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We're gonna get old writing these things.

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Reluctant at first, Shadow pulled the Chaotix into the other room and closed the door, so that the newcomers couldn’t hear them. After they were away from the door enough, he turned to them. “Look, will you stop talking about them when around strangers?! Metalla and Red aren’t too keen on meeting potential enemies! I have to find out if they’re trustworthy or not!”

“Geez, we’re sorry, okay? Don’t have a cow.” Charmy grumbled, crossing his arms. “You could’ve told us before that we weren’t allowed to tell the nudist about them.” He looked over at the door. “Maybe we should go talk farther away, though.”

“Why?” Shadow asked, looking over as well. “It’s securely shut. Do I need to lock it, too?” He looked at the three of them again.

“No…” Espio mumbled, keeping his voice low. “But, there’s a skilled eavesdropper among them.” He walked over to the door and pulled it open. Everyone but Miles was in conversation. He seemed to be sleeping, but as soon as it opened, he opened his eyes and looked at him.

“Oh. Are you done talking about us behind our back?” Miles asked casually, standing up from the chair he was sitting on. “Or, are you going to do it to our face now?”

“Wha-buh…” Vector paled. The fox really looked pissed off, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to test his anger any more then he already did. “I think…I think we should show ‘em, guys…”

Blue stood up. “Show us what?” He ran over, curious. Knuckles and Amelia were quick to join them. “C’mon, I wanna know!”

Shadow winced, cringed, shifted his eyes from side to side, then gave a heavy, exasperated sigh. “Alright…I’ll take you guys to meet my leaders.”

“Alright!” Knuckles cheered, jumping up and punching his fist into the air excitably. “Tomorrow, then!”

Shadow nodded. “Yeah. For now, rest up. You might need it.”

“For what?” Blue asked, blinking.

“For the tests M will have you do. To prove your innocence. He thinks you’re dangerous.” Shadow replied, and then left the room. “Good night.”

“’Night, Shad.” Blue said, grinning. Then he lay down on the couch and went to sleep.

The next morning, Knuckles, who was rolling around in his sleep, kicked Blue awake. Blue groaned and rolled onto the floor. “Well. Remind me never to sleep on the same bed as him again. Ew, is he drooling?” He kicked Knuckles awake. “I don’t wanna know what you’re dreaming, Knux, but I think it’s gross. Get up.”

“What kinda’ ‘good morning, Knuckles’ was that?” Knuckles asked, getting up. “Better wake up Miles.” He walked over to where Miles was curled up asleep. “Hey, Miles! Get up!”

“Tails! Time to get up!” Blue said, shaking Miles awake. Miles whimpered in his sleep and curled up more. “Tails! Get. UP!” He knocked him off the couch and Miles let out a loud cry.

“Owwww! It hurts!” He brought his hands to his eyes, wiping away little tears. “What was THAT for, you big bully?”

“It’s time to get up.” Blue said matter-of-factly.

“Have you knocked Amy out of bed yet?” Miles asked bitterly, fixing his rather rumbled shirt. “Go and try THAT, why don’t you!”

“Okay, okay. Don’t have a cow, yeesh.” Knuckles said, stepping back. “What, did you have a bad dream?”

“Something like that…” Miles mumbled, recalling the vivid and horrid images that had just run through his mind for the bazillionth time since he’d escaped that one gang. His latest.

“Well, tell us about it sometime, okay? Bad dreams can be a good laugh after they’ve passed.” Knuckles said, grinning. Of course, the look both Blue and Miles gave him made him wince. He’d never personally had a bad dream, not one to make him whimper in the night like Miles had just had.

“Goooooood morning!” Charmy said, bursting in. “C’mon, it’s time to meet R and M!”

“Don’t you guys know how to wake up a girl properly?” Amelia whined, sitting up on her couch. “You should wake her up with melodious music, not yelling!” She tossed off the blanket and walked over to Charmy. “We’ll meet your friends when we’re good and ready, so GO AWAY!” She shoved him out of the room and shut the door. “Jerk.”

Blue couldn’t help but smile. She sure knew how to put people in their place. ‘Note to self: Never get her in a bad mood.’ Blue thought, grinning slightly.

“Fine, I’ll blast OPERA in your ear next time!” Charmy snapped, then stormed off.

After fully waking up, they all came out to an argument of some kind between Shadow and someone on the phone. Miles crept closer and listened in.

“I know, I know.” Shadow said, sighing. “But, they seem like nice guys, and I don’t think they’re a threat.”

“Shadow, we’ve been over this. Guilty until proven innocent, remember?” The person on the other end said, his tone strange and emotionless. Did it sound like it was speaking through a metal tube?

“I know, M…I know. But, we’ve already told them you’re them meeting today, and—“ Shadow was cut off by the same cold voice speaking again.

“I know. If you recall, I’m fully aware of EVERYTHING that goes on up there! I know what these people are doing, and ALSO know that you haven’t learned where they came from! If they’re working for the old doctor…”

“Look, if they are, they would’ve mentioned it or done something for him long ago! Besides, one was walking one naked for a while and I didn’t see any mark of the old doctor on him. Not a piercing or anything.”

“And the others?” He asked, his tone cold.

“I haven’t checked them! If you’re so worried, YOU can—“

“DON’T cross me, Shadow. Send them to me, then you and Red can go have a chat with Blade.” The voice’s tone grew full of malice, and Miles stepped back.

“N-not Blade…Please, M…give me a chance to ex—“ Shadow looked frightened now. “I’m sorry. I won’t fail you again.”

“Who’s Blade?” Miles asked, startling both Shadow and the other person. “Something you’re hiding from us, Shad?”

“Erm…err…” Shadow’s eyes shifted from side to side. He swallowed once, twice, sweat on his brow. “Blade is…scary. Very scary.”

“So is Mr. M, apparently.” Miles remarked, and then snatched the phone. “Excuse me, is this M?”

“It is.” The voice on the other line replied coolly.

“Who the hell do you think you are!?” He asked, his tone changing from inquiring to angry. “You think you can watch our every move, like you’re GOD or something? Well, I’ll tell you something, MR. M! We are going to see you, we are going to talk to you, and YOU are not going to send this ‘Blade,’ whoever he is, at Shadow!”

“You’re treading in hot water, boy.” M replied, a slight smirk in his metallic voice. “But, I admire your spark. What’s your name?”

Miles winced, then looked around. Where was the camera? Looking back at the phone, he said softly, “Miles…Prower.”

“Miles Prower? That little slave boy who kept being dragged into different gangs, until the Humans swept him away? I’m surprised you’re still alive, boy.” He chuckled, his metallic voice frightening. “Some people would be very interested in knowing of your existence, boy. They all think you’re dead.”

“You can’t blackmail me into stopping my attempts to get in your way!” Miles snapped, his eyes narrowed. “It’s already been tried on me before, so I know what you’re up to!”

“Oh no, boy. I’m not blackmailing you. I’m threatening you.” M replied, an amused smirk on his face. “Go ahead. Talk to Red and I. See what that gets you. Bring all your little friends with you, too. Make. My. Day.” He hung up, leaving Miles with just a shrill beep in his ear. He hung up, and then turned to Shadow. “You can’t let him scare you into submission. I’ve dealt with his kind before.”

“I didn’t get much of the conversation. All I got was your side, Tails.” Blue commented, confused. “What did he say to you to make you snap like that?”

“Nothing.” Miles said, and then walked over to the Chaotix, who had been watching the entire conversation in shock. Nobody, and really, NOBODY had ever stood up to M like that. “What’re you looking at? Go on, take us all to M.”

“Uh…right.” Vector said meekly, looking at the others. “Let’s get going.”

They nodded, and then they all set off out the door.

To be continued…
Chapter End Notes:
Okay, I was kinda' rushed to finish, so I hope you guys like it.
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