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As soon as the call for Breakfast was translated, everyone was ready to go. The humans noted their strange calm bahavior, but made no mention of it. After all, they were paid to escort them, not ask them questions.

Maybe they should've. Maybe then, the Humans would've been aware of the plan hatching right in front of their watchful eyes. But, they were stupid, and thought nothing of their silence.

As soon as they were taken to the dining hall and guards placed at every door, the Furries gathered at one table to hear Miles' plan.

"Alright, M. You brought us all the way here, what've you come up with?" An impatient Siamese asked, his tail flicking at the annoying food.

"It was your choice to come, don't complain." Miles said sternly, then looked at Blue and Knuckles. "I have an idea, and it involves you two. Are you listening?"

Blue stopped slurping his noodles and looked up. Knuckles stopped scoping a nearby rabbit that was wearing a dress with a slit a little too high for modesty's sake. They were being called on? But, they just got here!

"Wha--us?!" Knuckles said, looking at him and the blue hedgehog. "What can we do?"

"You already did some of it, Knuckles." Miles said calmly. "You punched the wall, remember? There's an underwater cave that we can escape through!"

There was excitement at the word "escape" and everyone leaned forward to hear more.

"Sonic," Miles said, and it took a bit for Blue to remember that he was Sonic. "you're going to be dashing everyone out through the hole. I can pick the locks, but it'll take your speed to get everyone out."

"What about the girls?" The female bunnie that Knuckles was scoping earlier said, leaning forward slightly and hiking her skirt up higher. Knuckles couldn't help but eye the lacy panties that were slightly revealed.

"After we've gotten everyone out and into the cave, Sonic, Knuckles and myself will go back and rescue the girls." Miles said, then tapped Knuckles' wrist to get his attention. "For this task to be performed, we're going to need your complete attention, Knuckles."

"Oh, sorry." Knuckles said, tearing his eyes from the lovely sight of her thigh. "So, how're we going to get to the girls?"

"I'm still thinking about that. But, it'll be easier without having to worry about everyone else." Miles said, then they all looked up when they heard him call them all to training. "C'mon. Us guys have to go to training. See you girls later, and stay strong. We will be free." He assured them, then followed the humans out, the other guys behind him.

Blue looked over his shoulder and saw the girls being picked up roughly and carried away through the door towards that hallway Miles had mentioned. Poor girls...

To be continued...
Chapter End Notes:
Yay, action! Yes, we'll be gatting a fight scene in the next one, but it won't be that good 'cause I SUCK at fight scenes!

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