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Red (c) Sega SonicTeam
Blade (c) Winky
The small group all left the rather large house and headed down the road to what looked like a shed. Vector looked grimly at Shadow, and offered a comforting hand, but Shadow sidestepped him and walked over to the door. "You better be prepared for what you will see." He said, turning to them. "It's...pretty shocking."

"Just show us already!" Blue said, tapping his foot impatiently. Then he dashed in as soon as the door was opened to come face to face with...another Knuckles!? "Whoa!" He stepped back and nearly bumped into Miles, who'd just come inside after him. "Uh...Knux? Do you have a Clone?" He asked over his shoulder.

Knuckles came in and looked over at the stranger, his jaw slowly dropping. How on earth could this person - whoever it was - look exactly like him? He then closed his mouth and looked closer. There was a slight difference.

The stranger had some strange round things around his mouth and eyes, and his expression was emotionless. During their brief moment of silence, he took the chance to offer a beckoning hand. Then he turned and walked down the corkscrew stairway.

Blue swallowed as he realized how many times he'd have to go in circles again and again, then stepped on the first step. Wincing, he closed his eyes and took the next step. Before long, he felt a hand on his back and looked over to see Amelia gently easing him down the scary stairs.

When he finally reached the bottom, he stood still and waited for the others to come down before he turned to see where their red stranger had gone. He had left the room, but he could hear a cold voice speaking to a softer-toned one in the other room. Then, a cold, merciless laugh rang through the air, sending shivers down his spine. Hesitantly, he eased closer and listened in.

"What's so funny, Blade?" The cold voice asked, and Blue had to catch his gasp before it was heard. The cold-voiced stranger looked just like him! But...his eyes were a cold, crimson color, and his features were...metallic?

"Oh, it's nothing." The new stranger, Blade, replied. "I just find it amusing that Shadow would let himself be bullied by a bunch of children!" He let out another laugh, and the Knuckles-look-a-like smiled slightly.

"These are not just children. From the looks of it, the Humans had them all in captivity. They must be more extraordinary then they appear to be." The red strange said, crossing his arms over his chest, which was also metallic, Blue noticed. "Surely it's nothing to sneeze at, Blade."

"Oh, I'm sure they're just more stains on my swords." Blade said, smirking. After all...they are mere children. Let me have them, and you won't have to deal with them any more!"

"Are you mad?!" The red stranger replied, stepping forward. "If we kill the slave, we'll lose all friendly relations with that group! We'll have to spare him, even if not the others!"

'The slave? Does he mean...Tails?' Blue thought, and then motioned for the others to come closer and listen. Shadow watched them go, but did not attempt to stop any of them. Had he already forfeit his life?

“This is no laughing matter, boys.” The cold-voiced blue hedgehog replied. “Nor is it anything to just let slip by. If we return him to them, then they will help us wipe out the old man for good. Kill him, and they will become our enemy. Do we want this? No. We must return him to them.”

“And the others?” Blade asked, his tongue grazing his lips. He looked mostly furry, but his arms were all blades, and he had extra swords tied to his side. If they WERE tied. It looked like a strange, mutated spider-mobian.

“Do with them as you desire.” The cold-voiced hedgehog replied, smirking. “I have no need for country simpletons. The boy has a power we can use. The only one I could possibly have a use for is the girl, and I can’t even use her. You may have her.” He gave a dismissing hand-motion, and the red echidna and Blade bowed before they headed for where the others were.

Blue ushered them all back, then took a defensive position in front of Miles and Amelia. Blade came around the corner, humming some strange, sick song that some sadist would sing, then stopped to face them. “Good morning, everyone.” He said cheerfully, his blades clacking against each other. “Since we’ve never met, I’ll be nice enough to tell you who I am.”

“Gee, thanks.” Blue spat, watching his every move.

“My name is Blade. I used to be someone else, but I was dying in a battlefield when M found me, and changed me into what I am now.” He showed off his bladed arms. “A monster. Which, by the way, I’m proud of.”

‘Oh, god. He’s monologing!’ Blue thought, cringing. He’d heard this SO many times! And if he tried to cut him off, he’d only get hurt. If he tried to run, that red echidna would get in the way.

“…Of course, you wouldn’t really understand, since I doubt you were ever normal. No, the old doctor wouldn’t copy the DNA of someone normal for M’s design.” Blade finished and looked at Blue. “Were you ever a lab-rat?”

“No.” Blue said, shaking his head. After all, as for as he knew, he was perfectly normal! Expect for his speed and appearance, that is.
Wait…did he say that M’s design was copied off of his DNA? Did he have a CLONE!?

“Hm. Well, if you insist.” Blade said, and then turned to Miles, who was hidden behind Knuckles. “If you don’t want your new friends dead, Slave, you’ll come out and go with M. Now.” He shifted his blades threateningly, taking a step toward Amelia. “I’ll bet she screams reeeaaaal gooood.” He licked his lips, already tasting her blood on his blades.

“Wait!” Miles pushed Knuckles aside, despite his protests. “Don’t hurt them. I’ll go, just spare them. Shadow, too. He didn’t mean to tell us about your leaders. I bullied him into telling us!”

“Tails, what’re you…” Blue started, stunned.

“Please, Blue. Let me do this.” Miles replied, hiding his face behind his long bangs. “It’s for the best.” He then walked forward, past Blade. “…Good-bye.”

“Wha—Tails!” Blue cried, and then ran after him, but Blade blocked his path. “Tails, you don’t have to do this! Whatever past you had, it’s hurt you! I don’t want you hurt!”

Miles looked over at him, over Blade’s shoulder. “Thank you, Blue. But…this is who I am.” He gave a little shrug, then hung his head sadly as he entered the other room.

Blue clenched his fists and let out a yell as he lunged at Blade. “It’s your fault!” He yelled, punching at his face again and again. “He was having nightmares about his past, and now you’ve gone and forced him to face it again! It’s all your fault!” He yelled into his face as he punched it.

“Sonic, stop it!” Knuckles yelled, catching Blue’s fist before it hit Blade’s face again. “What’s done is done! Miles went on his own, Blade didn’t force him!”

“Yes…he…DID!” Blue said, turning on Knuckles now. “He threatened Amy, and all of us! He FORCED him to go!”

“Sonic, calm down, please…you’re really, really starting to scare me now.” Knuckles said, stepping back. “Are you alright? You look…kinda’ sick.” He looked over his shoulder and cringed to find that he had nowhere else to step back to. Blue stepped closer and he backed up against the wall. “Sonic…?”

“We have to help him…and you’re going to help me!” He said, grabbing Knuckles by the scruff of his shirt. “RIGHT!?”

“Sonic, let’s think about this responsibly—ugh!” Knuckles said, and then winced, as he was slammed into the wall hard. “This…ungh…isn’t…gah…helping…ow…Tails!”

“So, will you HELP me, or NOT!?” Blue asked, his eyes shaking with fury. Only when Knuckle gave a very weak nod did he let him go, then stare at his hands. “I….what did I just…”

“I have no idea, Sonic. But, let’s go see if we can negotiate his release.” Knuckles said, and then stepped over the wounded Blade. “Wow. You really did a number on him, didn’t you?”

“I…I guess so.” He said, blinking. He didn’t even recall doing that! Had he hurt someone without knowing why AGAIN!? God, when would it stop!?

“M!” Knuckles said, slamming open the door. Inside, M was standing next to Miles, who was tied up in a chair and gagged. “We want to talk!”

“Hm. I thought that Blade would make mincemeat out of you.” M said calmly. “Who defeated him?”

“I did, I guess.” Blue said, shrugging. “We’ve come to negotiate Tails’ release.”

“Can’t be done.” M said sternly. “Not unless you have something better in return.”

“Something…better?” Blue said, blinking.

“How about if we work for you?” Knuckles asked, stepping forward. “We can go on missions…you’re fighting the old doctor, right?”

“How did you…of course. You listened in earlier, didn’t you?” M said, crossing his arms. “Yes, I am trying to defeat him.”

“Why?” Knuckles asked, crossing his arms as well.

“Why does it matter?” M asked, narrowing his eyes.

“Because, I’m after him, too. I thought we could work together, in exchange for your releasing him.” He uncrossed his arms and held out a hand. “So, deal?”

“…Alright. I’m willing to take my chances.” M replied, then took his hand and shook it. “Metalla. You?”

“Knuckles Von Echidna.” Knuckles said, nodding. “This guy’s name is Sonic.”

“Named by the Humans, I presume?” Metalla said, turning to Sonic for a handshake, which was briefly given. “It doesn’t matter. I will organize the missions you will go on. For now, feel free to stay anywhere vacant. You’ll need a place to stay, food, money and clothing. I will supply you with all of these.”

“Gee, thanks.” Blue said dryly, and then went over to untie Miles and remove the gag. “You okay, bud?”

“I’m fine.” Miles said, and then looked up at Knuckles and Metalla. “Am I now a prize to be traded around, instead of a Slave? Is that how you view me?” He got out of the chair and left the room, a choked sob escaped his lips.

Metalla winced and sighed, watching him dash away. “He’ll be fine after he’s had some rest. Report to me here in the morning. You’re dismissed.”

“Yes, sir!” Knuckles said, then followed after Miles with Blue.

To be continued…
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Awww, he cried! Poor Miles is so heart-broken and hurt. What happened in his past? Who are the people that Metalla and Red have now betrayed?
Do I enjoy hurting them?
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