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Night. It always seemed to be the most peaceful time, but for a Guardian, you have to always be alert, especially at night. However, it's a little hard for some of them to understand.


"Knuckles, get up!"


"If you don't get up, I'll drag you awake!"

"Zzzzz..." Beautiful, clear skies with only a few clouds here and there, and a lovely island where a teenager could just lie back and enjoy a cold punch drink while girls flocked around him, catering to his every---


"Whoa!" The teenage Echinda sat up quickly, then looked around. "Oh, it's just you, Dad." He said, then stood up, brushing grass off of his fur. "What's up?" He asked, not even looking at the older Echidna near him.

"What have I told you about the night?! ANYTHING could happen to the Master Emerald while you're snoozing away here!" The Echidna said, his eyes narrowed in anger.

"Chill, dad. I had it handled. After all, the night-time's YOUR shift, remember?" Knuckles said, grinning as he crossed his overly-large hands over his arms.

"One day, I won't be here to take the 'night-shift,' Knuckles. And that will be the day you will realize you should've listened to my lectures!" The Echidna said, his hands on Knuckles' shoulders. "My son, as the last Guardian, you will have to carry on the--"

"Carry on the line of Guardians. I know, Dad. We've said it many times before. But, how can I carry on the line if we don't have any girls on this dumb island!?" Knuckles slipped out of his grasp and walked up the stone steps leading to the treasure he and his father guarded so closely. The Master Emerald.

"Knuckles," His father said, walking up after him. "Somehow, I don't think you're taking this so seriously as you should." He stopped next to the large Emerald. "When the time comes, you will find your mate. But, until then, you must continue to guard the Master Emerald as if it was your life."

"Yeah, sure. As if I'll ever find any girls on this heap." Knuckles said, then walked down the stairs again. "See you later, Dad. I'll be back when it's my shift."

"You'd better be." His father growled, and Knuckles smirked. 'Sure. But, as soon as I can, I am getting o-u-t.' He thought, then walked deeper into the woods, unaware of the helicopter following him closely...


"Please, let me out of here. I don't want to face that again..."

"Too bad, little girl. You're not getting out."

A soft voice spoke in the night, arousing Miles from his sleep. He quickly looked over to see if Sonic was sleeping and sighed. The blue blur was snoring soundly.

...Maybe TOO soundly. Oh, his ears.

He got off his bed and walked over to the bars, then looked over. The young tabby was finally being put back in her cage, after a day of torture. He sighed and waited for the man to leave before he looked over at her. "Hey. Had a bad day?"

"That doesn't even start to describe my day, Miles." The girl said softly. "Why don't they leave us alone? Just because they think it's 'kinky' to 'screw an animal,' it doesn't mean that it's okay to keep doing that to us."

"I know. It's terrible." He said softly, then looked over at Sonic before he looked back at her. "But, we have to bear with it. Live with the hope of escape."

She nodded. "Good night, Miles." She whispered softly, then moved out of sight, no doubt to her bed. He listened to her quiet sobs a moment before he retreated to his own bed.

The next morning, Blue was the one to wake up Miles. He seemed giddy about something, and Miles honestly couldn't place it. "Gueeswhatguesswhatguesswhat?!"

"What?" Miles said, sitting up, his hand on his forehead. Gosh, his head hurt.

"We've got a room-mate!" Blue sang, then ran over to the bars. "Gosh, I hope he's friendly!"

"I hope he's quiet..." Miles mumbled, then pulled on his shoes, socks and gloves before he went to join him at the bars. Others were watching as well. Who was coming, and what hope of freedom did he possibly bring?

Soon enough, a teenage Echidna was shoved down the hall, wearing brown slacks and a dark-green sleeveless shirt. He had strange boots on his feet and white gloves covered large hands that he punched the men with, which earned him a rope around his wrists. Finally, kicking and screaming, - well, not really, but Blue imagined it so - the boy was locked inside with the other two.

The men left and the excitement died down. Knuckles looked around until he saw the beds, one of which had his name on it. 'Hey, sweet! Free room and board!' He thought, then walked over and lay down. "Soooo, you're my new 'mates?"

"Yes..." Miles said warily. 'Oh god, not another headache.' He thought. "I suppose you're..."

"Knuckles, mate. 'Name's Knuckles Von Echidna. But, you can just call me Knux if you'd like." He winked and grinned. "Know if we've got any babes here?"

"It's just us in here." Blue said, then looked over at the bars. "But, there are a few out there."

"Awww, man! I'll never get laid in here!" Knuckles whined, then rolled on his side to look them over. "What? You're just a bunch of kids. Why'm I stuck with you?"

"I'm not a kid!" Blue said, then thought, 'Much.'

"If you think you'll be treated like royalty here, think again." Miles said, then sat down on his own bed. "The food is terrible, the hosts are rough to handle you and there's absolutely nothing good to be here for."

"Then, what're you still doing here?" Knuckles asked, sitting up.

"We didn't have a choice." Miles mumbled.
"'Cause we're stuck!" Blue said bluntly.

"Oh. So, I was taken away by force? Darn. And here I was expected to be laid by glamorous babes in bikinis." Knuckles lay back on his side again, then rolled onto his back, one raised leg crossed over the other.

"Uuuhhhmmmm..." Blue said, and Miles simply tightened his lips and closed his eyes. This guy...was creepy.

"So, 'mates? What now?" Knuckles said, cutting into their moments of thought. "Know of what to do for fun?"

"No. Mostly we just sit around." Miles said, then lay on his back.

"Well, I've taken a run around the room while he was asleep, or behind his back." Blue said cheerfully, and Miles facepalmed. Did he WANT to be taken to the lab!?

"Well, Knuckles." Miles said, sitting up. "If you so insist on doing something, you can try punching the walls."

"Great idea!" Knuckles said, then jumped off his bed and actually punched the walls. What an idi...wait a minute...He was making huge holes in that wall, and a draft was coming in. An underwater cavern!

"Knuckles, wait!" Miles got off his bed. "I'll be talking to the others at Breakfast. Come and listen. I have a plan."


The people in the security room tried to understand what was being said, but all they heard were yips. What was that fox boy doing?

To be continued...
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