Author's Chapter Notes:
Okay, so I'll just tack this in here:

Blue (c) Sega SonicTeam
Fox (c) Sega SonicTeam
Female Tabby (c) Me
Insert song: "You can't take me" - Bryan Adams
**You can't take me, yeah!**

The sun burned brightly in the sky, tackling the small group down below with it's heat. The strange creatures, with their strange armor, were unaffected, but Blue was so hot it was driving him crazy!

"Hey, let me go! What'd I ever do to you?!" He asked, trying to pull away again as he was dragged over hill after hill. Where were they going?

**Gotta fight another fight...
Gotta run another night...
Get it out, check it out...
I'm on my way and I don't feel right...**

The men were silent, but a few chuckled at his futile squeaks, which was all they heard since they couldn't understand his language. He stomped his foot in anger and then sat down on the ground in protest.

"Oh, brother." One of them remarked, although Blue only heard a strange growl. Then the creature tugged his vine again and Blue was pulled to his feet again abruptly. Then, once again, he was forced to walk.

**I gotta get me back...
I can't be beat, and that's a fact...
It's okay, I'll find my way...
Ain't gonna take me down, no way!**

Angered now, he pulled hard and the vine came loose from the creature's grasp. Then, free again, he ran up the hill to escape, but the creature caught up and grabbed the vine, then tugged it hard, pulling him back down the hill. More walking away from home...

**Don't judge a thing until you know what's inside it...
Don't push me, I'll fight it...
Never gonna give up, never gonna give it up, no...**

Blue growled, then decided to take another approach and kicked the nearest creature. The man howled in pain and fell on his knees, but Blue was rewarded for this bad behavior by a harsh tightening of the vine. Owww....

**If you can't catch a wave, then you're never gonna ride it...
Don't come uninvited...
Never gonna give up, never gonna give it up, no...**

A new idea coming to mind, he ran a bit forward, then turned and dashed at full speed for the hills behind them, snapping the vine! Yes!

**You can't take me...**

Blue dashed up the hill, unaware of the two vines following him up. Due to his ignorance, he was trapped around the arms and legs and knocked on his face. Then all he saw was black...

**I'm free!**

When he finally awoke, he found himself being carried by one of the creatures. Growling, he bit the hand of the one carrying him and bit into only leather. Yuck. He was then dropped and the vine was tied around his wrists again. Dang. No escape now.

He was then dragged on until they reached a large stoneless cavern. Staring up at it for a moment, he heard the sounds of something being pushed open and looked over to see two large stones being pushed aside so they could enter. Then he was dragged inside.

**Why did it all go wrong?
I wanna know what's going on...
What's this holding me?
I'm not where I'm supposed to be...**

Blue looked back at where they'd come from and saw the stone be pushed back into place. Then he felt himself be stopped and he looked forward to see they were going on some sort of moving stone. As soon as they all got on, it moved down, underground.

**I gotta fight another fight...
I gotta fight with all my might...
I'm getting out, so check it out...
Yeah, you're in my way, so you better watch out!**

The stone stopped and he was led to a strange room filled with many slotted doors that led to other rooms. One of these, he noticed, was open, and a female tabby was being dragged out by the hand, desperately begging to be let go.

'I gotta help her!' Blue thought, then got ready to dash at full speed, but he was grabbed and thrown into one of the slotted doors, into one of the rooms. Then the vine was cut and he heard a strange clanging sound, most likely the door being locked.

"Hey, let me go!" He yelled, shaking the bars of his door. "Is she gonna be okay?! HEY!"

"Don't bother. They can't understand you." A soft voice said, which to Blue's confused mind sounded like Shtier at first. However, when he looked over, he saw a yellow-orange Fox kitten sitting on a strangely soft rock.

"...I guess so. I can't understand them, either. Can you?" He said, turning to him hesitantly. He was always warned to be wary around Foxes.

"Sure. We Foxes are a learned race." The Fox replied, then got off of his rock. "I'm Miles, by the way. Miles Prower." He held out a strangely-shaped white paw. "Do you know your name?"

"Sure, it's Bl--" Blue started, but the Fox cut him off.

"I mean the name the Humans gave you." He said, then walked over and sat on his rock again. "I guess not. Since you can't understand them." He lay down and turned on his side to him. "Your name is Sonic. For your speed. That's the whole reason you're here, you know."

"My...speed?" Blue, now Sonic, asked, confused. "They took me away from my home for my SPEED?!" He stomped his foot. "Maybe I should cut off my feet! ...By the way, you have odd feet..."

Miles blinked, then looked at his feet. "Hm? Oh! No, no. It's not my feet. These are shoes. And these are gloves." He showed him the band keeping the strange white stuff on his paws. "You've got some yourself, but they're still working on your stuff, so you don't have them yet."

"Huh..." Blue blinked, still confused. "...So, is that girl gonna be alright?"

"...I don't know. I'll have to ask her what happened, or them. For some reason, they don't seem to mind my being able to understand them." Miles said, then rolled on his back. "Get some sleep, Sonic. You'll need it in the morning."

"...Right. Where?" Blue asked, looking around. There were two other rocks set up.

"Your bed. It's the only one besides mine that has a white thing on it." He said, his eyes closed.

"Oh, okay." He said, then walked over and sat on the other rock with the white thing on it. "It's soft...cushy...BOUNCY!" He hopped up and down, and Miles quickly got up and stopped him. "Whaaaat?"

"If you do that, I'll get in trouble, too!" Miles scolded, then walked back to his bed. "Just lie down and go to sleep on it."

"But, I'm not sleepy. I'm wide awake!" blue said cheerfully, bouncing the bed a bit.

"Try..." Miles said, his tone irritated now.

"...Okay, I'll try." He then lay down, but in a few minutes he was standing next to Miles' bed. "I can't sleep. Tell me a story!"

"Not now. Sleep." Miles said, sighing.

"Why're you here?"

"..." Miles sighed, then sat up. "Because of these." He said, his hands brushing his tail...wait, tails? Two of them? "They think it's either a miracle or freaky and worthy to be checked out. Same as everyone else I've met." He scoffed, then lay down again. "Go. To. Bed."

"...Well, I think it's pretty cool." Blue said striking conversaton again.

"BED!" Miles barked, sitting up. Blue quickly went to bed without a word and was soon asleep. After a bit, he sighed. "Finally. I hope my other roommate won't be so...excitable."

To be continued...
Chapter End Notes:
Yay! This was fun to write. Though the insert song made it kinda' hard.

Also, how do you make it a specific point with the italics?
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