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The ship soared over the rocky landscape below, leaving the desert behind as they neared a wild jungle, then passed over it.

“Wow, that’s awesome!” Bean said, looking down at it as they passed over. In the distance, a bright town shimmered in the early morning, just waking up.

They landed the ship nearby in the water and let out the boats. They all took them and went over, looking around as this strange town. It was filled, mostly, of Humans.

“It’s a wonder they aren’t panicking, or running to catch us.” Miles said darkly, watching them as they walked down the paved sidewalk. “I feel ready to attack them, just looking at them.”

“I think they’re hot.” Knuckles said, bending slightly to see under a woman’s mini-skirt. Amelia throwing her hammer onto his head as she passed rewarded him for this. “Owww! Geez, I’m sorry! I’ll look under yours next time!”

“You’d better not!” Amelia said, holding her skirt down protectively.

“Fine, fine.” Knuckles said, shrugging. “So, Blue? Where to?”

“I’m not Blue here, Knuckles. I’m Sonic!” He grinned, and then dashed over to a lamp-post.

‘Oh no. What’s he doing?’ Miles thought, watching him.

“Hey, everybody! I’m new in town, and I’m here to see the sights!” He grinned down at all the Humans.

“Who are you?” A little girl asked, blinking.

“Me? Well, I know a lot of people, and you know what they call me?” He bent down slightly.

‘Please, don’t do something stupid…’ Miles thought, shaking his head.

“They call me Sonic!” Blue finished, posing with a thumbs-up. “And I’m the fastest thing you’ll ever see on this whole wide world, guys!”

Miles face-palmed, and Knuckles just laughed and ran over to join him. “Alright! I’m doing it too!” He jumped onto the wall and climbed up until he reached a balcony. “I’m Knuckles the Echidna, and, I assure you, I’m the strongest guy you’ll ever run into!”

Mighty shook his head. “Yeah, right. We’ll see some enough, pretty boy.”

“Tails, you come up here, too!” Blue called, waving to Miles. Miles knelt down and wished very much he were somewhere else.

“C’mon, Tails! Join us!” Knuckles said, waving as well.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me…” Miles mumbled, then flew up to join them. “Do I really have to introduce myself?”

“Yep! Go on, give it a shot! And then Amy!” Blue said, grinning down at her.

Miles gave an exasperated sigh. “Hi, I’m Tails. And I’m really smart and good with machines.” He waved weakly, and then glared at Blue.

“Now pose!” Blue said, ushering him along.

“’Now pose’, THIS!” Miles said, kicking Blue to the ground below.

Blue’s eyes bulged out as he fell, but he flipped and caught himself. Everyone around cheered. He grinned, and then held out a hand. “Amy, come over here!”

“Okay!” Amelia ran over and caught his hand, then pulled out her hammer. “My name is Amy Rose, and I’m Sonic’s girlfriend, for those who are thinking of nabbing him!”

Blue blinked and looked at her. “Wow, really? My girlfriend? When did this happen?”

She smiled at him shyly. “Ever since you rescued me, Blue.” She said softly. “I’ve always loved you.”

“I…really?” Blue looked stunned, and a little happy. Wow, Maya had said that he’d never find a girlfriend! She was wrong!

“Hey, are you okay?” Miles asked from above, a tone of annoyance in his voice. “I didn’t kick you too hard, did I?”

“Nope! Just fine!” Blue said cheerfully. “Come on down here, guys! Don’t we have a rescue mission to do after this?”

Miles sighed and jumped down, hovering at the last bit. Then he watched as Knuckles jumped down as well.

“So, where to?” Sonic said cheerfully, looking at them all.

“The museum. Metalla sent a message there, saying that we were coming.” Wave said, rolling her eyes at the spectacle. “Come on, let’s go.” She beckoned for them to follow, and then the strange parade of Furries went off to their destination.
Chapter End Notes:
Oh boy! A Museum! And then Bark! Yaaaay!
...Sorry. Bean-moment, there.
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