Story Notes:
Sonic bloopers mainly
Author's Chapter Notes:
Sonic and them acting like idiots to 50,000 people
Paruket (a OC character) runs on stage.

Paruket: Hi everybody!

Audience: *cheers*

Paruket: I have 5 clips today and here they are!


Sonic: *is drinking what he thought lemonade*

Dog: *starts to pee in the punch bowl*

Sonic: *see the dog peeing and spits out the punch on Shadow*

Shadow: *gets hit by punch* Why you....*starts to pummer Sonic*

Sonic: AHHHHHH!!


Paruket: Shadow is a hard fighter,he gave me a black eye at training.Next clip


Tails: *is fixing the tornado*

Cheese: CHAO!!! (translation: Get up you lazy idiot!)

Tails: *jumps and hits his head on the tornado*


Paruket: I can understand chao.Clip 3


Knuckles: *fell asleep,gaurding the master emrald*

Rouge: *stealed the master emrald and ran away with it.She stopped at the river and shouted* YES!!!I got the master emrald,hear me roar!!


Paruket: Knuckles got it back.Next clip 4


Cream: Hi mr.Sonic.

Sonic: *picks Cream up* Call me Sonic,not Mr.Sonic.

Cream: Please put me down.

Sonic: I remember when you where a baby...

Cream: *Kicks Sonic on the stomach and he drops her*

Sonic: OW!


Paruket: Ouch.Last clip because I know Shadow is going to kill me showing this one.


Shadow: *is riding a extream gear,he gets on a bar and he falls off the gear and lands on his bottom on the bar.He falls of in pain*


Shadow: *walks on stage and taps his foot*

Paruket: *disapears in the speed of light*

Shadow: *chases her*

Anouncer: Please send us ideas for our show.
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