Luna's Comics!

The comics/manga/doujinshi I have made in the past years. Only the noteable ones were kept.

Objects in Mirror are Closer than they Appear.
Original characters in funny one-page strips. I'm hoping it'll be popular.
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Successor's Dawn
Sonic the Hedgehog Comic. Currently on hiatus. Click the title.

Team Gai Versus Pickles
Short Naruto-related comic about pickles. Really.
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Kouji Dating Service
Digimon Frontier doujin. Meant to be funny and ridiculous, but be warned, there is shounen-ai content. Click the title.

Behind the scenes of Sonic Heroes
Just a little something I did for the Sonic con. Not much quality. Click the title.

Shadow and Light
My first Sonic Comic. It's old stuff now.

The Fox King
Sonic parody of the Lion King.
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