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The group walked on and on, Miles tiring and having to gain support just to walk. After all, his resolve can only hold up his tired, sleepless young body for so long. Blue held him carefully, so as not to hurt him by accident, and then looked to see that Amelia was getting sleepy.

"Knuckles, is there a town nearby?" Blue asked, cringing at the bright rising sun. Had it really been hours since their escape? It was a wonder they weren't captured by now.



"Uhn..." A cloaked figure rolled in the sofa he was sleeping in. His hood slipped off to reveal a sleeping black hedgehog with red stripes on his arms, legs and head. "Red, stop the noise..."

"You do it..." An echoing voice said as another cloaked figure looked up from what he was reading.

"It's the intruder alarm." Said a third cloaked figure, his voice echoing just as much. "Someone is coming to threaten our fair city. We must act!" He stood up, his cloak swishing around his knee-high, steel boots. "Come, my friends!" He turned and stalked over to another room, where a screen was displaying the rather large group coming their way.

"So?" The black and red hedgeog said, pulling his hood back on. "Looks like an army, Metalla. How're we gonna beat that?"

"They don't look too dangerous. See, not a single weapon on them. The most dangerous one of the group is that red one in front." Red said, pointing to Knuckles. "I think we should watch them before we do anything we'd regret."

"Fine. We will watch them." Metalla said, then turned back to the screen. "But, Shadow, you should go and greet them."

"What?! Why me?!" The hedgehog asked, quirking an eyebrow. "Why can't Red go?"

"Because you are made of flesh and blood. We are made of nuts and bolts." Metalla said, crossing his arms. "Who do you think they'd trust more?"

"Erm...the one who looks nicer?" Shadow said, looking at Red. Clearly, he didn't want to go.

"The one who is like THEM." Metalla said, then shoved Shadow up the stairs. "Find out if they are friends or foes. Appeal to them, make them trust you."

"So I can stab them in the back later?" Shadow said, looking over his shoulder as he was pushed.

"So you can find out their weaknesses, so that you CAN stab them in the back later. IF they turn out to be a threat." Metalla said, then shoved him onto the landing, where he could go outside. "Remember to not show them your face until you think it's safe."

"I know, geez. See ya." Shadow said, then walked off, waving casually as he adjusted his hood to hide his face.

To Be Continued...
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