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Real name: Tanece
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Hello! Yeah lately I have been having computer problems and sometimes the site doesn't work for me. But you may know me as Akieko. I use to post on here when I was younger. So yeah I am returning to where I started writing. Fan-fictions about sonic. Yeah I hav a new idea and since I am making a new accoun get ready for better writing and a whole new story, based on my own characters Anox and Akieko.

Yeah, due to some internet issues and perhap the site I couldn't get into my old account. But hey this new account is also for new beginnings.

My fav sonic couples:
Knuckles and Shade
Sonic and Amy
Anox and Akieko
Blaze and Silver
Tails and Cosmo
Cream and Charmy

Series by akiekochan94
First an alien crash lands on the plaet, then peace. But of course that does't last for long. A new villian is arrising and they wish to pass judgement on the lesser planets and it is up to one echidna.

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