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Sonic looked out the window, biting his lower lip thoughtfully and clenching his fists while he crossed his arms. For three days they’d been circling this same location, but all they’d found where ruins. Where was Witchville? Why wasn’t the town there? It HAD to be there!

Amelia placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled softly. “Sonic…are you alright?” She asked, looking at him worriedly. “You’ve been here for hours. Get some sleep.”

He shook his head. “No. I’m not getting any sleep until I know that Miles is safe!” He looked at her. “He gave himself up to give us the chance to save Bark. I’m NOT leaving him alone!” He looked back at the window, looking at the charred remains of the town that Tails was in. But…where was he? And it looked like it’d been charred for years!

Amelia sighed and walked away for a bit before coming back with a blanket. Then, draping it around herself, she draped it around his shoulder and leaned against him. “Then, I’m not going to sleep until he’s safe, either.”

He nodded and wrapped his arms around her. “Thanks.”

Meanwhile, underneath the charred remains of Witchville…

Miles woke up and sat up on his bed, hand on his bare chest. Aya was asleep next to him, and neither of them was dressed. He winced and held his head; last night had been pretty hectic, he had to admit; and not in a good way at all.

He slipped off the bed and walked past her quietly to get dressed, taking care not to wake her up; because, once she awake, he’d lose all chance of escaping.

For three days, he’d heard of a ship hovering outside the old town and sometimes people came out of it and then went back in after searching. It had the others on edge; it had him filled with joy. The other had come back to get him!

Carefully, without a sound, he slipped out of the room and snuck up the stairs, towards the fork; so far so good. He reached the fork and then looked around cautiously, in case he’d been followed. Then he nodded and started to go up to the surface, sure now that he was safe.

Until a hand grabbed him from behind and pulled him back down the stairs, slamming him to the fork floor. Letting out a cry of pain, he weakly pushed himself up and then into a sitting position as he looked at the one who’d caught him trying to run; Chang the Chameleon.

He was the only one who could dash his hopes after he saw no one behind him, having the ability to turn invisible. Why had he waited until that moment to stop him; to smash his hopes under his boot?

The reason he did it then didn’t really matter. What mattered was the fact that he’d been caught trying to run away, and Chang would no doubt call the others on his attempt. He winced at this thought and bowed his head in shame; he knew when he was beaten, he wasn’t stupid. These guys knew all of his tricks, and there was no escaping Witchville.

Chang walked over and roughly pulled him to his feet, making him wince in pain. “You idiot; you of all people know better than to try to escape Witchville, and yet you try to anyway.” He slapped him hard across the face. “You’re smarter than that, so why did you do it?!”

He bowed his head. “I don’t know. Maybe I just thought that I could do it. I wanted to see if old age had weakened you, I suppose.” He looked up at him, a hint of a smile on his lips.

“Bastard!” Chang slapped him hard again and then threw him to the ground. “Raix will deal with you.” He then walked off, back towards the tavern, where Raix was.

Miles winced and pushed himself to his feet, using the wall as support. “Not if I can get out.” He said softly, and then dashed back towards the stairs while Chang was away. He had reached the exit, but a tail wrapped around him and threw him back down the stairs, landing him at Raix’s feet with a painful blow to his shoulder and right arm.

Raix looked down at him coldly and then looked back up at the new assailant. “Good work, Mike. C’mon, Miles. Get up.” He smirked and then knelt down. “You can’t, can you? It hurts, doesn’t it?” He stroked his cheek roughly, his nails digging into his flesh and making him whimper in pain. “Teaches you not to try running, doesn’t it?”

He nodded and then let him pull him to his feet, his head bowed. “I’m sorry for trying to run…please, forgive me…”

He chuckled cruelly and gripped his neck tightly, making him let out a gasp and use his unwounded hand to grope at his wrist. “You know that I don’t forgive easily!” He said, laughing coldly as he threw him at the wall. Then he strode over before he could even sit up and pulled him to his feet, punching him in the gut brutally. “’Sorry’ doesn’t cut it, Miles! I thought you KNEW that! After you ran away a while ago, did you really expect me to forgive you so easily if you tried it again?!”

He shook his head weakly and coughed, slumping to the ground when Raix finally released his hold on him. “Forgive me…I won’t disobey you again…” He said softly, tears slipping down his cheeks. “So please…forgive me…”

Raix sighed heavily and knelt down. “Miles, Miles, Miles; don’t you understand? I’m doing this for your own good.” He pulled him into a gentle embrace. “You have to learn that disobedience only gets you hurt, even if you promise not to do it again.”

Miles nodded and then let him pull him back into the brothel, to his room. By this time, Aya had woken and noticed him gone, and as soon as she saw the bruises he had, she came over to talk to Raix. Raix set Miles down in a chair while he told her, and he watched them quietly while inwardly chastising himself for trying to run; again.

After they finished talking, Raix turned back to him. “Get up, Miles.” He ordered, and Miles weakly pushed himself up out of the chair with his unwounded hand. Then Raix grabbed it and dragged him towards his bedroom, while Miles closed his eyes and let the tears flow freely.

Back on the ship, Blue was pacing the floor when he noticed the rock below slightly move and a glimpse of yellow-orange was seen before it was pulled away and the rock moved back. “He’s underground!” He said, making the others look up from what they were doing and come out of their rooms. “There’s an entrance under that rock!” He pointed to it, and Shadow walked over to look over as well.

“It’s possible. Let’s go inspect it!” He said, nodding. The others nodded and then the ship was landed as they ran out to look around the town more.

Blue ran over with Shadow and then they both shoved the rock aside. “It’s a stairway. Good work, Sonic.” He said, smiling at him. “You’ve found the entrance to Witchville.”

Blue nodded and then turned to Knuckles and Amelia. “Ready to go?”

“Always!” Knuckles said, nodding firmly. “Let’s get in there!”

Blue nodded and then they ran inside, him first with Amelia in the middle and Knuckles in the back. After a bit, Shadow joined them as well.

They stopped at the fork, and blue tapped his foot as his looked around. “So…any idea what means what?”

“Uhm...that’s a tavern, that’s a casino and…I have no idea what that is. I’ve never seen that sign, but it looks like sex.” Knuckles said, shrugging. “Split up?”

Blue nodded. “We might have to. But, be careful. Shadow, can I trust you to take care of Amelia and go check out the casino? I’ll take the brothel. Knuckles; don’t get drunk on the job.”

“Aye aye, sir.” He said saluting and then running off to the tavern.

Blue nodded and then dashed into the brothel, waving to Amelia as she and Shadow entered the casino. They had to find Miles!

To be continued…
Chapter End Notes:
They found Witchville, but is their little friend safe?
What will they find here, apart from Miles?
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