Story Notes:
This is my first official story, sorry the chapters are so short and sorry if it's bad.
Sonic, Tails, ect. belong to Sega.
Rosy, Star, Ali, Miles, and Heads belong to me.
Lunar the hedgehog belongs to himself.
Author's Chapter Notes:
All the characters are about 20.
Rosy and Tails were walking home from a party on a dark, drizzling night. They were innocently talking, unaware of the tragedy about to befall them. After turning a corner, they heard a voice. "Put yer hands in the air!" Rosy turned slowly,then whirled the rest of the way and delivered a painful roundhouse kick towards the direction of the voice... and saw 2 more thugs, one with a knife and one with a gun.

"Yer gonna regret that, Missie!" said the one with the gun, then he leveled it at her and fired. Tails yelled, "Rosy!" and flung himself in front of her. The bullet hit...
Rosy sat up in bed, gasping for breath. "Man, that dream again..." she said softly. Throwing a glance at the empty space becide her, she went to the kitchen, made herself a cup of coffee, and turned on the living room TV. Sitting down, she switched to the news and listened. "Police are still searching for the bandit responsible for the mugging of Mrs. Rosy Rascal Prower and Mr. Miles Tails Prower. He is also facing charges of murder in the 3rd degree for the murder of Mr. Miles Tails Prower..."
Chapter End Notes:
Oh no! So it wasn't just a dream, and Tails is really dead. The next chapter will be up soon, so don't go away!
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