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Comic Submission FAQ

Q: How do I submit fan comics?
A: Fill out the form HERE and wait for a reply -we answer within a 24 to 48 hour wait usually. More intricate guidelines are posted on that Form as well.

Q: What format can I send comics in?
A: We will only accept jpg, gif and png pages.

Q: Can I send one page at a time?
Q: No, PLEASE send them in a .ZIP file.We don't have the time or even care to download one page at a time on a lag infested server.That's just evil...

Q: How should my comic look when sending it to you?
A: It should look like you have skills. Look like you love your comic more than you love bacon. We like colored comics, but black/white are cool too, as long as the covers are colored. That's a MUST. If we see the effort, we'll like it. If it's nothing but a grayscale comic with a bland storyline...forget it. Go and get a DeviantART account instead.

Q: Do you accept sprite comics?
A: No...and before you pelt us with stones, I shall explain why:
Basically, we don't have unlimited space, so we must place restrictions. Sprite comics are cool and funny, but just about ANYONE can make 'em and mostly they're not very well thought out, because they're mostly just for laughs. It's better to see a comic handdrawn that had alot of thought into it. So...although SVT hosts a few sprite comics, these were hand picked, not submitted, and are meant as breaks in between the drawn comic waits. we can't accept anyone else's sprite comics. If you want to show off your sprite comic through us, join the Sonic Comic Conventions when we have 'em.

Q: Can I send in comics of stick figures fighting a soy sauce stain?
A: No! We only take comics that have at least a feeling SOME time and energy was put into it.

Q: What if I bug you and bug you and bug you and bug you? Will you then put it up?
A: No.

Q: Can you host my avatar/icon/site button/insert pic here?
A: No, we will only host your comic. Find a free image hosting provider for that, such as PhotoBucket.

Q: Can I submit/post Adult Rated or XXX Rated Work?
A: No. No smut or Porn. it will deleted on sight, you will be warned.SVT is a family-friendly website with family-friendly comics hosted.

Comic Hosting

Q: OMGWTF you deleted my comic!!!1 What happen!?
A: We have the power to delete comics anytime we see fit. This may be down to a lack of updates for long periods of time, offensive material or a staff member finding the comic no longer worthy of hosting.

Fan Art / Oekaki Galleries

Q: How do I submit fan art?
A: Register a fanart account at the Gallery. Do this by hovering the mouse over the @ menu and picking 'register'. Then wait about anywhere from 12 to 48 hours. (usually less than 12/24 however.) for us to acticate the account, after which you can then begin to upload.

Q: What format can I send art in?
A: The fan art section only accepts jpgs at this time.

Q: Why is it taking so long for my account to be activated?
Oops. someone may have missed it! If you go for about 2 days and your account is not active, please e-mail admin@sonicverseteam.com.

Q: Do I have unlimited space for my art?
A: When you're a registered member, keep in mind you have a quota to how much disk space you're allowed on our server.Sometimes the admins may raise the quota a bit if it's necessary.

Q: Can I host my SPRITE comic on the Fanart section?
A: No. SVT has not, nor ever will host sprite comics without good reason, including the Fanart section. There are plenty of free hosts to host your sprite comic, such as Angelfire, GeoCities or 100 Megs Free. But for us, it sucks up bandwidth. *Sluuuuurrrrp*

Q: Can I host my DRAWN comic on the Fanart Section?
A: Sure, if you want. But you could also consider asking us to host it for you directly and properly, which is more preferred and will earn you a wider audience.

Q: Can I host my SPRITES on the Fanart section? not sprite comics, just Sprites?
A: Alright...I'll make a deal here. As long as the sprites you are submitting aren't just recolors...or a Sonic sprite with just wings attached for just changes, fine, I'll allow 'em. But do not put up unedited sprites. This means in murals, or wallpapers, or regular pictures. If you use someone else's sprite as a base, be sure to credit them and credit sprite sources.

Q: Can I use so-and-so's picture in a wallpaper, or can I submit colorings of other peoples art that was in black and white? Can I submit a comic I found online I thought was funny?
A: No. Even if you credit them, you need their permission. DO NOT submit unedited screenshots or other people's work without their permission. To assign the proper permission notice, post the artist's contact details in case we need to confirm this. The e-mail address must be a valid one or your art will still be considered stolen.

Q: How do you deal with art stealers?
A: Art Stealing is an automatic ban. It's sickening to see someone take credit for another's work.

Q: Can I post Adult Rated or XXX Rated Work?
A: No. No smut or Porn. it will deleted on sight, you will be warned. Break it again and you'll be banned.

Q: Can I post my work from the SVT Okekai Art Board into the SVT Fanart System?
A: We prefer you not to. It's already on the SVT Okekai system, so there's no reason to restate it on the Fanart board here. It's a waste of bandwidth and space posting it twice on the site. If you have art from OTHER Okekai boards you wish to display in your SVT Fanart account, that's fine.

Q: Help! I ran out of Space in my account!
A: The size of each account is BIG, believe me. If you run out of space, account sizes will NOT be increased - look over your gallery and think about deleting some of your older stuff if you reach this point, or reduce file sizes, delete, and reupload.

Q: Some of my art is missing! What happened?
A: Your art may have been removed for reasons described in the Comics FAQ.

Fan Fiction

Q: How do I submit fanfiction?
A: Go into the Fan Fiction section of SVT and click the "Login" c hoice on the menu to the left. Click the small "Register" button underneath the fields, and register an account. You can then begin to upload your own fanfiction to SVT.

Q: I have a long fanfic/many small ones - can I send it one fanfic/chapter at a time?
A: Yes. Send as you wish to the Fanfic section using your accounts "Add A Story" Feature. It also allows you to add parts/chapters to seperate stories.

Q: What formats can I submit fanfics in?
A: You can send either HTML or TXT files. The Fanfic section DOES NOT accept MS Word-format documents!


Q: My fanfic is missing! What happened?
A: Your story may have been removed for reasons described in the Comics FAQ.


Q: Can I advertise on SVT?
A: Yes, please click here to go to the advertising form and send in your submisson.

Q: What can I advertise?
A: We accept advertisements about fan comics or special online events.We also accept ads that are for comics that are outside our server.

Q: Where would my ad be placed?
A: On the main page, which is a horizontal ad (dimensions 360x102), and on some of the subsiduary pages like this one, with a vertical ad (150x360).

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It's free for now, though at some time it may cost a little money.We'll announce that when the day comes.

In Closing

The e-mails sent that do not follow these rules will be discarded & deleted without notice.That's just how it goes. Simply put: follow the rules and we won't eat your brains!

FAQ v.3 edited by SonicFanatic (originally by SA Tails & Sonic Adventurer, edited by Rocky Raccoon).