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Miles had come up with a good idea. At least, that was Blue’s hope. What if it didn’t work though? But, Miles and Sam looked so confident that he didn’t speak up, only observed. Bean, however, seemed deep in thought about something, and whenever he found he was being watched instantly did something silly.

The ship lowered behind the building and then they all slipped out of it without a sound. By now, the sun had started to set, and the darkness was helping. Good. So far, so good. Now, hopefully the rest of the plan would be this smoothly done.

Inside the castle, Bark slept quietly beside Reginald, who watched her breathe in sleep. So beautiful, he’d had to take her from the battle. She should be grateful to him for rescuing her from the same fate as the others, but instead she despised him. He sighed and pulled her close. “Oh, Bark. My pretty, graceful ballerina. Why must you be so stubborn?” He whispered softly, his blue eyes shaking with emotion. How he loved her. But it seemed she would be forever bound to that damned porcupine.

His radio chirped and he sighed. “Sorry, Bark. But, I have to go work.” He said softly, then kissed her cheek gently before he reluctantly slipped his arms from around her body and walked over to don his boots and shirt. Then he quietly took his leave of her.

After he shut the door, Bark slowly opened her eyes and looked at the door. She knew it was locked from the outside, but if there was a chance that he’d forgotten—
No, there was the sound of the lock clicking. Either he was being extra careful, or he knew she was awake. Sighing, she slowly slipped from the bed and walked over to the windows.

She could only see the night sky, and even that was hard with the curtains. She sighed again and stepped away. ‘Oh, Sam…I miss you.’ She thought, her eyes shaking as her hands clutched at her silken nightgown. ‘Please, hurry and return me to you…’ She fell to her knees, tears slipping down her face. ‘Please, be alive…’

Back outside, Sam felt her soft cries and turned to the window that she was behind. “Screw the plan! I know where she is!” He burst out, and dashed for the wall, hoping to climb it.

“Sam, no! It’s wired with—“ Miles warned, but he was too late to stop his friend. Sam was electrocuted at contact and fell the ground with an earsplitting, heart-breaking scream of pain. Miles and Bean quickly dashed over and were met with robots surrounding them. Blue could only stand by and watch as the three of them were captured.

Later that night, Blue managed to slip into the vents and found he room they’d been taken to; and it wasn’t pretty. Bean and Sam were looking around fearfully, while Miles just looked at it all like it was his home he’d come back to after a long time. It was frightening, his calm nature in this room.

“What did you think you were doing?” A cold voice said as Reginald stepped towards them all. Blue winced as he saw the whip in his hands; it was lined with spikes.

“What do you think we were doing?” Miles replied calmly. His eyes didn’t waver as he looked at him, nor when he looked the weapon in his hands.

“You were intruding on private property. Don’t you have families to go back to?” He said spitefully, knowing full well that they all were without families, thanks to him and his uncle.

“We were attempting to rescue a friend.” Miles replied calmly. “Since when is that a crime?”

“Since you decide to invade people’s homes to do it!” Reginald replied, slapping Miles across the face with the handle of the whip. Miles was struck, but he quickly recovered, his face emotionless, as well as his tone.

“And who was it who took advantage of people, just to steal away one already betrothed?” Miles asked calmly. “Who is the real criminal here?”

“Silence!” Reginald said, slamming the whip into the boy’s chest. He winced and fell back against the guard behind him, but his expression remained neutral. “You will be the first to face my wrath, boy. Rip off his shirt!” He ordered the guard, and Miles was gripped tightly on the shoulder with one hand while the other ripped his shirt open, revealing the scars he’d hidden. Blue covered his mouth in shock, and had to keep from crying out when he saw Reginald slam the spiked whip into the boy’s tender flesh. And Miles didn’t cry out, not once…

When he thought the boy had learned, he ordered him tossed to the side and Sam brought to the front. Miles gave a little chuckle that induced fear in Blue’s heart. He clutched his chest, trying to calm his heart, and listened closely.

“You’re a fool, Reginald. Obviously, even though you have all those files, you forgot who I was.” Miles stood up and faced him, his body bleeding from shoulders to ankles. “I’m Miles Prower. The young slave boy who endured pain beyond reckoning, and then worse. A simple punishment like that won’t faze me. And you’ll have to beat me down before you can beat Sam or Bean.”

Reginald looked at him, and then laughed cruelly. “Of course. How could I forget? But, you seem to have forgotten who I am, and who I have as my allies.” He stepped back into the shadows. “I’ll leave my friends to deal with you three. I have other plans.”

Bean blinked, then ran over to Miles and Sam. “Miles, what did he mean? Who’s coming?”

“I acted up…” Miles dropped his eyelids. “Now we’re all gonna pay the price. I’m sorry…” He looked at him. “You can escape. Save Bark, and fight Dr. Robotnik and Reginald.” He gave a sad smile. “It seems…we have to give something up in order to regain something precious to us.”

“But…Miles, we can’t! Don’t sacrifice yourself!” Bean clutched his shoulders, making him wince a bit. “Uh, sorry.” He released his shoulders. “But, you can’t do this! I’ll never forgive myself for letting you!”

“Bean…it’s best…” Miles said softly, and then turned to the door. “That’s the way out. Here’s my hacker key,” He handed them a small card. “You can use it to get into anything computer-related. Go, and quickly.”

Bean’s eyes shook, and he nodded. “Alright. Don’t…don’t get yourself killed. Come back to us.”

“If I can, friend. And only if I can.” Miles said, and then turned away from them. “Go, quickly. They’ll be here soon.” He spoke firmly, calmly. As if he was used to giving up everything for his friends.
But, Blue could see from his vantage point that Miles was crying. He had been forced back into the life he didn’t want, just to save his friends.

‘A life for a life? What kind of bullshit is this!?’ Blue thought, clenching his fists. ‘Don’t worry, bud. I just need a few things, and then I’ll be back to save you. I promise.’ He dashed off without a sound; leaving the others unaware he was ever up there.

Miles watched as the two of them escaped, and then turned away to listen as the door closed. Then rough hands wrapped around his shoulders and he closed his eyes, knowing what fate he had set for himself…

To be continued…
Chapter End Notes:
How many of you saw that coming?
Will Blue mange to rescue Miles before something worse happens to his friend?
Will Bean and Sam, alone and powerless against the robots, be able to rescue Bark?
And is Wave safe out there, with Jet in the nearby vicinity?
Read the next chapter and find out!
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