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Three months passed before they received a lead on Miles’s location. During those three months, they’d been fighting Eggman and tending to Bunnie who, while she’d recovered well enough physically, hated to have men touch her in any way besides Antoine.

She had just returned from a trip to the doctors that morning when Blue and Bean were sparring. When they saw her return with a faint expression, they quickly ran to Antoine.

“Ant’ what’s up? Is she okay?” Blue asked, looking at Knuckles frantically. Knuckles nodded and walked over to place a hand on her abdomen. His expression was neutral until he suddenly pulled his hand away and shook his head. “Blue…we better tell Metalla.” He turned and walked off.

“Tell M what?” Blue asked, puzzled now. “Bunnie?”

“Sugah-hog…Ah’m…” Tears welled up in her eyes and slipped down her face. “Ah’m three months pregnant…” She finished, his lips quivering.

“What…?” Blue said, clenching his fists. “Those…damn…birds!” He cried, slamming his fist into a nearby tree. “No offense to Wave; of course.” He looked at Wave, who’d walked over.

“It’s fine. I know who you’re talking about.” Wave said, and then she placed a hand on Bunnie’s abdomen. “If you abort, they’ll just do it all again when they catch you. I’ll bet it wasn’t me at all – you’re very pretty, and they saw that. They just made up some cruel reason, trying to make you hate me enough to not save me from them.”

“Ah don’t hate ye. Ah hate them fer trying to do that.” Bunnie said softly, her hand on her abdomen. “What do we do?”

“We fight. That’s all we can do. And as for the kid, we raise it. They won’t ever share its life.” Wave said firmly. “Don’t worry. They’ll pay for this.”

Blue nodded. He’d make sure of that by himself, if he had to. “Where was Tails last seen?”

“Somewhere called…Witchville.” Wave said, thinking a bit before she spoke. “It’s pretty far from here, but a ship should get us over there.” She nodded. “Think you can do the trip? Amelia said she’s ready whenever you are.”

“I’ve been ready, Wave. Let’s get Knuckles and go.” He walked off and Bean followed. “Are you coming with, Bean?” He asked, looking at him.

“Sure. Why wouldn’t I? Miles is my friend.” He said, nodding. “I have to save him; he did this to save me an’ Sam.”

Blue nodded. “Guess so. Alright, gear up and meet us at the ship.” Blue said, and then dashed off to tell Metalla and Knuckles that they were leaving.

As promised, Bean was there when he and Knuckles got there, as were Amelia and Wave. “Are you coming, Wave?” Blue asked, surprised to see her there.

“Sure. I think I could be some help. Besides, I hate hiding away from all the action.” Wave said, loading a gun. “I want to help.”

Blue shrugged. “Okay. It’s your choice.” He then led Knuckles in and they all buckled in as the ship lifted off the ground. Hopefully Miles was okay…

Elsewhere, Miles awoke to find himself in a strange outfit and his hands and feet were tied down to some sort of table. It wasn’t a lab table; there were no tools nearby for that.

“Are you awake?” A sultry voice said as a grown woman stepped out of the shadows. “That’s good. I missed you so much, Miles.” She smirked. “You were my best student, you know.”

“Ms. Sesume…” Miles said, trying to pull his hands away from the table. “Why am I strapped down like this?”

“Because if I hadn’t, you would’ve run away, or fought back!” The woman said cheerfully as she walked over to him, slowly taking her coat off to reveal a highly seductive, strapless, red mini-dress. She wore netted black stockings and red pin-heels that clicked with every step. God, how he despised this woman.

“Did you miss me, or did you miss the sex you got so easily from me as a young boy?” He spat, and she smirked and stepped closer until she was at the edge of the table.

“Oh, both, of course. You’re so charming, did you know?” She asked, stroking his shirt with sharp claws and cutting it open, just barely grazing his fur and missing skin. “And your body is so delicious.” She pushed his ripped shirt aside and sat down on the table, smiling down at him.

“You’re a sick bitch, did you know that?” Miles asked, narrowing his eyes. “Seriously.” He closed his eyes. “But, you know that I’ll never do this willingly, that’s why you tied me down. Isn’t it?”

She smiled. “You’re a smart boy, Miles. But, not smart enough to keep hiding, apparently. Silly boy.” She got up on the table and propped herself in top on him. “Yes…you’ve gotten so much more handsome while you were away.” She lay down and nuzzled his cheek, which he turned to her. “I’m going to enjoy this so much…”

Miles sighed and just closed his eyes as she begun to toy with his body; something he was used to getting from her. Not even a hello before the rape started.

As with all the others…

Blue and the others flew towards the town, Blue thinking about everyone they’d left behind. A soft hand on his made him look up and Amelia gave him a gentle smile.

“I’m sure they’re fine. Right now, Miles is our prime worry.” She said softly, and he nodded. She patted his hand and then looked back out the window.

Blue nodded. She was right; Miles had given up so much for them. Blue had wanted to escape the humans; he’s made a plan to get them all out and allowed himself to be known by the rest of the world again. And now, he’d given himself up so that they could save Bark. He had to be rescued!

And he didn’t care how many rapist birds he had to knock off to do it.

To be continued…
Chapter End Notes:
Yeah, I know it's been a while since I did this one. *grins* Still, it'll be worth the wait. I'll update as ideas come.
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