Judgement Chronicles: Book 1: Landing by akiekochan94 (PG-13)
A alien has landed on earth, bringing with her strange powers. But she's lost and has no clue where she comes from or, what exactly she is there for. She is quickly befriended by Anox the bat and the two soon discover that the world is falling into dissarray and no one can seem to stop it.

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1. Prologue by akiekochan94

2. Chapter 1: Waking Up by akiekochan94

3. Chapter 2: Weird Happenings by akiekochan94

4. Chapter 4: Clans by akiekochan94

Prologue by akiekochan94
Author's Notes:
Woohoo! The prologue!
All she felt was the pull of gravity as she floated along. But this time it was different. She could feel something driftig away even though she wasn't quiet sure what it was. It was a scary feeling, a terrifying feeling actually.It was on the tip of her tongue but whatever she was losing it was making her inept. So their she floated among the stars and planets, the force of gravity continuously pulling on her.

Then as if the gravity wsn't enough she got a totally new sensation. Like gravity was still there but was pulling her down, istead of from every direction. She was falling and along with that she felt as if she were disappearing. And then nothing. An impact, a slight pain and then nothing. All that was left was a voice.

"Do not forget what you are here for...you are loyal only to me. Get close to know one...

The voice. That was something that she could never forget. The voice that guided her. The voice that took care of her. The voice that she trusted.

"Be brave. And I will call upon you when the time comes
End Notes:
Yes, it's a prologue and yes very descriptive. And yes you will find out who she is in the next the chapter.

Chapter 1: Waking Up by akiekochan94
Author's Notes:
Introducing Anox...yeah another one of my characters,
Anox opened his eyes that morning greeted by the noise of his alarm clock going off loudly. With each beep that came from the machine the more his sensitive ears rang, finally having enough of the ringing he slammed his fist into the clock, and listened as it made one final beep and then went quiet. Sitting up, Anox ran a few fingers through his wild black hair before getting to his feet and heading over to his mirror.

As usual, his hair was a mess, laying in spikes all over his face, with a few spiky bangs jutting out over his face. His gray fur looked a bit mis-happened but he set that aside as his bat ears twitched as his cell phone went off. Throwing on a black t-shirt he crossed the room and answered.

"This is Anox, who's calling?"

"Jeez, I've been trying to reach you all morning. The Commander needs you to come down to GUN ASAP. You got that?"

"Look Hyde, it's my day off and the Commander knows that. So tell Commander that I'm not coming in today,"

There was a sigh from Hyde on the other side of the phone before he spoke again. "Anox you don't have a choice in the matter my friend. It's very important that you come down here,"

"Why can't my sister take care of whatever is going on?" he asked, as he threw on his watch and transferred the call to it, so he could talk while getting dressed.

"Rouge is out on another mission with Shadow which is just as important as this. Now, if you don't mind, get down here! Hyde hollered.

Anox sighed as he slid on his gray slightly tight fitting pants. He threw on a black belt and then proceeded to throw on his white and light blue jacket. He then set off to fix his wild black hair. He pulled it back into a long flowing ponytail before finishing and talking back to Hyde.

"I'll be there in 10 minutes, and tell the commander that this better be pretty damn important,"

"It is Anox!" Hyde said before he hung up the phone. Anox frowned as he stepped ouy of his room and to his large den, before making his way into the hall way and towards the elevator. It was just like the commander to take advantage of his day off. Now he had to head in to work for some mission which probably could have waited for the next day.

But of course he kept leaving out that he was the best that they had at GUN, well that and he was the newest member, and considered the runt. But he was making up for it and surprising his fellow co-workers, with his computer skills and tactics. He was quick thinker on his feet and he knew the Commander was probably thinking of promoting him or something along those lines, he sure in heck needed it.

As the elevator arrived at the lobby he saw that the roads were filled to the brim with traffic for some reason and he couldn't understand why. Setting it aside he walked down the street and turned the corner. Anyone that lived in the city could see the GUN base. It was the largest structure in the city and all ways had things going on. At that very moment a large satelite erupted from the roof and began to spin around. That made three all together. Something big must have really happened if they had brought out all most all of the satelites that they had on the building.

Upon arriving Anox was quickly pulled aside and took the private elevator to the highest floor on the base tower, where he knew the Commander was waiting for him. As the elevtaor door opened he was greeted by a stern face, dressed in a blue uniform staring at the screen which showed smoke bellowing out of a large crater that had formed in the earth.

"Commander, I'm here," Anox said as he saluted him.

"I thought you weren't coming. Come here soldier, I have a mission for you and very little time to brief you," the Commander said turning around looking at Anox.

"At 10:00 o 'clock this morning a strange star was seen zooming across the skies. At 10:20 it was identified to be a meteor and it crashed landed a little distance away from the Mystic Ruins. We have just recieved word that Dr. Eggman is sending his robots to investigate. We need to recover what ever is there before Eggman gets to it. If it is powerful, keep it away from Eggman and bring it back to base,"

"Ok, and on the off chance, that I don'ty find anything sir?" Anox asked, stretching for a moment.

"Report back what you see and confirm if Eggman's robots really are heading there. We've stopped all traffic coming and going from the mystic ruins. Your best bet is to take the monorail if you want to get there,"

"Of course the wonderful monorail. Is there anything else I should know?"

"No, but keep your com-link on so we can stay in contact throughout the mission. And remember Soldier, you are apart of GUN,"

"Yeah, yeah. Be back in a few commander," Anox said as he turned around and left the room.

Well the Commander had been right about the monorail being the fastest way to get to Mystic ruins. While he sat on the empty train he brought out his Compad, a small computer that fit in the palm of someones hand,and clicking around as he began to recieve the signal of where the meteor had crash landed. It was right on the out skirts of Mystic ruins. He sighed as the monorail came to a stop and Anox rushed out before anyone could trample him. He took a look around, well most of the tourist had all ready gotten away from Mystic ruins.

Anox slid his palm Compad into his pocket as he saw the smoke in the distance. Immediately he raced towards the smoke without a second thought, his strong legs carrying him with ease and his wings opening as if he were gliding on air.

He arrived on the outskirts and looked down into the large crater and his mouth dropped open as he began to process what he was seeing. There in the large craetor was an echidna, a girl one to be exact. Scarlet red bangs covered her face, and even though dirt covered her, she was still a sight for sore eyes. Her hair was braided into a long ponytail, and long black cape covered her body as she laid there.

Anox blinked for a moment, before he leaped into the air and glided down into the crater,landing beside the girl. He watched her for several minutes before he heard something rustle in the forest that surrounded him. He sighed before picking up the girl, and carrying her in his arms, before he leaped out of the crater and ran face first into some of eggman's robots.

He ducked down before leaping into the air and sending a hard kick to the robots head, knocking it right off, even as he held the girl in his arms. She was out cold, so he had to be even more gentle as he carried her around. He landed on the ground when he was suddenly hit by a lazer which sent him toppling into back into the crater.

"Give us the girl..." they said in a deep monotone voice.

"Yeah right," Anox said as he pushed himself up the ground and heard another sound beside hime. The girl was beginning to move. He watched her along with the other robots.

"Ouch," was the first word that came out of her mouth.

"Are you all right?" Anox asked.

"No, I feel like a rock slammed right into me. Wait who are you?" she asked.

"No time. Can you walk? No, better question...can you fight?"

"Yes, why would you..." but she stopped as she took a look around, slowly getting to her feet, "I see why you would ask a question like that..." she said.

"Then fight," Anox said as he leaped into the air and went surging towards the nearest robot. He pumbled it to the ground with a few kicks and punches before he raced around, sliding under it and kicking it to the ground from behind. Suddenly the earth shook violently and vines sprouted all around, slamming into robots and sending several flying. Others were crushed in it's wake.

Anox's eyes drifted around trying to see who was controlling them, when he realized that it was the echidna and she was controlling them without any trouble. She was like Blaze, only with earth. He straightened up as she finished and then made her way over.

"How can you do that?"

"It's in my blood. So who are you?" she asked.

"The names Anox," he said.

"Well, Anox, my names Akieko,"

"Nice to meet you. Look you might be hurt, I think we need to get you checked out,"

"I feel better now. How did you find me?"

"GUN found you," he said, "Umm Akieko please tell me that you didn't fall through the sky..."

"It's all a blur I'm afraid I can't tell you right now. How about I travel with you?" she asked.

"Sorry to disappoint you but you didn't have a choice in the matter," Anox said as he lead her away from the crater. But something just wasn't right about this girl and that bothered him. But he couldn't put his finger on it.
End Notes:
Yeah, I know I haven't updated the story in quite a while, and now that I realize it, I have a lot of mistakes in here. So I'm going to fix them and then start with chapter 4. Sorry to keep you guys waiting.

Chapter 2: Weird Happenings by akiekochan94
Akieko walked with Anox, her eyes looking at every ruin that they walked by. Many were still in good condition, but it was ghost town, and she couldn't believe that Anox had actually said that this was a tourist attraction. And Anox himself was a strange character. He smiled at her as if they had been friends for a while, when they had just met, but that didn't matter.

As they made there way to the monorail a warm wind blew against Akieko and she stopped looking back at the Mystic Ruins. She felt somethng flowing into her, strong, as if she were meant to be here, or this was once her home. She smiled. "Hey, something wrong Akieko?" she asked.

"No, everything is all right. I just wanted to take one last look at this place. Hey Anox will your bring me back her later?"

"You want me to bring you back here? I mean why me?" Anox asked, as she stepped aside and let her enter the monorail. he followed in after her, before they took a seat. The cart was completely empty and made Akieko feel as if the whole world had died.

"Well, I guess...it's because I trust you. I mean your not a bad person I can tell,"

"Really, and how can you tell?" Anox asked, looking at her with a raised eyebrow.

"I can just feel it. Your different. I can feel it. Your strong, yet gentle and have a caring heart," she said.

"Really....Akieko no offense but your a bit strange,"

"I see," she said, hanging her head.

"I didn't mean it in a bad way. I just meant that your interesting is all. Look I'll bring you back here I promise,"

"Ok," Akieko said raising her head and then looking over at Anox, a smile on her face. He smiled back at her. His smile was contagious and with every second she looked at him, the more she just wanted to smile back, or laugh. It was a natural feeling.

"So, what were you doing out there? And are you from the Nocturnous Clan?" Anox asked.

"Huh?" Akieko asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Nocturnous...a clan of echidna's unless your from Knuckles clan,"

"Knuckles? No, I don't think I'm from any clan really. I mean I really don't remember. I just woke up and there I was," she said, looking out the window, "But now that I think about it, I do remember falling,"

"Then where did you come from?" he asked.

"Out there somewhere," Akieko said, looking back at Anox.

"I'm guessing you don't remember much huh?"

"No," Akieko said. That's when she heard Anox chuckle for a moment, she raised an eyebrow looking at him, "What's so funny?" she asked.

"You sound like someone I know, sorry. It's just I've kind of gone through this before. Maybe after I take you by GUN we'll pay a visit to Knuckles and Shade, they could proably clear somethings up,"

"OK,sounds like a plan," Akieko said as she removed her cloak, revealing a black vest that stopped before her stomach and orange shirt with a white star on it. Black slightly baggy pants hung off her waist and orange and white shoes decorated her feet. She then unbound apart of the clock and pulled out a orange headband, placing it on her head just behind her bangs.


"I guess a beautiful woman like myself is hard to come by right?" Akieko asked, looking at his face. Anox blushed before looking away, shaking his head. Suddenly there was a loud beep and a voice came from no where.

"Anox, come in this is Hyde,"

"I read you Hyde, what's up?" Anox asked.

"The Commander wants a report what did you find,"

"I think you mean who did I find?"

"Huh? Your confusing me Anox,"

"I went to sight Hyde, and when I got there I found Akieko, she's an echidna," Anox said.

"So, you found this Akieko person in the crater?" Hyde asked.

"Didn't he just say that?" Akieko said, talkng to Hyde as well.

"Oh, is that her?" Hyde asked.

"Yes, it is me," Akieko said a slight grin on her face. Akieko messed with her gloves, looking at Anox who was shaking his head as Hyde egan to talk and try to woo Akieko.

"Ok, Hyde that's enough. Tell the Commander that I am returning to base, and to have a room ready for Akieko. I want to make sure that everything is all right with her,"

"You got it boss. Over and out," he said.

Akieko watched as Anox hit a button on his watch and then looked at him. He was shaking his head yet again. "Forgive Hyde, whenever he hears about a girl he goes a little gaga over them. I'll make sure to avoid him when we get to Base,"

"I'd apperciate that," Akieko said with a chuckle, "So what does GUN do exactly?"

"It protects the world, basically. We're like the special ops for the milatry. We deal with alot of anomalies and that happens more than just on occasion,"


"Yeah, lately the whole planet seems to be shifting around. The tetonic plates and everything. The world is experincing earthqukes and volcanoes are exploding. We're trying to figure out why this is happening. Also a few months ago, a strange new moon appeared. We now have two..."

"Two moons?" Akieko asked.

"Yeah, odd right? But there doesn't seem to be any life on the second moon. Many have suggested that it may be a huge asteroid and were going to die. People are just eing pessimistic," Anox said with a shake of his head.

"You can't really blame them though. There afraid and they immediately choose to think that something horrble is going to happen. That's what fear does to you," Akieko began, "Will you show me the second moon?"

"I'll try my best. But the Commander keeps me pretty busy so it might take me a while. I know the perfect spot that we can see it from," he said.

Akieko nodded as the monorail came to a stop and Anox rose to his feet and escorted her out the train. They were now in the bustling streets of Town Square, and Anox was quickly leading her away from the crowd and traffic and down a side street. Akieko looked at the large buildings before her eyes landed on the largest building in the whole city.

"Anox, that's where you work isnt it?"

"Yep, that's the GUN base, pretty fancy right?"

"Very, but it also looks very...well destructive,"

"It has the power to do that, but I wouldn't worry about to much," Anox said as he radioed Hyde once again, "Is the room ready?" Anox asked.

"Yep, but before she goes off, the Commander wants to see her. By the way Rouge and Shadow came back,"

"Ok, why are you telling me this?" Anox asked, as he entered the building.

"She was looking for you," Hyde said.

"She's all ways looking for me. Tell her I'll talk to her later all right?"

"You got it," Hyde said.

"All right, just follow me," Anox said leading her over to an elevator. He hit the top most floor and together they rose ascending th floors at incredible speeds. The doors slid open and they entered a large room. A man dressed in a blue uniform, turned around and looked at Akieko, along white female bat and a black and red Hedgehog.

"Welcome back Anox. So is this the girl?"

"My names Akieko," she said, looking at the Commander.

"Well aren't you spunky. Anox all ways did like spunky girls," the white bat said.

"Shut it Rouge,"

"All right, start talking, do you know anything about that second moon?" he asked.

"No, I just heard bout it from Anox," she said.

"Where did you come from?" the Commander asked.

"Somewhere..." Akieko said looking away, "Look I just remember falling,"

"I see," the Commander said, before he looked over at Anox, "Were Eggman's robots there?"

"Yeah, but we took care of them,"

"We?" the black hedgehog asked.

"Akieko helped," Anox said, looking over at him.

"You seem to have a lot of trust in her. I mean you guys did just meet," the black hedgehog said once again.

"Shadow, she's not evil," Anox said.

"Shadow..." Akieko repeated looking him over, before she looked at the white bat, who was smiling as Shadow and Anox began to bicker.

"And it begins again. Those two are all ways bickering. By the wauy I'm Rouge," she said.

"Nice to meet you," Akieko said, with a nod of her head.

"Ok, listen up. Anox, I want you to protect and watch over this girl. That is your new mission. Whatever she wants you get it for her. Now take her to the infirmary," the Commander said. Anox nodded and told Akieko to follow him, leaving the room. The Commander then turned to Rouge and Shadow.

"Trail them. I want to know everything about that girl. Something's not right and I bet she has something to do about it,"

"Commander, she's just a girl..."

"When do Echidna's fall from the sky?" Shadow asked.

"Well...never...unless Angel Island is falling,"

"Wow, was that a joke Rouge?" Shadow asked witha slight grin.

"Look, shut it Shadow. We'll do it Commander, trust me, the dirt on that girl is as good as ours,"

"Good, your dismissed," the Commander said.

Chapter 4: Clans by akiekochan94
Author's Notes:
Knuckles and Shade are introduced in this chapter. YAY!
Akieko rose to her feet as the doctors finished checking her out and then told her that everything seemed fine and she was free to go. Entering the hall way she ound Anox leaning against the wall waiting for her. He was messing with his watch tapping several buttons on them before looking up and smiling at Akieko. "So, what did the Doc sau?"

"Everything seems normal, so I'm free to go. Now, you were going to introduce me to some one..."

"Oh, yeah Knuckles and Shade. Come on and follow me," Anox said leading her over to a window. He pointed towards a floating island that was hovering just over the sea. "That's Angel Island where they live,"

"Hmm...that's amazing," Akieko said with a grin, "How is the island floating like that?"

"The Master Emerald is doing that. Oh yeah just to forewarn you, Knuckles is very protective of that thing, considering that it's shattered a number of times and he's had to put it back together more than once,"

"What happens if the Master Emerald breaks?" Akieko asked.

"The islands goes crashing into the sea and we get hit by a way,"

"Oh," Akieko said, turning away.

"Don't worry, it hasn't happened in a while," ANox said turning on his heels and then making his way towards the elevator.

Akieko followed after him, casting one last look at Angel Island before she got onto the elevator as well.

They road it down back to main floor, where they were quickly stopped byban excited looking fox. His blonde hair covered one eye and as he got closer to Anox and Akieko, his grin only grew larger.

"So is this the miss Akieeko that I've heard so much about?" Hyde asked.

"Yes Hyde this is her. Akieko this is Hyde,"

"I can see why you would want to avoid him," Akieko said as she, moved closer to Anox.

"So, what are you doing today Akieko any way i can be of assisstance to you?" he asked with a slight bow.

"No, come on Anox we have places to go and people to see,"

With that Akieko dragged Anox out of the buildin
End Notes:
I will finish this later this week. Sorry to keep you guys waiting.

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