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The sun rose high in the sky, but the people underground weren't aware of this until...

"Wake up, you little imps! It's time for breakfast, and then Training!"

Whines, whimpers, growls and hisses met these news, as only a few people understood the creatures that Miles called Humans.

Groggily, Blue sat up and looked over to see Miles slipping on his shoes and socks. Then he picked up his gloves and slipped them on over his yellow-orange paws, wrapping a light-blue band that matched his eyes around the gloves and rolling the gloves down to cover it. Yawning, Blue got off his bed and looked over to see some shoes and gloves made for him. Great.

"Good morning, Sonic. Training today." Miles greeted, then got off his bed. Blue nodded sleepily, then walked over to put his shoes on his head. This sent Miles into a fit of giggles.

"Th-They don't don't go on your head, Sonic!" Miles said, tears of laughter slipping from his eyes. "You put them on your feet!"

"My feet?" Blue said, then sat down and put them on his feet, squishing his paws. "But, this hurts more!"

Miles snerked again, then walked over. "Sit on your bed, I'll help you out here. Go on, sit."

"Okay..." Blue said, then sat down so that Miles could slip the socks over his blue paws, covering it with whiteness, then the red sneakers with a white buckle over it to keep it on. He pulled it tghtly over his foot, then slipped it through the buckle. "C'mon. Next foot." He said, and Blue dropped the other foot so he could repeat the process.

"How do you put the other things on?" Blue asked, and Miles gave a sigh before he helped him put the gloves on as well. Finally, they were done, and two men came over to escort them to the dining hall.

"They said, 'Training', right? What kind? And what'd they mean?" Blue asked, walking alongside Miles. Miles was silent, so he stomped his foot slightly. "Miles?"

"Most warriors. They know we have powers, they know we're different--" Miles said, but Blue cut him off.

"What powers? And why's it only guys being trained here?"

Miles sighed. "I don't know all the answers, Sonic. All I can do is speculate. Just because I know their language doesn't make me all-knowing." He then looked at a double-doored hallway as they passed it. "I think all of the girls are being placed there."

"How come?" Blue asked, skipping now for fun. A swift swat to the head made him stop though and just walk. Walking was BORING!

"I. Don't. Know." Miles said, trying to keep his patience. This guy was a little more then annoying now. GOD, he hoped his other roommate wouldn't be this bad.

"Oh, okay!" Blue said, then looked around as they were led into a large room with lots of tables. All the chairs were labeled with names, and Miles and he both took their places. Then food was brought over, grace was said, and they ate. But GOSH, this stuff was nasty! Give Blue nuts or fruit ANYDAY over THIS stuff!

Breakfast finished without much conversation, and soon they were escorted to a large stone that went UP this time. The sunlight glared into their eyes, so that many blocked their sight for a moment before they were shoved out. Then they were led to poles and told to attack them. Honestly, what's the point?!

That was very monotonous, but at least he could see the sun. And he was attacking that pole until night-time, when the cold wind bit at his fur and his eyes were stinging from being kept open. Finally, he was told to stop, and he looked up to see the full moon shining down on them all.

"Alright! Dinner, then bed! Let's go!" The man yelled, and Miles translated to them all what was said and a few cheers were given out. Then they all marched back underground. Gosh, it was so boring down there, though!

Dinner was as bad as Breakfast, but he was so tired and hungry from hitting the pole over and over that he ate without complaint. Then he was led to bed. Sleep, blissful sleep, and all he could think of was Shtier's face when he was taken away. Shock and disbelief. It sent any friendly thoughts for these creatures, these "Humans", away.

To be continued...
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