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Hey guys.

Well...I'm 13 and finally have a DA.

I feel bad about my stories....I lost interest.

I wish there was something I could do with them, but that's pointless.

Sonic Middle School belongs to Flame the Hedgehog, I turned the comic into a fic.

And pretty much anybody could take the idea of making characters sing kareoke, whther it be for Disney or not.

But I'm leaving them up.

I highly doubt it'll bring joy to anybody, but you can take a look and get inspiration if you want :)

I'll be doing the same as Ace the Hedgehog, I'll pop in every once in awhile, give a review or two on some fics, and things such as that ^^

I want to be able to see this place back in its glory.

and E-Mail me if you want! ^^ and visit my DA too!

~Blizzzard the Fox
Stories by Blizzzard the fox
What would happen if Sonic the hedgehog and the others were told by Sega to go to Middle school?If you're wondering, then read this story to figure it out! ;)

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Chapters: 10
Wordcount: 5963 - Hits: 58116
Complete?: No - Published: July 25, 2008 - Last Updated: January 23, 2009
Any character singing a Disney song based a bit on how there life is or about them,it'll depend on what Disney songs I can use for characters.

Categories: SegaSonic, SatAM/Archie Sonic, Sonic Underground
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Chapters: 9
Wordcount: 2672 - Hits: 56966
Complete?: No - Published: March 28, 2008 - Last Updated: December 23, 2008