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...Is that all?
Soft music played from a stereo in a dark room as moonlight poured through the windows lining the outside walls. Slender hands came together in the air, then came apart, a slender body moving in a slow circle. Slender legs beneath a satin skirt kicked in the air, then came down to the ground, the hands following it down as the figure bent down in a resting position.

Outside this tranquil room, loud cries could be heard, but the music drowned it out as the figure rose off of the ground again, lifting its head to the ceiling. Slender fingers brushed against a soft bosom, then went to the air above again as the figure lowered to the ground on one knee. Then the hands came down on both sides, as if it was a flying bird flapping its wings. Then the figure rose again, lifting it’s head.

More cries, muffled, but still heard by the slender dancer. She stopped, twirled over to the stereo and paused her music, looking over at the door. The sudden stop made the noises in the other room falter, with only weak whimpering. Then heavy footsteps neared the door and a shadow cast over the bit of light coming from under it.

“Is something the matter, Bark? Why did you stop dancing?” A cold voice asked, unseen by the dancer. As if to answer him, she stepped over to the door and knocked on it gently. It was barely heard, but it was just loud enough to indicate that she was hearing what he was doing. He smirked, and then said, “Pay it no mind. Continue with your dancing, ballerina.” He said, and then stepped away, the shadow leaving the door.

‘But now, I do not want to.’ The dancer thought, looking over at the closed windows. ‘Not now that you want me to.’ She stepped away from the door and walked over to the windows, her soft features reflecting in the windowpane.

A young adult polar bear stared back at her, slender and beautiful. But, was it not these features that took her from the one she loved? She wanted to scratch at her face, but to do that would be painful. She wore a soft green leotard with a sheer white skirt over her body, with soft, green toe-shoes on her feet. On her wrists were green ribbons wrapped around and tied into a bow, with the ends trailing as she danced.
She was a Madonna, but what was she without her lover there to dance with her?

She sighed and looked over at the distant forest, where she knew that her loved ones dwelled. But, with Reginald enslaving her like this, she could never go see them. It pained her that she could never escape…

Elsewhere, a ship neared a town entirely different, far from the dancer’s location.

“Is that…Babylon?” Blue asked, looking out the window at the desert town. It looked…peaceful. How could this be the place they were going to? “It looks…quiet.”

“Of course. Did you expect to find robots all over the place?” Miles said, looking out as well. “Looks like we’re going to land outside the town then go in. Be sure to have your speed handy. You’ll find more robots from normal view then bird’s-eye.”

“Oh, okay!” Blue said, nodding. Then he looked outside the window. “The sand’s glowing, look!”

“Well, it is night. The moon is reflecting it’s light off of it.” Knuckles explained, then looked at Miles. “You still have the map?”

Miles nodded, then looked over at Amelia. “I still think we should’ve left her with Metalla and the others. It’s too dangerous here.”

“Where isn’t it dangerous?” Knuckles asked, and then looked out the window as they landed. “This entire world isn’t safe anymore.”

“It never has been.” Miles said, nodding. “Not to anyone.”

The rest of the ride was done in silence, until they all got out and Blue looked around.

“So, where do we start?” He asked, looking at them. “There’s so many!”

“Well, we’re going to save the women and children first. Then we can concentrate on Wave.” Red replied, pulling out a gun. “I hope you know how to use this?”

“Well…uh…no.” Blue admitted. “I only know how to punch and kick.”

“Fine. That’ll have to do. Move out!” Red said, and they all dashed out, ready to break into houses.

While that hubbub went on, Wave was laying in bed, Jet asleep next her, his arm draped over her exposed breasts. She brought her hand over her eyes, and then closed her fist. ‘I have to get out of here…’ She thought, and then gently lifted his arm off of her chest to slip out of bed. She got as far as the edge of the bed before he awoke and dragged her back over to him by her upper-arm.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Jet asked her, his eyes half-closed drowsily, but still aware. “You’re not thinking of running away again, are you?” His grip tightened on her arm, making her wince in pain. “Because we both know how well that worked out last time.”

“Let me go!” She said, trying to pull away. She shoved against him and his grip loosened, in which she took the chance to escape his grasp and fix up her nightgown.

He tossed off the covers and strode over to her, his hands reaching for hers. She tried to hide them, but he caught her wrists and pinned her against the window. “Stop this useless attempt, Wave! You know that it’ll never work!”

Down below, Miles was running through and breaking locks for the others to get in and save the girls when he ran smack-dab into—

“Bean!?” Miles said, stepping back holding his head.

“Miles! It’s been years!” The green duck in a red sweat suit said, a red bandanna tied around his head. “How’ve you been? I haven’t seen you since that one guy took you away!”

“A long story, Bean. But right now, I’m saving these slaves.” Miles said, then dashed off for the next house.

“Whadda ya know? We’re doing the same thing!” Bean said gleefully. “Did you make any new friends?”

“Yeah, actually.” Miles said, nodding.

“Tails!” Blue dashed over to them. “Who’s this?”

“Sonic, this is Bean. Bean, this is Sonic. My friend.” He smiled happily, and then looked over when he heard a clatter. “Hey, Antoine!”

“Zut alors! Eet ‘as been too long, mon ami!” Antoine said, pulling Miles into a hug.

“Whoa, who’s the yellow-belly?” Blue asked, blinking.

“Y-Yellow-belly?” Antoine said, puzzled.

“He ain’t no yellow-belly, mate!” A black and red armadillo said as he jumped down to them, followed by a red flying squirrel. Both were wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans.

“We located the last slave. She’s up there!” The flying squirrel said, pointing to the struggle at the window. “Any idea on what to do?”

Knuckles ran over as well, looking up.

“Forget the plan!” Knuckles said, and then turned to Miles. “I’ll need a boost up, then you all need to clear the way or be hit by flying glass!”

“Got it!” Miles said, then caught his hands and flew up to the windows. Knuckles swung a bit, then released Miles’ hands, flying into the room while the others scattered. Miles flew in after him, and Blue ran up the building.

“Who the hell’re you!?” Jet said, tossing Wave to the bed as he faced them all.

“Someone who’s going to kick your ass!” Knuckles said, readying to fight.

“Oh yeah? We’ll see about that! STORM!” Jet called, and a low rumble could be heard.

Blue blinked. “What, can he control the weather?”

The doors banged open and a white albatross stood in the middle. Then he punched his fists into his palms and walked over to face Knuckles.

“Riiight.” Knuckles said, giving a sweat-drop. “Can I take back my offer of fighting?”

“NO TAKE-BACKS!” Storm said, charging at the three of them.

Blue and Miles noticed Jet lifting the unconscious Wave into his arms and looked at Knuckles. “You take care of him!” They both said, and then ran after the escaping Jet.

Halfway down the hall, Jet ducked into a room and came out on a strange board. It didn’t matter; Blue could catch up to him easily. Getting Wave from him safely, however, was a whole different matter.

Miles flew after him, his hands outstretched to grab her hand as Jet swerved to avoid Blue. He caught her, and kicked the back of Jet’s head to make him let go so that he could carry her away, back outside. When he passed over Knuckles, Knuckles stopped fighting and jumped down to the ground. He knew when to leave.

“Mission accomplished!” Blue said cheerfully, then dashed away in a blue blur.

They all escaped into the ship, and then headed back to the HQ.
Red couldn’t help but notice that there were many more then there used to be, and that’s not just because of the slaves they rescued.

“…Who’s this?” Red asked, pointing to Bean and the others with him.

“Bean, Bunnie, Mighty, Ray, Sally, Antoine, Ki, Sam and Rotor.” Miles said, pointing to each one in turn casually. “Old friends of mine. They hate the old doctor, too.”

“For good reason!” Sam burst out, his fists clenched. “That back-stabbing bastard is going to PAY! Him and his DAMN nephew!”

“Okay, okay. Metalla will meet you all when we return, please remain seated until then.” Red said, then walked into the cockpit.

Miles looked at them. “…Where’s Bark?”

“Bark’s…” Sally looked at the others. “Miles…after you were taken away…”

“That bastard Reginald took her away, just as the old man took over! We were forced onto the streets!” Sam cried, and Bean held Ki close. “With Ki having a kid only nine months afterwards, we needed a place to stay! So, we went to a hideout that Sally’s dad had made! There’s a mouse named Rosie there too, caring for the kid.”

“I’m sorry…” Miles said softly, and then looked out the window.

“There’s nothing fer you te be sorreh about, Miles.” Bunnie said, smiling softly. “It’s no’ yer fault we were chased away.”

“I could’ve helped, though…” Miles replied, a small tear slipping down his cheek.

To be continued…
Chapter End Notes:
Okay, finally done with that section of plot! Onto the real business! Are all the players gathered?
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