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Blue dashed out and ran over to Miles, who was sitting on a large stone jutting out of the ground and staring into the forest nearby. "Hey, Tails! You feeling okay?" He asked, skidding to a stop next to him. "Look, I'm sorry if you felt like an item being auctioned off. I didn't mean for you to feel like that. I just--" He sighed, sitting down next to him, looking at his feet. “I just wanted to save you, no matter what it took.”

“Really?” Miles’ soft voice said, making Blue look up. “So, you didn’t just save me because I’d helped you?” He jumped down from the stone. “Then, why did you do it?”

Blue blinked, then let out a chuckle. “Oh, Tails! How can you ask that?” He jumped down as well. “It’s because I’m your friend, that’s why!” He said, giving a little wink. “And friends stick together, right?” He placed his hands on his hips. “So, cheer up! I hate seeing my friends hurt and upset!”

Miles blinked, then chuckled as well. “You’re so strange.” He said, grinning. “But, I’m willing to buy it. I’ll try to smile more often!” He held out his hand, “So, let’s stand by each other until we ever part!”

“Yeah!” Blue said, nodding and taking his hand. Then another hand, large and spiked, clasped over both of theirs, followed by a pink-furred hand with a golden bracelet. Amelia and Knuckles had joined them. “All of us!” He said, looking at them all.”

“Of course!” Amelia said, smiling happily.

“You bet’cha! I’ll work with you guys until the end of time!” Knuckles said, his hand still on theirs.

Then they all threw their hands up and embraced in a group-hug. Blue looked over at them all as they embraced. “We’ll always be close, right guys? Any bad dreams, we’ll chase them away together!”

“Any bad guys, we’ll fight them off together!” Amelia added to his proclamation.

“If we run, we run together!” Miles said, smiling happily, his eyes shining with tears of joy.

“And if one of us falls, we pick him up…” Knuckles started, then they all clasped hands.

“TOGETHER!” They all finished, throwing their hands up in the air again. Then they headed for the house that they’d been allowed to stay in.

Meanwhile, their little talk was being watched by glowing red eyes, and not from Metalla. A cold laugh sounded, and then a large figure turned to a young, adult male nearby, who was writing something and typing a few things on the monitor in front of him.

“Reginald, it appears that the insolent robot Metalla has recruited a pack of rats. Do you recognize them?” He asked, addressing the male.

“Yes, Uncle Julian.” The boy replied calmly. “They are all pretty famous in this area, and I actually have files on all of them.” He opened a drawer in the iron dresser next to him, then reached in and pulled out four folders. “Here they are, Uncle.” He said, handing them over to him.

“Excellent, Reginald.” Julian replied. “Let’s see here…well, this is interesting.” He remarked, looking up at him. “How long have you been researching them all?”

“Since you started studying the Hedgehog and Echidna for Red and Metalla. Who, by the way, betrayed you after you created them. Perhaps they were the wrong ones to study?” He smirked, and then went back to his typing.

In the light of the screen, Julian could see that he had a white muzzle and a black wolf’s features. “I see you’ve been playing around in your lab again, mutating yourself as usual.” Julian remarked, crossing his metallic arms.

“Well, at least I still have a beating heart.” Reginald replied. “And it’s not permanent, yet. I still need more specimens.” He saved what he was typing, then stood up. “Why is it always so dark in here, anyway?” He commented, walking over to the screen that Julian was looking at. “Honestly, Uncle. You have most of the world in your possession, must you obsess on punishing Metalla for his betrayal?”

“Yessss. NO ONE gets away with betraying that great Dr. Robo--”

“I know, I know.” Reginald interrupted him. “But, surely the Babylon Rogues are enough?”

“No. Even that retched boy named Shadow, who also betrayed me--”

“Under pain of death, Uncle. Is he not of more use to us alive then dead? This way, he can gather information for us, for when we regain him.” Reginald interrupted again, infuriating his uncle.

Honestly, if it weren’t for Reginald being his only family left, and just as smart as he, he would’ve killed him long ago! But, the great doctor had patience. He could calm down, and handle everything his insolent nephew threw at him.

“Oh look, Uncle. Jet’s returned.” Reginald remarked, cutting into his thoughts. “Most likely successful, seeing as he’s dragging along a few prizes. I wonder if they’re for you or me?”

“I have no pleasure in females. They are weak, and easy to break. You can have their for your ridiculous project.” He replied, giving a dismissing motion.

The large double doors at the other side of the room opened and sent blinding light into the room. Then a large hulking figure reached over and flicked on the light.

The room was flooded with a brilliant yellow-ish light, and several figures were illuminated. A large white bird – an albatross, dressed in black leather riding gear and funky sneakers that resembled golden sandals and white gloves – walked into the rest of the room, followed by a green hawk with similar clothing, only he had red boots with a downwards-pointing, black flame on it. Following behind him were several young females, all tied up and gagged. He released the rope they were tugging on and they fell to the ground, whimpering in pain.

“Julian!” The hawk said, grinning. “How’s life in the highest place of power?” He walked over and shook hands with the large man, who was dressed in red and black, with trimmings of white. “Still dealing with M?”

“Jet.” The doctor smiled slightly. “I take it things went well?”

“Very well, my liege. I have new freshly made robots soldiers for you, already with the army. And these…” He pulled the rope and tugged the girls forward, where they fell to the ground at Reginald’s feet. “Are a few gifts for the young Prince.”

“Excellent, Jet. You do know how to please me.” Reginald said, smiling as he stooped down. A handsome young man, he normally had peachy skin and brown hair. But, now he had black fur and a white muzzle on his face. His hair, still brown, reached his lower back and accented his features nicely. His clothing, a dark-green business suit with brown lace-up boots, matched nicely with his soft brown eyes.

He beckoned to the girl in front, and she weakly got to her feet. She was a young ram, and she was very shaky in front of him, but still full of strength. Her clothing, a white dress, was ripped in rather provocative areas, but she wasn’t covered in fingerprints, meaning that it happened while she was running.

“What is your name?” He asked, cupping her chin with his right hand while he gently caressed her horns with his left. “Are you scared?”

“N-no.” She said firmly. “Ailya.” She replied, her voice calming. Why did she feel so calm around him?

“He’s working his magic again.” Jet remarked, watching. “Well, I’ll leave the rest to him. Wave and I need to have a ‘chat.’ C’mon, Storm.” He turned to go and waved. “See ya later, Julian!”

Back with our heroes, the night is peaceful. But, for Metall,a who doesn’t sleep, it is stressful. He had just received an SOS from several slaves, one of which being Wave, former mechanic of the Babylon Rogues, now bed-slave of her leader, Jet the Hawk.

He had their first mission. Wave would be invaluable to their cause, and must be rescued, at all costs. He typed down the coordinates, then saved it, ready for the next morning.

To Be Continued…
Chapter End Notes:
Oh my gosh, poor Wave! Can they save her before the evil Jet molests her - or worse?
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