Story Notes:
This story has quite a bit of suggestive content, but no real sexual scenes therein, so it is safe for children.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Okay, so in this, we meet the blue blur and see a bit of his tragic past. Enjoy.

Blue Blur (c) Sega SonicTeam
Everyone else (c) Me or my sister
The sun shone brightly on the field without hinderance, until a strange black cloud-like shape covered it. But it wasn't a cloud at all...

A large ship touched down on green grass, it's exhaust killing the plants beneath it. Then the large doors opened and a group of people in gas masks and strange armor walked out carrying ropes and strange barrels...

Elsewhere, at about the same time...

Sounds of rapid pounding feet as a blue figure ran over the hill and into a shack. Behind him, a group of teenage males of several different races came over the hill.

He looked out the window at him, his heart thumping in his chest as fast as he'd run, then let out a sigh of relief. It looked like they were leaving.

"Hey, Blue." A soft voice said, and the hedgehog stiffened up for a bit before he turned.

"Oh, hey Shtier!" He said cheerfully, then walked over to sit in the bed next to the young male Lop Rabbit. "Sorry about rushing in here so suddenly."

"It's alright, Blue." Shtier said softly. "I don't mind your visits, no matter how abrupt they happen."

"Oh, okay. Well, what's up?" Blue said cheerfully, kicking his legs as he lay back on the bed.

"Watch the spines, Blue. Not much." He looked out the window. "So, who'd you piss off this time?"

"Skillis. But, it was HER FAULT!" Sonic said, sitting up. "She was being mean to me, and tugging at my spines!"

"It's always her fault with you, isn't it, Blue?" Shtier said calmly, not looking his direction. "But, what have I said about being in fights?"

"To not-ta." Blue said, his cheerful attitude fading. "Are you disappointed, Shtier?"

"Not yet. But, if this happens again, I will be." Shtier said firmly. "Now, it's past time to go home, so you go back and be careful of Skillis and Ace, alright?"

"O~kay..." Blue dragged on, then jumped off the bed. "I'm going now!" He said, then dashed out the door.

Shtier sighed, then looked at him running. Blue stopped and looked back to wave, and he cheerfully returned it. Then the hedgehog started to dash away, but something stopped him...

Out on the hill, Blue had to skid to a stop to keep from hitting the guy in front of him. He was tall, taller then Maya even! And she was the tallest in their village! Looking up, he saw nothing but a strange bug's face on this tall-tall man.

The man looked down at him, and they stayed silent for a bit before he pulled out a small object and aimed it at him. It didn't look nice, so Blue stepped back and ran as fast as he could go!

The man said something strange, then strange vines were tied together and thrown at him. Foolish, he stopped to look closer and got one wrapped around him. Then the man ran over and tied one around his hands and removed the one around his waist.

Angered, Blue tried to dash away, but got tugged back by the man with the vine, knocking him to the ground on his back. Helpless, he cried out for help, but was dragged away by the men...

To be continued...
Chapter End Notes:
Oh boy, end notes!
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