Author's Chapter Notes:
I've decided to comtinue this...
Emma the cat(My OC):*Comes out on stage*
Emma:Hi everybody!
Emma:I'm taking over for Paruket who is still being chased by Shadow.
Paruket:*Runs past with Shadow behind*
Emma:...oookaaay...just role the clip.

Knuckles:*sleeping on couch*
Sonic:*putting whipped cream on Knuckles open hand and tickles his nose with a feather*
Knuckles:*Slaps hand on nose and wakes up*

Emma:I held the camera. XD Next clip!

Amy:Awww! Look at the Chao!*bends to pet a chao*
Sonic:*accidently sees Amy's uderwear*
Amy:*notices Sonic looking at her underwear and gets angry*PERVERT!*smacks him with hammer*

Emma:Hilarious!Next one!

Knuckles:*sleeping on Master Emerald and makes it fall over*
Master Emerald:*breaks*
Knuckles:*stares at remaining pieces with small eyes*

Emma:He put it back together again.


Emma:That one scared me. 0_o This is the last one.

Shadow:*drawing on her face*
Emma:*wakes up* Shadow what are you doing?
Shadow:...*zips off*
Emma:*looks in morror* AHHHHH!!!!1

Emma:All right who recorded that?!
Tails:*walks away whislting*
Tails:...*runs away*
Emma:Come back here!!!*runs after him*
Announcer:Please send ideas for our next show and we need another host.
Paruket:*running away*
Shadow:*chasing Paruket with medieval club*
Tails:*running away*
Emma:*chasing Tails with her claws*
Chapter End Notes:
Emma (c) Blizzzard the fox
Shadow Sonic Amy Knuckles Tails Tails Doll and Chao (c) Sega
Paruket (c) Redfox50
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