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Late at night, the guards had grown tired, and after making sure all the captives were behind bars again, they headed off to bed. Gosh, up bright and early tomorrow again. After all, these guys could go a night without being watched.

Couldn't they?


The night. The time when the humans would be asleep. Miles' eyes opened as soon as the click of the lock was heard and the loud footsteps faded into silence. Then he walked over to Sonic and Knuckles' beds and shook them awake. "It's time."

Knuckles slid off the bed and slipped on his boots, his gloves already on him as he slept. Sonic jumped off the bed and then put on his gloves and sneakers. "You all know what you have to do, right?" Miles asked, and they both nodded.

Miles nodded, then pulled a bobby-pin from his glove, then walked over and picked the lock. Then they all slipped out and set to work, Knuckles punching the wall until it was large enough to get through, and Miles picking locks while Blue grabbed everyone and got them through the hole.

Finally, it was just them inside. Miles watched them as they escaped into the cave, then turned to Sonic and Knuckles. "Let's go."

"Okay." Blue said, nodding. Then they headed out, towards that hall. The door opened easily, and they slipped through. What would they find here?

As soon as they'd opened the door, they'd heard cries for help, something Blue quickly reacted to. Miles had to grab his arm and set his feet firmly on the ground so that he would stop. "Sonic, stop!" He said, bringing him back to reality. "Are you trying to ge us captured!?"

"Sorry." Blue said, looking at his feet. "What do we do?"

"We're going in together." Miles said, then nodded to Knuckles, who ran over and smashed the door in. There was the angry voice of a human man, then a soldier ran out half-dressed, a gun in his hand. Miles quickly ducked down and kicked him to the ground, followed by Sonic running over him into the room, then running out with a girl and dashing out into the hallway to get to the cave.

Miles and Knuckles then tackled the next few doors, and Sonic took the girls out three at a time with every door. Finally, it was left with the General's room to invade.

The double-doored room took all three to bust open, then they had to battle the General. Well, he certainly wasn't General for just his looks, that's for sure. They all dodged every attack, then Sonc dashed around him and picked up the girl in the blanket, wrapping it around her quickly and dushing out while the other two distracted the General. Then he ran back, still holding the girl, and grabbed both their arms with one hand.

The General sounded the alarm, then ran out after them, fully dressed now. Soldiers piled out, chasing the three Furries. Miles then did something strange: He spun his tails into the air and flew high above the soldiers, passing them with ease! Sonic and Knuckles were carried by him, and then landed on the ground.

Blue checked to make sure the girl was okay, then dashed away, down towards their cell again. As soon as they reached the hole, they jumped through it and Knuckles punched the cave wall, dropping rocks to cover their path. Then the three ran away, down the cave!

Finally, they saw daylight, and ran out into a bright, sunlit field of grass. Blue gently set down the girl and noticed that she was dressed. That was a relief. "Hey, you okay?"

The girl nodded, though tears of fear were still slipping down her face. She quickly tried to wipe them away, but she couldn't stop shaking. "Yes...thank you." She said, looking at them all. "If you'd been any later...I don't know what I would've...I don't think I could've..." She choked out a sob and hugged Blue. "Thank you!"

"Wha-buh!?" Blue said, confused. "Erm, you're welcome? What's your name, kid?"

She looked up at them all. "Ame...Amelia Rose." She said softly, her eyes shaking with sad happiness. "And you?"

"Miles Prower." Miles said, nodding.

"Knuckles Von Echidna, at your service, babe." Knuckles said, winking at her. It made her blush a bit.

"I'm Blu--Sonic." Blue said nervously, slowly detaching her arms from around his neck. "Where're you from, Amelia?"

"I'm from..." Amelia started, but she didn't finish. She simply stood up and walked off to sit on a rock nearby.

"Wow. Must suck, wherever she's from." Knuckles remarked, then noticed that Sonic and Miles both had the same expressions on their faces. "What happened? Did I...miss something?"

"Maybe." Miles said, then looked over at him. "Where're you from, Knuckles?"

"A place I'm not going back to, that's for sure. Nothin' there but a stupid ol' dad and a dumb ol' emerald." Knuckles said, crossing his arms. "And, there were no girls there, either. Bo~ring! I mean, wouldn't you say?!"

"No. I'm content with that." Miles said, his eyelids dropped to hide his expression.

"Whatever. Let's get to a town, I'm starved!" Knuckles said, then walked down the road, the other three following.

To be continued...
Chapter End Notes:
Hope you enjoyed it, and I'm sorry it wasn't very actiony. I'll try to do a better one later.

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