Author's Chapter Notes:
Woohoo! The prologue!
All she felt was the pull of gravity as she floated along. But this time it was different. She could feel something driftig away even though she wasn't quiet sure what it was. It was a scary feeling, a terrifying feeling actually.It was on the tip of her tongue but whatever she was losing it was making her inept. So their she floated among the stars and planets, the force of gravity continuously pulling on her.

Then as if the gravity wsn't enough she got a totally new sensation. Like gravity was still there but was pulling her down, istead of from every direction. She was falling and along with that she felt as if she were disappearing. And then nothing. An impact, a slight pain and then nothing. All that was left was a voice.

"Do not forget what you are here are loyal only to me. Get close to know one...

The voice. That was something that she could never forget. The voice that guided her. The voice that took care of her. The voice that she trusted.

"Be brave. And I will call upon you when the time comes
Chapter End Notes:
Yes, it's a prologue and yes very descriptive. And yes you will find out who she is in the next the chapter.
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