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Real name: Tanece
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Gender: female
Hello! Yeah lately I have been having computer problems and sometimes the site doesn't work for me. But you may know me as Akieko. I use to post on here when I was younger. So yeah I am returning to where I started writing. Fan-fictions about sonic. Yeah I hav a new idea and since I am making a new accoun get ready for better writing and a whole new story, based on my own characters Anox and Akieko.

Yeah, due to some internet issues and perhap the site I couldn't get into my old account. But hey this new account is also for new beginnings.

My fav sonic couples:
Knuckles and Shade
Sonic and Amy
Anox and Akieko
Blaze and Silver
Tails and Cosmo
Cream and Charmy

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