at him. “I mean, he said you were a slave before…”

“I still am. I did I lot, went through a lot of people. Mostly pleasure.” Miles said, then looked at him sternly. “Can we please change the subject?”

“Wha---okay.” Knuckles blinked. “If you insist.”

“Thank you.” Miles said, crossing his arms over his chest.

They didn’t speak of the subject again that day, and the hours until 6:00 pm went by so quickly, they didn’t even realize it was time until Shadow came to pick them up.

“It’s time.” Shadow said dramatically. Then he led them outside of town, where a large ship stood waiting. “Red’s on board. He’ll brief you.”

“Thanks!” Blue said, nodding. Then he scurried on board, the others following.

Once they were all inside and buckled in, the ship started to lift off of the ground and Red walked out of the cockpit, carrying a large sheet of paper. “Thank you for coming on such short notice. Your mission, which must be successful, is to infiltrate the town of Babylon, rescue the captured women and children with as little blood-shed as possible, and rescue Wave the Swallow.” He paced in front of them.

“This last part is the most vital. Wave could be very helpful to our cause, and so must be brought over. Rescue her at all costs, and then report back to the ship. Your mission should be complete by 00:30, or rather, 12:30am.”

“Got it!” Blue said, saluting. “We’ll be in, out, and free in a jiffy!”

“I only hope you keep that confidence.” Red remarked, then handed Miles the large sheet of paper. “This is a map she drew up for us. It shows where she’s being kept. I trust you can keep it safe. That is all.” He turned and walked back to the cockpit.

“Yes, sir!” Miles said, nodding and rolling it up. Then he stuck it inside the bag he carried and looked out the window. What awaited them, out in the cold world? He knew very well, but what did Blue expect?

To be continued...
End Notes:
Oh gosh! A two-parter! Hope you're ready for the next one, becuase it won't be long before I do that one! ...After you've had a chance to read this one. XD

A Strange World: Chapter Thirteen – Wave pt. 2 by Winky
Author's Notes:
Sonic/Blue (c) Sega SonicTeam
Miles/Tails (c) Sega SonicTeam
Knuckles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Amelia/Amy Rose (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Chaotix/Vector, Charmy, Espio (c) Sega SonicTeam
Metalla (c) Sega SonicTeam
Red (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Babylon Rogues/Jet, Wave, Storm (c) Sega SonicTeam
Reginald (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Knothole Crew/Sally, Antoine, Bunnie, Rotor
Mighty & Ray (c) Sega SonicTeam
Ki & Sam (c) My younger sister

...Is that all?
Soft music played from a stereo in a dark room as moonlight poured through the windows lining the outside walls. Slender hands came together in the air, then came apart, a slender body moving in a slow circle. Slender legs beneath a satin skirt kicked in the air, then came down to the ground, the hands following it down as the figure bent down in a resting position.

Outside this tranquil room, loud cries could be heard, but the music drowned it out as the figure rose off of the ground again, lifting its head to the ceiling. Slender fingers brushed against a soft bosom, then went to the air above again as the figure lowered to the ground on one knee. Then the hands came down on both sides, as if it was a flying bird flapping its wings. Then the figure rose again, lifting it’s head.

More cries, muffled, but still heard by the slender dancer. She stopped, twirled over to the stereo and paused her music, looking over at the door. The sudden stop made the noises in the other room falter, with only weak whimpering. Then heavy footsteps neared the door and a shadow cast over the bit of light coming from under it.

“Is something the matter, Bark? Why did you stop dancing?” A cold voice asked, unseen by the dancer. As if to answer him, she stepped over to the door and knocked on it gently. It was barely heard, but it was just loud enough to indicate that she was hearing what he was doing. He smirked, and then said, “Pay it no mind. Continue with your dancing, ballerina.” He said, and then stepped away, the shadow leaving the door.

‘But now, I do not want to.’ The dancer thought, looking over at the closed windows. ‘Not now that you want me to.’ She stepped away from the door and walked over to the windows, her soft features reflecting in the windowpane.

A young adult polar bear stared back at her, slender and beautiful. But, was it not these features that took her from the one she loved? She wanted to scratch at her face, but to do that would be painful. She wore a soft green leotard with a sheer white skirt over her body, with soft, green toe-shoes on her feet. On her wrists were green ribbons wrapped around and tied into a bow, with the ends trailing as she danced.
She was a Madonna, but what was she without her lover there to dance with her?

She sighed and looked over at the distant forest, where she knew that her loved ones dwelled. But, with Reginald enslaving her like this, she could never go see them. It pained her that she could never escape…

Elsewhere, a ship neared a town entirely different, far from the dancer’s location.

“Is that…Babylon?” Blue asked, looking out the window at the desert town. It looked…peaceful. How could this be the place they were going to? “It looks…quiet.”

“Of course. Did you expect to find robots all over the place?” Miles said, looking out as well. “Looks like we’re going to land outside the town then go in. Be sure to have your speed handy. You’ll find more robots from normal view then bird’s-eye.”

“Oh, okay!” Blue said, nodding. Then he looked outside the window. “The sand’s glowing, look!”

“Well, it is night. The moon is reflecting it’s light off of it.” Knuckles explained, then looked at Miles. “You still have the map?”

Miles nodded, then looked over at Amelia. “I still think we should’ve left her with Metalla and the others. It’s too dangerous here.”

“Where isn’t it dangerous?” Knuckles asked, and then looked out the window as they landed. “This entire world isn’t safe anymore.”

“It never has been.” Miles said, nodding. “Not to anyone.”

The rest of the ride was done in silence, until they all got out and Blue looked around.

“So, where do we start?” He asked, looking at them. “There’s so many!”

“Well, we’re going to save the women and children first. Then we can concentrate on Wave.” Red replied, pulling out a gun. “I hope you know how to use this?”

“Well…uh…no.” Blue admitted. “I only know how to punch and kick.”

“Fine. That’ll have to do. Move out!” Red said, and they all dashed out, ready to break into houses.

While that hubbub went on, Wave was laying in bed, Jet asleep next her, his arm draped over her exposed breasts. She brought her hand over her eyes, and then closed her fist. ‘I have to get out of here…’ She thought, and then gently lifted his arm off of her chest to slip out of bed. She got as far as the edge of the bed before he awoke and dragged her back over to him by her upper-arm.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Jet asked her, his eyes half-closed drowsily, but still aware. “You’re not thinking of running away again, are you?” His grip tightened on her arm, making her wince in pain. “Because we both know how well that worked out last time.”

“Let me go!” She said, trying to pull away. She shoved against him and his grip loosened, in which she took the chance to escape his grasp and fix up her nightgown.

He tossed off the covers and strode over to her, his hands reaching for hers. She tried to hide them, but he caught her wrists and pinned her against the window. “Stop this useless attempt, Wave! You know that it’ll never work!”

Down below, Miles was running through and breaking locks for the others to get in and save the girls when he ran smack-dab into—

“Bean!?” Miles said, stepping back holding his head.

“Miles! It’s been years!” The green duck in a red sweat suit said, a red bandanna tied around his head. “How’ve you been? I haven’t seen you since that one guy took you away!”

“A long story, Bean. But right now, I’m saving these slaves.” Miles said, then dashed off for the next house.

“Whadda ya know? We’re doing the same thing!” Bean said gleefully. “Did you make any new friends?”

“Yeah, actually.” Miles said, nodding.

“Tails!” Blue dashed over to them. “Who’s this?”

“Sonic, this is Bean. Bean, this is Sonic. My friend.” He smiled happily, and then looked over when he heard a clatter. “Hey, Antoine!”

“Zut alors! Eet ‘as been too long, mon ami!” Antoine said, pulling Miles into a hug.

“Whoa, who’s the yellow-belly?” Blue asked, blinking.

“Y-Yellow-belly?” Antoine said, puzzled.

“He ain’t no yellow-belly, mate!” A black and red armadillo said as he jumped down to them, followed by a red flying squirrel. Both were wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans.

“We located the last slave. She’s up there!” The flying squirrel said, pointing to the struggle at the window. “Any idea on what to do?”

Knuckles ran over as well, looking up.

“Forget the plan!” Knuckles said, and then turned to Miles. “I’ll need a boost up, then you all need to clear the way or be hit by flying glass!”

“Got it!” Miles said, then caught his hands and flew up to the windows. Knuckles swung a bit, then released Miles’ hands, flying into the room while the others scattered. Miles flew in after him, and Blue ran up the building.

“Who the hell’re you!?” Jet said, tossing Wave to the bed as he faced them all.

“Someone who’s going to kick your ass!” Knuckles said, readying to fight.

“Oh yeah? We’ll see about that! STORM!” Jet called, and a low rumble could be heard.

Blue blinked. “What, can he control the weather?”

The doors banged open and a white albatross stood in the middle. Then he punched his fists into his palms and walked over to face Knuckles.

“Riiight.” Knuckles said, giving a sweat-drop. “Can I take back my offer of fighting?”

“NO TAKE-BACKS!” Storm said, charging at the three of them.

Blue and Miles noticed Jet lifting the unconscious Wave into his arms and looked at Knuckles. “You take care of him!” They both said, and then ran after the escaping Jet.

Halfway down the hall, Jet ducked into a room and came out on a strange board. It didn’t matter; Blue could catch up to him easily. Getting Wave from him safely, however, was a whole different matter.

Miles flew after him, his hands outstretched to grab her hand as Jet swerved to avoid Blue. He caught her, and kicked the back of Jet’s head to make him let go so that he could carry her away, back outside. When he passed over Knuckles, Knuckles stopped fighting and jumped down to the ground. He knew when to leave.

“Mission accomplished!” Blue said cheerfully, then dashed away in a blue blur.

They all escaped into the ship, and then headed back to the HQ.
Red couldn’t help but notice that there were many more then there used to be, and that’s not just because of the slaves they rescued.

“…Who’s this?” Red asked, pointing to Bean and the others with him.

“Bean, Bunnie, Mighty, Ray, Sally, Antoine, Ki, Sam and Rotor.” Miles said, pointing to each one in turn casually. “Old friends of mine. They hate the old doctor, too.”

“For good reason!” Sam burst out, his fists clenched. “That back-stabbing bastard is going to PAY! Him and his DAMN nephew!”

“Okay, okay. Metalla will meet you all when we return, please remain seated until then.” Red said, then walked into the cockpit.

Miles looked at them. “…Where’s Bark?”

“Bark’s…” Sally looked at the others. “Miles…after you were taken away…”

“That bastard Reginald took her away, just as the old man took over! We were forced onto the streets!” Sam cried, and Bean held Ki close. “With Ki having a kid only nine months afterwards, we needed a place to stay! So, we went to a hideout that Sally’s dad had made! There’s a mouse named Rosie there too, caring for the kid.”

“I’m sorry…” Miles said softly, and then looked out the window.

“There’s nothing fer you te be sorreh about, Miles.” Bunnie said, smiling softly. “It’s no’ yer fault we were chased away.”

“I could’ve helped, though…” Miles replied, a small tear slipping down his cheek.

To be continued…
End Notes:
Okay, finally done with that section of plot! Onto the real business! Are all the players gathered?

A Strange World: Chapter Fourteen – Blue pt. 1 by Winky
Author's Notes:
Blue and Co. (c) Sega SonicTeam
Shtier (c) Winky
Ace and Co. (c) Me and my sister.
A quiet, moonlit night, gentle starlight shimmering in the darkness. No clouds could be seen, and not a sound could be heard, save for voices from a small group of Furries.

“Over here! He ran this way!”

“No, he ran HERE!”

“Don’t be stupid, he ran up HERE!”

“Shut up and just FIND him!” A louder voice said, drowning out the others’.

“Right!” All the others said, and then dashed into different directions of the road.

While the group dashed around randomly, a teenage Lop Rabbit hid underneath a bridge, water soaking his fur up to his neck. Shivering, he waited for the group to leave before he shakily got out and shook his fur out to dry it as best he could.

“Blue…” He whispered softly, his soft blue eyes shaking fearfully. “Where did you go?” Small crystal tears slipped down his face, creating ripples in the cold water. “Please…come back.”

Elsewhere, the gentle moon lit up a town in the midst of a forest. Inside this town, inside a large building, were several Furries talking happily, save for a few. And one, a blue hedgehog, was sitting alone, in deep thought.

“Sonic?” A soft voice said, breaking him out of his thoughts. “Sonic, are you even listening to me?”

“Wha—Oh, right. Sorry, Tails.” Blue looked up at him and grinned slightly. “I was just…remembering a friend I left back at home.”

“You forgot someone?” Miles said, blinking in confusion. “Was he close to you?”

“Somewhat. He was the closest thing I had to a family.” Blue shrugged, and then stood up. “I’m going out for a breath of fresh air.” He smiled slightly, and then walked outside of the house. Once outside, he walked out to the edge of town and then fell back on his back, letting out a soft sigh.

“…Shtier…I hope he’s okay. I left him all alone with Maya and the others.” He rolled over on his side. “What if they’ve done unimaginable, cruel things to him? After all…” He closed his eyes and curled up. “They’ve done that much to me…”

The wind blew across the grass, lulling him to sleep, and he didn’t even realize he was in dreamland when he felt a hand brushing his cheek.

His opened his eyes to find himself inside a large building decorated nicely, with a silk blanket draped over his bandaged body. He felt the hand again and looked over his shoulder at a meerkat. “Maya…” He said weakly, his eyes half-closed.

“Shhh. Don’t speak, you’re still kinda’ weak.” She bent over and kissed him softly. “If you hadn’t have tried to run away, Ace wouldn’t have hurt you like this!” She stroked his cheek gently.

“I want to go find Shtier…” He mumbled, wincing as he moved his wounded arm.

“Shtier, by now, is most likely in hiding. Because of him, you were hurt. Why do you want to see him so much?” She asked, cooing softly as she stroked his cheek gently. “Stay with us, Blue.”

“No…I need to get back to Shtier…” He moaned, feeling hands shaking him awake. He didn’t realize he was back in reality until he heard a female voice saying, “Who’s Shtier, Sonic?”

“Wha---Amy?” Blue sat up and looked around. His arm wasn’t hurt, although the pain had felt so real in his dream.
No, not a dream. A Memory.
Shtier was calling to him.

The next day, Blue and Miles were in conversation away from the others. Blue had just told Miles about his dream, and Miles was slowly shaking his head.

“I don’t think so, Blue. I used to think that…before. I had nightmares, and thought I was being called. Turns out it was just a cruel memory being brought back by my thoughts of my past.” Miles said, leaning against the rock they were sitting on the other day.

“Well, you don’t understand. He has a power to send me images like this.” Blue said, sighing. “What if it’s really him?”

“Did you hear him call out to you as you slept?” Miles asked, crossing his arms.

“Well, no, but—“

“Has he done that before?”

Blue stopped short, and then sighed. “Yes. I have heard his voice as well, normally.”

“Then it’s not him. Wait until he really calls you, Blue.” Miles said, then stepped away from the rock. “I’m going to go talk to Metalla.”

“Right. You do that.” Blue said, sighing as he sat on the rock alone.

To be continued…
End Notes:
Awww, poor Loppy! Don't worry, it'll get better!

A Strange World: Chapter Fifteen – Blue pt. 2 by Winky
Author's Notes:
Blue and Co. (c) Sega SonicTeam
Shtier (c) Winky
Ace and Co. (c) Me and my sister
Blue watched as Miles walked off, then turned away again. Blue had a past, just like him, but he didn’t feel like he could open up to him easily. He closed his eyes, lost in thought. Then weak footsteps perked his ears and made him look up. A limping figure was leaning against the town wall. It’s long ears flopped at the side of it’s bruised face.

“Shtier!” Blue cried, running over to catch his friend as he lost balance finally. “Shtier, are you okay? What happened? How’d you find me?” He threw question after question at him nonstop, then stopped to notice that his friend was badly injured.

“It’s Ace and the others, isn’t it?” He said, his tone softening. “Don’t worry. I have some friends here, they can help us fight them!”

‘They’re looking for you.’ His friend’s soft voice said inside his mind. ‘I am too weak to speak normally, but I thought it best to warn you.’

“Shtier?” He looked at his Lop Rabbit friend. “Hey, don’t worry. We’ll get you fixed up, and then we can talk about your warning. Okay?”

Shtier nodded weakly as he allowed Blue to lead him over to the large house he and everyone else stayed in.

When Blue carried in his wounded and naked friend, the Chaotix quirked an eyebrow, but Amelia dashed forward and helped him in as well. “Sonic, what happened?” She asked, as she helped him lie him down on the couch that the Chaotix had just vacated after she glared at them.

“She called you ‘Sonic’, Blue?” Shtier said, laughing a bit, then wincing in pain.

“I’ll tell you after you’re better.” Blue promised, then looked up at the sound of the front door opening. Miles had come home.

He walked into the room and blinked. “I didn’t know we had a visitor.”

“Tails, this is my old friend, Shtier. Shtier, this is Tails, one of my new friends.” Blue said, grinning happily. “Tails, this is my friend that I told you about, the one I’d left behind because of the Humans!”

“Oh. So, how’d he find you?” Miles asked, narrowing his eyes. “If he could, surely the others could.”

“I…ugnh…searched the world for his mind, then tracked him that way. I’ve been…looking for him….ever since he was…taken away.” Shtier explained.

“’Searched the world for his mind’? What the hell does that mean?” Miles asked, glancing at Blue. Was it really a good idea to trust this guy? “Explain.”

“I have…a power.” Shtier said, and then winced. “A power…to sense the minds…of those…closest to…me.” He looked at him. “If I…know their mind…I can…speak to them…without…normal…methods.”

“’Normal methods’?” Miles asked, this time turning to Blue.

“He means by way of mouth. He can use ‘mind-speech.’ He can use his minds to speak into ours.” Blue explained, nodding as he sat down next to Shtier’s head. “It’s very useful, especially if we’re stuck in different rooms and need…comforting…” He bowed his head. “Were you followed?”

‘I lost them around home, and I’ve been watching out for them. No one’s behind me.’ Shtier spoke into his mind, his eyes locking with his. ‘Still, best to keep a look out, Blue.’

Blue nodded, and then stood up. “He says we should keep a look out, in case anyone’s following.”

“Okay…that’s just plain creepy. He didn’t say anything.” Knuckles said, quirking an eyebrow as he looked up from his Playboy.

“Mind-speech, Knuckles. It’s a lot to take in.” Blue said, grinning. “I can understand why it’d be hard for you.”

“Wait a minute!” Knuckles kicked up off of the couch. “Are you saying that I’m dumb!?”

“Yep!” Blue said, grinning.

“THAT’S IT!” Knuckles said, then charged at him. Blue grinned and dodged him, leaving him to crash into Miles.

“Whoa—sorry, Tails!” Knuckles said, getting off of him. “You little jerk! Dodging me like that!”

“That’s just the way I am now. Get used to it!” Blue said, winking as he dashed off outside.

“Blue…he’s…changed. Perhaps…for the…better.” Shtier said, and then winced in pain before he finally lost consciousness.

Outside, Blue was sitting on the rock again. ‘What came over me? Is it the shoes? The Humans? The freedom?’ He looked over at the house. ‘Maybe I should apologize…but it felt so good, taunting him like that!’

“Hey, you!” A woman’s cool voice said as Wave walked over to join him. “I guess I should say thank you. I never got to when you were saving me, after all.” He leaned against the rock. “Metalla wants me to go to Station Square for something, but I need an escort. Think you and your little band could help?”

He looked down at her. “Escort you to Station Square?”

“Yeah. That place is a prime target of Dr. Robotnik’s, and he wants me to get something from there before the old doctor can.”

“What is it?” He turned to her fully, his feet kicking the rock.

“It’s called a Chaos Emerald. It’s a jewel of great power, and it could really help with some of my inventions.” She explained, looking over her shoulder at him. “You think you’re up to it?”

“Hehe! I can handle anything Wave!” He jumped up and pointed to himself. “I’m the fastest thing on this world! Nothing can beat me!”

“I only hope your confidence isn’t unjustified. Best to go tell your friends, then.” She grinned a bit, and then walked back towards Metalla’s office.

Sonic grinned and ran off to tell the others.

“I can’t.” Miles said, after hearing the plan. “I have to save Bark. It’s my fault she’s captured!”

“What d’you mean, ‘my fault’?” Knuckles said, walking over. “What happened?”

“The city was unprotected because I ran off and the others tired to stop me! That’s why Julian and his nephew could take over! With everyone there, they didn’t stand a chance! But, Reginald and Julian had both been waiting until my past finally caught up with me, for everyone to leave town briefly!”

“Tails, don’t blame yourself…” Blue said, his eyes shaking. “C’mon, come with us! We’re going to go to help take him down!”

“…Really? And the chance of saving Bark is how high?” Miles said, listening now.

“I dunno! Is she in Station Square?” Blue asked, shrugging.

“Sam, where is she now?” Miles asked, looking at him.

“They’re in Future City!” Bean said, cutting off Sam. “We saw their ship leaving for there days ago, and have been trying to get help ever since!”

“Well, now we can help.” Miles said, nodding firmly. “Future City isn’t far from Station Square.”

“If you insist…” Amelia said, nodding. “Then, we shall help this Bark, if we have the chance to. So long as we can get her out safely.”

“Don’t worry. We will.” Sam said firmly, a cold glare on his face. “And if that ba---“

“Okay, let’s rest up for now!” Knuckles said, cutting him off. “Got a lot of packing to do, best start now!” He dashed off, leaving them in silence.

Miles stepped away first, then they all walked off to pack what few belongings they had.

Blue walked over to Miles, who was staring into space. “We’ll be back.” He said, and Miles nodded.

“You’re right, Blue. After all…this is our home.”

To be continued…
End Notes:
Poor Bark! Hopefully they can save her time, neh?

A Strange World: Chapter Sixteen – “They call me Sonic!” by Winky
Author's Notes:
Someday, I'll get around to properly copyrighting.
But that is not this day.
Just look back, there's no one new in this one.
The ship soared over the rocky landscape below, leaving the desert behind as they neared a wild jungle, then passed over it.

“Wow, that’s awesome!” Bean said, looking down at it as they passed over. In the distance, a bright town shimmered in the early morning, just waking up.

They landed the ship nearby in the water and let out the boats. They all took them and went over, looking around as this strange town. It was filled, mostly, of Humans.

“It’s a wonder they aren’t panicking, or running to catch us.” Miles said darkly, watching them as they walked down the paved sidewalk. “I feel ready to attack them, just looking at them.”

“I think they’re hot.” Knuckles said, bending slightly to see under a woman’s mini-skirt. Amelia throwing her hammer onto his head as she passed rewarded him for this. “Owww! Geez, I’m sorry! I’ll look under yours next time!”

“You’d better not!” Amelia said, holding her skirt down protectively.

“Fine, fine.” Knuckles said, shrugging. “So, Blue? Where to?”

“I’m not Blue here, Knuckles. I’m Sonic!” He grinned, and then dashed over to a lamp-post.

‘Oh no. What’s he doing?’ Miles thought, watching him.

“Hey, everybody! I’m new in town, and I’m here to see the sights!” He grinned down at all the Humans.

“Who are you?” A little girl asked, blinking.

“Me? Well, I know a lot of people, and you know what they call me?” He bent down slightly.

‘Please, don’t do something stupid…’ Miles thought, shaking his head.

“They call me Sonic!” Blue finished, posing with a thumbs-up. “And I’m the fastest thing you’ll ever see on this whole wide world, guys!”

Miles face-palmed, and Knuckles just laughed and ran over to join him. “Alright! I’m doing it too!” He jumped onto the wall and climbed up until he reached a balcony. “I’m Knuckles the Echidna, and, I assure you, I’m the strongest guy you’ll ever run into!”

Mighty shook his head. “Yeah, right. We’ll see some enough, pretty boy.”

“Tails, you come up here, too!” Blue called, waving to Miles. Miles knelt down and wished very much he were somewhere else.

“C’mon, Tails! Join us!” Knuckles said, waving as well.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me…” Miles mumbled, then flew up to join them. “Do I really have to introduce myself?”

“Yep! Go on, give it a shot! And then Amy!” Blue said, grinning down at her.

Miles gave an exasperated sigh. “Hi, I’m Tails. And I’m really smart and good with machines.” He waved weakly, and then glared at Blue.

“Now pose!” Blue said, ushering him along.

“’Now pose’, THIS!” Miles said, kicking Blue to the ground below.

Blue’s eyes bulged out as he fell, but he flipped and caught himself. Everyone around cheered. He grinned, and then held out a hand. “Amy, come over here!”

“Okay!” Amelia ran over and caught his hand, then pulled out her hammer. “My name is Amy Rose, and I’m Sonic’s girlfriend, for those who are thinking of nabbing him!”

Blue blinked and looked at her. “Wow, really? My girlfriend? When did this happen?”

She smiled at him shyly. “Ever since you rescued me, Blue.” She said softly. “I’ve always loved you.”

“I…really?” Blue looked stunned, and a little happy. Wow, Maya had said that he’d never find a girlfriend! She was wrong!

“Hey, are you okay?” Miles asked from above, a tone of annoyance in his voice. “I didn’t kick you too hard, did I?”

“Nope! Just fine!” Blue said cheerfully. “Come on down here, guys! Don’t we have a rescue mission to do after this?”

Miles sighed and jumped down, hovering at the last bit. Then he watched as Knuckles jumped down as well.

“So, where to?” Sonic said cheerfully, looking at them all.

“The museum. Metalla sent a message there, saying that we were coming.” Wave said, rolling her eyes at the spectacle. “Come on, let’s go.” She beckoned for them to follow, and then the strange parade of Furries went off to their destination.
End Notes:
Oh boy! A Museum! And then Bark! Yaaaay!
...Sorry. Bean-moment, there.

A Strange World: Chapter Seventeen – Graceful Ballerina by Winky
Author's Notes:
Sonic/Blue (c) Sega SonicTeam
Miles/Tails (c) Sega SonicTeam
Knuckles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Amelia/Amy Rose (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Chaotix/Vector, Charmy, Espio (c) Sega SonicTeam
Metalla (c) Sega SonicTeam
Red (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Babylon Rogues/Jet, Wave, Storm (c) Sega SonicTeam
Reginald (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Knothole Crew/Sally, Antoine, Bunnie, Rotor
Mighty & Ray (c) Sega SonicTeam
Ki & Sam (c) My younger sister
Blue and the others zipped to the museum, but found that it had been recently invaded, and their item was stolen. When Wave heard this, she let out a cry of frustration, leaving Miles to be the voice of reason.

“Do you know who took it?” Miles asked, trying to calm down Wave. “We have to get it back, no matter what.” He looked each of the troubled employees in the eye. “Did any of you see the thief?”

“It was…it was a…” One of the employees started, and then held his mouth, like he was about to barf.

“It was something indescribable.” Another continued. “No doubt the young Dr. Robotnik’s work.”

“WHAT!?” Sam cried, stepping forward. “Then that’s where it must be! Let’s go!” He grabbed Bean and Miles by the arm and dragged them out of the museum. Miles gave a quick movement to call the others along, then pulled loose so he could walk normally.

Elsewhere, gentle music played in a dark room, the sunlight blocked by dark curtains over the windows. Inside this room, a graceful ballerina danced endlessly, each pass by the windows lighting up her delicate features. Her round ears were adorned with crystal earrings, and her leotard and tutu, shades of pink and blue, moved with each step, each sway of her hips and each stretch of her arms.

Her lips parted slightly as she lowered herself cross-legged, then jumped high into the air, where strong hands caught her and held her there until she lowered and then performed a pas de deux with him. Her soft eyes closed and her hands rested in the stranger’s easily, her small body clasped in his hands as he bent her back, then spun her slowly as she rose up her leg behind her.

The music came to a stop finally and the stronger let her down gently. She quickly backed away from him with quick, nimble steps and then turned to the blocked windows, where she hoped to catch a glimpse of the bright blue sky.

“I got you something.” The stranger said, pulling out a shimmering purple gem. “I thought you might like it.” He turned her to him with a gentle push and took her hands, placing the gem into them. “It’s called a Chaos Emerald.”

She looked at it, it’s gentle light reflecting in her blue eyes, then handed it back to him. “I don’t want it. I’ll bet you stole it from a museum somewhere.” She said, turning away. He took it and shrugged, putting it back in his pocket.

“Do you really think I’d do that?” He asked, touching her shoulder gently as he moved closer to her.
“Yes.” She snapped, looking over her shoulder. “Don’t touch me!” She spun away from him and moved to another window, trying to pull open the drapes. “I won’t turn to you, I won’t!” She insisted, shaking her head.

He sighed and gripped her shoulders tightly. “Bark, you don’t have much of a chance in this matter.” He turned her to him. “Sam, as far are you are concerned, is dead.” He growled, and then forced a crushing kiss onto her thin, delicate lips.

She cried out, but his kiss blocked her, and her open mouth only allowed him to penetrate her lips further, forcing into a French kiss. She floundered for a bit, then tried to push him away.

He gripped her wrists and pushed her up against the wall, making it impossible for her to move away. Then he slowly moved his hands down her arm, his body pressed against hers as she struggled to escape. There was no escape, she knew that, but she had to try!

“Reginald, we’ve got a problem!” Jet said, slamming open the door and interrupting what they were doing. “Wave’s gone to join M, and the Freedom Fighters have joined him as well.”

“The Freedom Fighters?” Reginald said, pulling out of the obscene kiss. “How? I thought she belonged to you?” He stopped pinning her and turned to him. “Explain, Jet.”

“Well, this slave brat named Miles Prower came with his loser friends and busted her out. We tried to follow, but one of the losers has super-speed. A lot like M, really.” Jet explained shrugging. “Do you think that’s who he based M’s design off of?”

“I know it is, Jet.” Reginald replied, walking over to join him. “But, let’s continue this topic elsewhere. My ballerina wishes to dance.” He led him out and slammed the door behind him, blocking her protests.

“No, I don’t!” Bark yelled, but she wasn’t heard. Soon she heard the door locked and stomped her foot. “Fine. I’ll dance, since there isn’t anything else to do in here.” She walked over and chose another record, then put it on in the stereo. Then she turned and raised her arms and leg up, then lowered them to her sides as she stepped quickly on her tiptoes and then spun.

Back with Blue and Co., they were riding at full speed to a large castle-like fortress in the ship M had let them use to get to Station Square. Bean leaned out the window with his tongue hanging out like a dog in a car on the freeway while the others planned.

“We’ll charge in and kick Reginald’s sorry ass!” Sam said, slamming a fist into his palm. “Who cares about his damn security!”

“Let’s be reasonable here, guys.” Sally said, crossing her arms. “He could be prepared for us, especially since Jet may’ve told him about Wave’s escape by now.”
“Oh, yeah…” Sam grumbled, crossing his arms. “So, what’s YOUR bright idea?!” He looked at Sally, then Miles. Miles just sat there thoughtfully without saying a word. “Hello~?! I’m trying to save Bark here!”

“I’m thinking.” Miles said, glaring at him briefly, and then closed his eyes. Was there a map of the place somewhere? He looked at Wave. “Wave, do you have a map of this place?”

“I…might be able to get one by hacking into their computers. Why?” She asked, looking at him. “Do you have a plan?”

“I might.” Miles said, nodding. “Can you also get the security schedules?” He added, reaching into his tails and pulling out a clip-on device that Blue had never seen before.

“What’s that?” He asked, zipping over to have a look as Miles tugged out some sort of flash drive from it.

“It’s my hacking device.” Miles replied, smiling slightly. “From when I was in those gangs.” He plugged it into the USB Port on the laptop Wave pulled out and then said, “Alright, now open up the folder with it and click the program ‘Hack ‘em.’ It’ll get you in no problem.”

Blue blinked, then realized that, even though he’d been with him a while, he knew next-to-nothing about his little friend’s past. Even Knuckles, who flaunted himself, was a mystery to him. And now Miles was pulling out something from the past he hated…
His friends, he had to admit it, were strange.

Wave hooked up a printer to her laptop – where did she get that, Blue wondered – and then used the program Miles mentioned to hack into Dr. Robotnik’s inner workings. “Wow. What kind of life did you live before, kid? One of crime?”

“Practically.” Miles shrugged. “I was in a lot of gangs, most of them against my choice.” He then turned away, hiding his face from everyone. Bean spotted it though and zipped over.

“Miles…What’s up?” Bean asked, touching his shoulder with an attitude as calm as Shadow’s. This kinda’ creeped out Blue, but he just watched. What had happened? “You can share with me, bud.” Bean added encouragingly, and Miles shook his head slowly.

“No…it’s my burden to bear…” He said, and then walked past him wiping his eyes. Bean narrowed his eyes and followed him into the cockpit, where Miles was to go and make sure the autopilot was working okay. Narrowing his own eyes, Blue followed as well.

“Why are you hiding? Last we saw you were hiding from that freak, and now…GAH! Haven’t I already proven that I can help?! You’d still be with that spider-guy if it wasn’t for me!” Bean was saying when Blue slipped over to eavesdrop.
“I can’t tell you! It’s too terrible!” Miles said, tears slipping down his face. Blue’s eyes widened, but he stayed where was, listening. “I’m not free! I’m a run-away slave who was captured and I’d be better off DEAD by the Humans’ hands right now!” He fell back in the chair. “You don’t know what it was like…the whips…the chains…the bullets in my arms…” He bent his head into his hands. “I can’t go back to that, I can’t!”

“I’m not saying you should!” Bean said, shaking Miles’s shoulders to knock some sense into him. “I’m trying to decrease the burden you’re carrying!” He raised his head up with his hand. “I’m your friend, Miles. Don’t leave me in the dark about your pain.”

Miles looked up at him, and then pulled away. “I’m not trying to…but…” He sighed. “It’s too hard to share.” He slowly undid his shirt’s buttons, then pulled it down, revealing brutal scars on his chest, back and shoulders. There were also scars on his neck and lower torso. “It hurts to remember…” He said, his eyes shaking as he looked away.

Bean and Blue both winced when he revealed his old scars, and then Bean reached over and tugged the shirt back into place. “I’m…I’m so sorry, Miles…” He took Miles into his arms, holding him close. Miles quivered, then clung to Bean as tears slipped down his face.

Feeling like an intruder who didn’t belong, Blue quickly retreated back to the others, where he tried to act like he’d been there all along.

A few minutes after Blue’s hasty retreat, Miles and Bean came back, neither of them looking like something bad had happened. In fact, they looked almost cheerful, considering that they had someone to rescue.

“Do we have what I asked for?” Miles asked, walking over to Wave. “We’re getting close enough to plan.”

Wave nodded, then handed the papers she’d printed out to him. “Okay, what’s our plan?” She asked, looking at him.

Miles looked it over, and then grinned. “Listen up…”

To be continued…
End Notes:
No, you never get to hear the plan. You only hear it get carried out, or get interrupted.

A Strange World: Chapter Eighteen – “Give something up for something dear.” by Winky
Author's Notes:
Sonic/Blue (c) Sega SonicTeam
Miles/Tails (c) Sega SonicTeam
Knuckles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Amelia/Amy Rose (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Chaotix/Vector, Charmy, Espio (c) Sega SonicTeam
Metalla (c) Sega SonicTeam
Red (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Babylon Rogues/Jet, Wave, Storm (c) Sega SonicTeam
Reginald (c) Sega SonicTeam
Bark © Sega SonicTeam
The Knothole Crew/Sally, Antoine, Bunnie, Rotor
Mighty & Ray (c) Sega SonicTeam
Ki & Sam (c) My younger sister
Miles had come up with a good idea. At least, that was Blue’s hope. What if it didn’t work though? But, Miles and Sam looked so confident that he didn’t speak up, only observed. Bean, however, seemed deep in thought about something, and whenever he found he was being watched instantly did something silly.

The ship lowered behind the building and then they all slipped out of it without a sound. By now, the sun had started to set, and the darkness was helping. Good. So far, so good. Now, hopefully the rest of the plan would be this smoothly done.

Inside the castle, Bark slept quietly beside Reginald, who watched her breathe in sleep. So beautiful, he’d had to take her from the battle. She should be grateful to him for rescuing her from the same fate as the others, but instead she despised him. He sighed and pulled her close. “Oh, Bark. My pretty, graceful ballerina. Why must you be so stubborn?” He whispered softly, his blue eyes shaking with emotion. How he loved her. But it seemed she would be forever bound to that damned porcupine.

His radio chirped and he sighed. “Sorry, Bark. But, I have to go work.” He said softly, then kissed her cheek gently before he reluctantly slipped his arms from around her body and walked over to don his boots and shirt. Then he quietly took his leave of her.

After he shut the door, Bark slowly opened her eyes and looked at the door. She knew it was locked from the outside, but if there was a chance that he’d forgotten—
No, there was the sound of the lock clicking. Either he was being extra careful, or he knew she was awake. Sighing, she slowly slipped from the bed and walked over to the windows.

She could only see the night sky, and even that was hard with the curtains. She sighed again and stepped away. ‘Oh, Sam…I miss you.’ She thought, her eyes shaking as her hands clutched at her silken nightgown. ‘Please, hurry and return me to you…’ She fell to her knees, tears slipping down her face. ‘Please, be alive…’

Back outside, Sam felt her soft cries and turned to the window that she was behind. “Screw the plan! I know where she is!” He burst out, and dashed for the wall, hoping to climb it.

“Sam, no! It’s wired with—“ Miles warned, but he was too late to stop his friend. Sam was electrocuted at contact and fell the ground with an earsplitting, heart-breaking scream of pain. Miles and Bean quickly dashed over and were met with robots surrounding them. Blue could only stand by and watch as the three of them were captured.

Later that night, Blue managed to slip into the vents and found he room they’d been taken to; and it wasn’t pretty. Bean and Sam were looking around fearfully, while Miles just looked at it all like it was his home he’d come back to after a long time. It was frightening, his calm nature in this room.

“What did you think you were doing?” A cold voice said as Reginald stepped towards them all. Blue winced as he saw the whip in his hands; it was lined with spikes.

“What do you think we were doing?” Miles replied calmly. His eyes didn’t waver as he looked at him, nor when he looked the weapon in his hands.

“You were intruding on private property. Don’t you have families to go back to?” He said spitefully, knowing full well that they all were without families, thanks to him and his uncle.

“We were attempting to rescue a friend.” Miles replied calmly. “Since when is that a crime?”

“Since you decide to invade people’s homes to do it!” Reginald replied, slapping Miles across the face with the handle of the whip. Miles was struck, but he quickly recovered, his face emotionless, as well as his tone.

“And who was it who took advantage of people, just to steal away one already betrothed?” Miles asked calmly. “Who is the real criminal here?”

“Silence!” Reginald said, slamming the whip into the boy’s chest. He winced and fell back against the guard behind him, but his expression remained neutral. “You will be the first to face my wrath, boy. Rip off his shirt!” He ordered the guard, and Miles was gripped tightly on the shoulder with one hand while the other ripped his shirt open, revealing the scars he’d hidden. Blue covered his mouth in shock, and had to keep from crying out when he saw Reginald slam the spiked whip into the boy’s tender flesh. And Miles didn’t cry out, not once…

When he thought the boy had learned, he ordered him tossed to the side and Sam brought to the front. Miles gave a little chuckle that induced fear in Blue’s heart. He clutched his chest, trying to calm his heart, and listened closely.

“You’re a fool, Reginald. Obviously, even though you have all those files, you forgot who I was.” Miles stood up and faced him, his body bleeding from shoulders to ankles. “I’m Miles Prower. The young slave boy who endured pain beyond reckoning, and then worse. A simple punishment like that won’t faze me. And you’ll have to beat me down before you can beat Sam or Bean.”

Reginald looked at him, and then laughed cruelly. “Of course. How could I forget? But, you seem to have forgotten who I am, and who I have as my allies.” He stepped back into the shadows. “I’ll leave my friends to deal with you three. I have other plans.”

Bean blinked, then ran over to Miles and Sam. “Miles, what did he mean? Who’s coming?”

“I acted up…” Miles dropped his eyelids. “Now we’re all gonna pay the price. I’m sorry…” He looked at him. “You can escape. Save Bark, and fight Dr. Robotnik and Reginald.” He gave a sad smile. “It seems…we have to give something up in order to regain something precious to us.”

“But…Miles, we can’t! Don’t sacrifice yourself!” Bean clutched his shoulders, making him wince a bit. “Uh, sorry.” He released his shoulders. “But, you can’t do this! I’ll never forgive myself for letting you!”

“Bean…it’s best…” Miles said softly, and then turned to the door. “That’s the way out. Here’s my hacker key,” He handed them a small card. “You can use it to get into anything computer-related. Go, and quickly.”

Bean’s eyes shook, and he nodded. “Alright. Don’t…don’t get yourself killed. Come back to us.”

“If I can, friend. And only if I can.” Miles said, and then turned away from them. “Go, quickly. They’ll be here soon.” He spoke firmly, calmly. As if he was used to giving up everything for his friends.
But, Blue could see from his vantage point that Miles was crying. He had been forced back into the life he didn’t want, just to save his friends.

‘A life for a life? What kind of bullshit is this!?’ Blue thought, clenching his fists. ‘Don’t worry, bud. I just need a few things, and then I’ll be back to save you. I promise.’ He dashed off without a sound; leaving the others unaware he was ever up there.

Miles watched as the two of them escaped, and then turned away to listen as the door closed. Then rough hands wrapped around his shoulders and he closed his eyes, knowing what fate he had set for himself…

To be continued…
End Notes:
How many of you saw that coming?
Will Blue mange to rescue Miles before something worse happens to his friend?
Will Bean and Sam, alone and powerless against the robots, be able to rescue Bark?
And is Wave safe out there, with Jet in the nearby vicinity?
Read the next chapter and find out!

A Strange World: Chapter Nineteen – Retrieval and Loss. by Winky
Author's Notes:
Sonic/Blue (c) Sega SonicTeam
Miles/Tails (c) Sega SonicTeam
Knuckles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Amelia/Amy Rose (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Chaotix/Vector, Charmy, Espio (c) Sega SonicTeam
Metalla (c) Sega SonicTeam
Red (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Babylon Rogues/Jet, Wave, Storm (c) Sega SonicTeam
Reginald (c) Sega SonicTeam
Bean © Sega SonicTeam
Bark © Sega SonicTeam
The Knothole Crew/Sally, Antoine, Bunnie, Rotor
Mighty & Ray (c) Sega SonicTeam
Ki & Sam (c) My younger sister
Raix © Winky
Aya © Winky
Blue zipped back to the others, only to find that Jet and Storm had found them and taken Wave prisoner while he was gone. Sally lay unconscious on the ground, a slash of a knife on her chest. Blood was all over. He slowed to a stop, his eyes wide, and then dashed over to Sally. “Sally, what happened here?!”

“Sonic…” Sally choked out. “They took Wave and Amy Rose. Knuckles went after them…” She coughed then, blood slipping from her lips. “You have to hurry…”

“Not until I help you, first!” Blue said, Miles’s predicament forgotten for the moment. “You’ll die like this!” He gently lifted her body and carried her into the ship, where he set her down gently on the floor before he dashed off to find a first aid kit.

‘Damn it, if only I’d been here! Amelia…’ He thought, dashing through the halls. ‘She must be so scared…what are those bastards doing to her?!’ He stopped by a door slightly ajar and found Antoine inside, holding Bunnie close while Rotor tended to her wounds.

“Hey…got any extra bandages? Sally needs some tending to.” Blue asked, his eyes shaking at the wounds Bunnie had. “Is she okay?”

“No.” Antoine said coldly. “She was chased and raped by those damn birds, all because she was trying to hide Wave away from them.”

Blue winced. “Oh, gosh…are you okay?”

“Ah’m ahright, hun…” Bunnie said, wincing at the pain. “But, could ya get Sally-girl in here? She needs help…” She tried to lift herself up, but she fell back in Antoine’s arms instantly. “Whoop. Hehe. Don’t worry sugah. Li’l ol’ Bunnie’s not down and out yet…” She fainted then, her body slackening in Antoine’s arms.

Blue looked as if he was about to speak, but he swallowed it back and nodded. “Alright. I’ll go get Sally, and then you can tend to her. Then I’m going to need to get some help saving Tails.”

“We don’t have anyone else to spare, Sonic.” Rotor said softly. “We already called M for back-up, they should be here soon.”

Blue blinked, then nodded. “Alright. I’ll go help Knuckles, then.” He said, then dashed off to get Sally before he ran back into the building, Sally now being tended to.

Elsewhere, Miles hadn’t realized that Blue had been there watching when he gave himself up to his past. He had no idea that Blue, even subconsciously, was trying to think of a way to find him.

Blue didn’t know that Miles was being taken away from the building, either.

Rough hands pushed and pulled the teenage fox into a transport, where he was strapped in and told to be silent or else. He’d been through this entire movie before so many times it wasn’t funny.

“Miles, you look so distracted. What have you been doing, while you were gone?” His captor said, gripping his shoulder tightly. “Getting yourself in trouble, from the looks of it. But, maybe that was a good thing, in the end.” He smirked. “After all, I found you again thanks to that.”

Miles didn’t reply, knowing full well that his captor just wanted to speak and be heard. No talking-back was allowed. However, his eyes did shift to look up at him coldly. So much he wanted to say, but to do so would only result in more pain.

“Why don’t you speak? I know you want to.” The man said, goading him on. “Did the Humans rip out your tongue?”

“No.” Miles replied coldly. “But, if I spoke, I thought that you would.” He closed his eyes. “After all, I’m not allowed to talk back to you, Raix.”

Raix’s eyes went wide at this remark. “You dare to…” He gripped the boy’s shirt color and pulled him up slightly. “You are to refer to me as ‘Master Raix,’ remember?”

“See? Exactly my point.” The boy grinned, and then closed his mouth to keep from biting his tongue when he was shoved back down hard.

“You will pay for your bad attitude, boy.” Raix growled, then strode into the other room. He returned shortly, accompanied by a black wolf woman. Miles stiffened up, his eyes widening slightly as she neared him, then narrowing again.

“Miles.” She said, grinning. “It has been a long time. Why’d you leave our gang, pretty puppy?”

“Aya.” Miles said, and then smirked. “Maybe I was sick of being a sex doll?”

Aya smirked in reply. “Perhaps. Or, maybe you just wanted a break, since you gave yourself up so easily?”

“I ‘gave myself up’ to save my friends. No other reason.” Miles said coldly, closing his eyes and turning his head away. “I despise you, Aya. And that gang that you were in as well.”

Aya let out a hearty laugh. “You mean the one that ‘we’ were in, Miles! After all, some of the crimes were committed by your hands, too.”

He winced. She was right, unfortunately. He bit his lip, trying to think of a good comeback, but none came. She had trapped him where he couldn’t fight back. As she always did…

Back with Blue, he was dashing back to the room he’d last seen Miles in, and found him gone. Shocked and confused, he dashed on until he finally found the room that Wave and Amelia were being kept in. They were both unconscious and tied up, with Storm standing nearby them.

“Took you long enough.” A voice said, surprising him into looking up to see Knuckles. “What were you doing?”

“Trying to help Tails, Bean and Sam.” Blue replied in a low tone. “So, any ideas?”

“None here. But, we’re sitting a vent. Storm is right below us…” Knuckles said, looking at him with an expression that said he had something in mind.

“Think we can jump on him and save the girls?” Blue asked, grinning. “Do you have the aim, Knux?”

“Pretty sure I do.” Knuckles replied. “I’ll knock him; you get the girls free and knock down the door.”

“And meet up with Sam and Bean later!” Blue finished, nodding. “Good plan. Let’s do it to it!”

Knuckles quirked an eyebrow at his finishing phrases. “Okay, you need a new motto, and badly. Let’s just get to it.” He knocked the vent open, which alerted Storm, but not fast enough. Knuckles was down and wrestling the albatross to the ground in mere seconds.

“Niiice.” Blue said, giving a thumbs-up at him, then jumped down and dashed over to pull the ropes apart and free the girls. Then he lifted them up gently. “Okay, I got ‘em! How’re you doin’ over there, Knux?”

“Not too shabby.” Knuckles said, throwing Storm at the wall and grinning at his howl of pain. “Only a bit more and we’re home free.”

“I’ll help!” Blue said, setting the girls down gently and then going into a spin-dash, which he rolled towards Storm and sent him flying. Then he landed and straightened up, posing a bit. “Yeah! I love that move!”

“So, why not make that your trademark move?” Knuckles asked, walking over to lift up the girls. “C’mon, He’s dazed, we can go.”

Blue nodded, and then took Amelia while Knuckles took Wave. “Let’s hurry back to the ship. To the vents!” He then jumped up and crawled back, Amelia slowly waking up so that she could walk on. Weave soon join them in the land of the awake and they headed back quickly.

By the time they’d returned, Metalla and Red had come with reinforcements. Metalla was waiting for them when they came out, and immediately threw questions out. “Where is Miles? Why did you come out alone? Did you leave those three alone in there?”

“Sam and Bean went to go save Bark. Miles was gone when I got to the room he was last in.” Blue replied, letting the girls out first as he spoke. Then he and Knuckles got down. “We just had to make sure the girls got out okay.”

“Well, as long as you plan to go in after them with our help, I’ll forgive your leaving them.” Metella said coldly. “Did you say that Miles wasn’t in the room he was last in? Explain.”

Blue winced; they were gonna be so pissed when they heard. “Sir…he gave himself up to his old owner to give Bean and Sam the chance to save Bark.”

“HE WHAT?!” Red said, and Shadow looked just as shocked. “Why would he—didn’t he---what an idiot!”

Blue nodded. “I know, it was stupid, but he had to get them out of there somehow.”

“We will now have to search all over for him, for his skills are a valuable asset to our goals.” Metalla said, crossing his arms. “For now, however, you will go with Shadow to rescue the bear.”

Shadow and Blue nodded, and then both ran off with Knuckles to find Sam and Bean.

It wasn’t that hard to find them. The two of them were battling Reginald outside the door. Shadow volunteered to join the battle while Knuckles and Blue knocked down the door and rescued Bark. Both agreed it was a good plan and set to work knocking down the door.

It took several tries, but the door finally gave way and Bark was found by the window. Joyfully, she rejoined Sam and Bean as they escaped, Shadow fighting Reginald back until they reached the window. “Let’s jump.” Blue suggested, and, though it sounded like a stupid plan, Shadow agreed to it and they smashed through the window.

Free at last, Bark led the group to freedom, where the ships waited. By now, Sally and Bunnie had recovered okay, but Blue knew that Bunnie would never recover fully from what they’d done. And they would pay for it…

To be continued…
End Notes:
Oh no! Poor Bunnie...will something come of it at all? O.o
I haven't decided yet. I'll flip a coin.
Bright side, they got Bark back. Yay, Bark!
Dark side, it'll be a while until they see Miles again. Poor Miles.

A Strange World: Chapter Twenty – And so the time flew. by Winky
Author's Notes:
Sonic/Blue (c) Sega SonicTeam
Miles/Tails (c) Sega SonicTeam
Knuckles (c) Sega SonicTeam
Amelia/Amy Rose (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Chaotix/Vector, Charmy, Espio (c) Sega SonicTeam
Metalla (c) Sega SonicTeam
Red (c) Sega SonicTeam
The Babylon Rogues/Jet, Wave, Storm (c) Sega SonicTeam
Reginald (c) Sega SonicTeam
Bean © Sega SonicTeam
Bark © Sega SonicTeam
The Knothole Crew/Sally, Antoine, Bunnie, Rotor
Mighty & Ray (c) Sega SonicTeam
Ki & Sam (c) My younger sister
Raix © Winky
Aya © Winky
Three months passed before they received a lead on Miles’s location. During those three months, they’d been fighting Eggman and tending to Bunnie who, while she’d recovered well enough physically, hated to have men touch her in any way besides Antoine.

She had just returned from a trip to the doctors that morning when Blue and Bean were sparring. When they saw her return with a faint expression, they quickly ran to Antoine.

“Ant’ what’s up? Is she okay?” Blue asked, looking at Knuckles frantically. Knuckles nodded and walked over to place a hand on her abdomen. His expression was neutral until he suddenly pulled his hand away and shook his head. “Blue…we better tell Metalla.” He turned and walked off.

“Tell M what?” Blue asked, puzzled now. “Bunnie?”

“Sugah-hog…Ah’m…” Tears welled up in her eyes and slipped down her face. “Ah’m three months pregnant…” She finished, his lips quivering.

“What…?” Blue said, clenching his fists. “Those…damn…birds!” He cried, slamming his fist into a nearby tree. “No offense to Wave; of course.” He looked at Wave, who’d walked over.

“It’s fine. I know who you’re talking about.” Wave said, and then she placed a hand on Bunnie’s abdomen. “If you abort, they’ll just do it all again when they catch you. I’ll bet it wasn’t me at all – you’re very pretty, and they saw that. They just made up some cruel reason, trying to make you hate me enough to not save me from them.”

“Ah don’t hate ye. Ah hate them fer trying to do that.” Bunnie said softly, her hand on her abdomen. “What do we do?”

“We fight. That’s all we can do. And as for the kid, we raise it. They won’t ever share its life.” Wave said firmly. “Don’t worry. They’ll pay for this.”

Blue nodded. He’d make sure of that by himself, if he had to. “Where was Tails last seen?”

“Somewhere called…Witchville.” Wave said, thinking a bit before she spoke. “It’s pretty far from here, but a ship should get us over there.” She nodded. “Think you can do the trip? Amelia said she’s ready whenever you are.”

“I’ve been ready, Wave. Let’s get Knuckles and go.” He walked off and Bean followed. “Are you coming with, Bean?” He asked, looking at him.

“Sure. Why wouldn’t I? Miles is my friend.” He said, nodding. “I have to save him; he did this to save me an’ Sam.”

Blue nodded. “Guess so. Alright, gear up and meet us at the ship.” Blue said, and then dashed off to tell Metalla and Knuckles that they were leaving.

As promised, Bean was there when he and Knuckles got there, as were Amelia and Wave. “Are you coming, Wave?” Blue asked, surprised to see her there.

“Sure. I think I could be some help. Besides, I hate hiding away from all the action.” Wave said, loading a gun. “I want to help.”

Blue shrugged. “Okay. It’s your choice.” He then led Knuckles in and they all buckled in as the ship lifted off the ground. Hopefully Miles was okay…

Elsewhere, Miles awoke to find himself in a strange outfit and his hands and feet were tied down to some sort of table. It wasn’t a lab table; there were no tools nearby for that.

“Are you awake?” A sultry voice said as a grown woman stepped out of the shadows. “That’s good. I missed you so much, Miles.” She smirked. “You were my best student, you know.”

“Ms. Sesume…” Miles said, trying to pull his hands away from the table. “Why am I strapped down like this?”

“Because if I hadn’t, you would’ve run away, or fought back!” The woman said cheerfully as she walked over to him, slowly taking her coat off to reveal a highly seductive, strapless, red mini-dress. She wore netted black stockings and red pin-heels that clicked with every step. God, how he despised this woman.

“Did you miss me, or did you miss the sex you got so easily from me as a young boy?” He spat, and she smirked and stepped closer until she was at the edge of the table.

“Oh, both, of course. You’re so charming, did you know?” She asked, stroking his shirt with sharp claws and cutting it open, just barely grazing his fur and missing skin. “And your body is so delicious.” She pushed his ripped shirt aside and sat down on the table, smiling down at him.

“You’re a sick bitch, did you know that?” Miles asked, narrowing his eyes. “Seriously.” He closed his eyes. “But, you know that I’ll never do this willingly, that’s why you tied me down. Isn’t it?”

She smiled. “You’re a smart boy, Miles. But, not smart enough to keep hiding, apparently. Silly boy.” She got up on the table and propped herself in top on him. “Yes…you’ve gotten so much more handsome while you were away.” She lay down and nuzzled his cheek, which he turned to her. “I’m going to enjoy this so much…”

Miles sighed and just closed his eyes as she begun to toy with his body; something he was used to getting from her. Not even a hello before the rape started.

As with all the others…

Blue and the others flew towards the town, Blue thinking about everyone they’d left behind. A soft hand on his made him look up and Amelia gave him a gentle smile.

“I’m sure they’re fine. Right now, Miles is our prime worry.” She said softly, and he nodded. She patted his hand and then looked back out the window.

Blue nodded. She was right; Miles had given up so much for them. Blue had wanted to escape the humans; he’s made a plan to get them all out and allowed himself to be known by the rest of the world again. And now, he’d given himself up so that they could save Bark. He had to be rescued!

And he didn’t care how many rapist birds he had to knock off to do it.

To be continued…
End Notes:
Yeah, I know it's been a while since I did this one. *grins* Still, it'll be worth the wait. I'll update as ideas come.

A Strange World: Chapter Twenty-One – Torment pt. 1 by Winky
Author's Notes:
Sonic/Blue © Sega SonicTeam
Miles/Tails © Sega SonicTeam
Knuckles © Sega SonicTeam
Amelia/Amy Rose © Sega SonicTeam
The Chaotix/Vector, Charmy, Espio © Sega SonicTeam
Metalla © Sega SonicTeam
Red © Sega SonicTeam
The Babylon Rogues/Jet, Wave, Storm © Sega SonicTeam
Reginald © Sega SonicTeam
Bean © Sega SonicTeam
Bark © Sega SonicTeam
The Knothole Crew/Sally, Antoine, Bunnie, Rotor
Mighty & Ray © Sega SonicTeam
Ki & Sam © My younger sister
Raix © Winky
Aya © Winky
Ms. Sesume © Winky
Sonic looked out the window, biting his lower lip thoughtfully and clenching his fists while he crossed his arms. For three days they’d been circling this same location, but all they’d found where ruins. Where was Witchville? Why wasn’t the town there? It HAD to be there!

Amelia placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled softly. “Sonic…are you alright?” She asked, looking at him worriedly. “You’ve been here for hours. Get some sleep.”

He shook his head. “No. I’m not getting any sleep until I know that Miles is safe!” He looked at her. “He gave himself up to give us the chance to save Bark. I’m NOT leaving him alone!” He looked back at the window, looking at the charred remains of the town that Tails was in. But…where was he? And it looked like it’d been charred for years!

Amelia sighed and walked away for a bit before coming back with a blanket. Then, draping it around herself, she draped it around his shoulder and leaned against him. “Then, I’m not going to sleep until he’s safe, either.”

He nodded and wrapped his arms around her. “Thanks.”

Meanwhile, underneath the charred remains of Witchville…

Miles woke up and sat up on his bed, hand on his bare chest. Aya was asleep next to him, and neither of them was dressed. He winced and held his head; last night had been pretty hectic, he had to admit; and not in a good way at all.

He slipped off the bed and walked past her quietly to get dressed, taking care not to wake her up; because, once she awake, he’d lose all chance of escaping.

For three days, he’d heard of a ship hovering outside the old town and sometimes people came out of it and then went back in after searching. It had the others on edge; it had him filled with joy. The other had come back to get him!

Carefully, without a sound, he slipped out of the room and snuck up the stairs, towards the fork; so far so good. He reached the fork and then looked around cautiously, in case he’d been followed. Then he nodded and started to go up to the surface, sure now that he was safe.

Until a hand grabbed him from behind and pulled him back down the stairs, slamming him to the fork floor. Letting out a cry of pain, he weakly pushed himself up and then into a sitting position as he looked at the one who’d caught him trying to run; Chang the Chameleon.

He was the only one who could dash his hopes after he saw no one behind him, having the ability to turn invisible. Why had he waited until that moment to stop him; to smash his hopes under his boot?

The reason he did it then didn’t really matter. What mattered was the fact that he’d been caught trying to run away, and Chang would no doubt call the others on his attempt. He winced at this thought and bowed his head in shame; he knew when he was beaten, he wasn’t stupid. These guys knew all of his tricks, and there was no escaping Witchville.

Chang walked over and roughly pulled him to his feet, making him wince in pain. “You idiot; you of all people know better than to try to escape Witchville, and yet you try to anyway.” He slapped him hard across the face. “You’re smarter than that, so why did you do it?!”

He bowed his head. “I don’t know. Maybe I just thought that I could do it. I wanted to see if old age had weakened you, I suppose.” He looked up at him, a hint of a smile on his lips.

“Bastard!” Chang slapped him hard again and then threw him to the ground. “Raix will deal with you.” He then walked off, back towards the tavern, where Raix was.

Miles winced and pushed himself to his feet, using the wall as support. “Not if I can get out.” He said softly, and then dashed back towards the stairs while Chang was away. He had reached the exit, but a tail wrapped around him and threw him back down the stairs, landing him at Raix’s feet with a painful blow to his shoulder and right arm.

Raix looked down at him coldly and then looked back up at the new assailant. “Good work, Mike. C’mon, Miles. Get up.” He smirked and then knelt down. “You can’t, can you? It hurts, doesn’t it?” He stroked his cheek roughly, his nails digging into his flesh and making him whimper in pain. “Teaches you not to try running, doesn’t it?”

He nodded and then let him pull him to his feet, his head bowed. “I’m sorry for trying to run…please, forgive me…”

He chuckled cruelly and gripped his neck tightly, making him let out a gasp and use his unwounded hand to grope at his wrist. “You know that I don’t forgive easily!” He said, laughing coldly as he threw him at the wall. Then he strode over before he could even sit up and pulled him to his feet, punching him in the gut brutally. “’Sorry’ doesn’t cut it, Miles! I thought you KNEW that! After you ran away a while ago, did you really expect me to forgive you so easily if you tried it again?!”

He shook his head weakly and coughed, slumping to the ground when Raix finally released his hold on him. “Forgive me…I won’t disobey you again…” He said softly, tears slipping down his cheeks. “So please…forgive me…”

Raix sighed heavily and knelt down. “Miles, Miles, Miles; don’t you understand? I’m doing this for your own good.” He pulled him into a gentle embrace. “You have to learn that disobedience only gets you hurt, even if you promise not to do it again.”

Miles nodded and then let him pull him back into the brothel, to his room. By this time, Aya had woken and noticed him gone, and as soon as she saw the bruises he had, she came over to talk to Raix. Raix set Miles down in a chair while he told her, and he watched them quietly while inwardly chastising himself for trying to run; again.

After they finished talking, Raix turned back to him. “Get up, Miles.” He ordered, and Miles weakly pushed himself up out of the chair with his unwounded hand. Then Raix grabbed it and dragged him towards his bedroom, while Miles closed his eyes and let the tears flow freely.

Back on the ship, Blue was pacing the floor when he noticed the rock below slightly move and a glimpse of yellow-orange was seen before it was pulled away and the rock moved back. “He’s underground!” He said, making the others look up from what they were doing and come out of their rooms. “There’s an entrance under that rock!” He pointed to it, and Shadow walked over to look over as well.

“It’s possible. Let’s go inspect it!” He said, nodding. The others nodded and then the ship was landed as they ran out to look around the town more.

Blue ran over with Shadow and then they both shoved the rock aside. “It’s a stairway. Good work, Sonic.” He said, smiling at him. “You’ve found the entrance to Witchville.”

Blue nodded and then turned to Knuckles and Amelia. “Ready to go?”

“Always!” Knuckles said, nodding firmly. “Let’s get in there!”

Blue nodded and then they ran inside, him first with Amelia in the middle and Knuckles in the back. After a bit, Shadow joined them as well.

They stopped at the fork, and blue tapped his foot as his looked around. “So…any idea what means what?”

“Uhm...that’s a tavern, that’s a casino and…I have no idea what that is. I’ve never seen that sign, but it looks like sex.” Knuckles said, shrugging. “Split up?”

Blue nodded. “We might have to. But, be careful. Shadow, can I trust you to take care of Amelia and go check out the casino? I’ll take the brothel. Knuckles; don’t get drunk on the job.”

“Aye aye, sir.” He said saluting and then running off to the tavern.

Blue nodded and then dashed into the brothel, waving to Amelia as she and Shadow entered the casino. They had to find Miles!

To be continued…
End Notes:
They found Witchville, but is their little friend safe?
What will they find here, apart from Miles?

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