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Real name: ahmad
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I am NOT new.You all probably know me as aaatlbalin(even thoug I never submit anything anymore).But for now,I'm back I guess.Also,check out my site,the Pandora's Box.

4/25/09-Yay!SVT is back!Now I can go back to scarcely putting up any stories and ignoring everyone.Doesn't that sound nice?Anyway,I posted this up awhile ago, but I guess it was deleted when the site went down. You can head to my site and check it out.You can see my upcoming game(yes I make games)Pandora's Fighters,and action-packed RPG that let's you play as either a boy or a girl and use battle cards to fight the evil Void before he wipes out humanity.You can see your character in this game if you enter(and win) my chracter contest I'm holding.Three lucky people will get to see their chracter in the game as a playable card.If you wanna join,send the following to
-Name of Character
-Picture(if you can't,at least describe him or her for me)
-2 attack moves,one defense,and a special finisher.

The contest will end at the end of May.
Now head to!

12/29/09- I...HAVE RETURNED.

Yes I do realize I've been gone for quite a while. And if anybody is reading this (and remembers me), you may say "This guy still comes here?"

Yes. Yes I do.

I'm not sure if I'll have enough time to write stuff anymore. But I'll try for you guys, I suppose (not that this site depends on me or anything).
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